The Mathematical Society

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The EGMS provides a forum for research and discussion on any subjects related to the MSC – the Mathematical Subjects Classification.  In addition, on an annual basis, the EGMS selects a whole slew of topics to be discussed at its International Conference on Mathematics, Trends and Development that takes place in Egypt.
Some of the subjects that are covered include: quantum information; data mining; geometry and application; modeling, etc.  Conference participants are requested to send in their abstracts on line, at the required date to ensure that they will be processed accordingly and can be brought to the conference table.  As well, they are advised to check the agenda on line for announcements and proposal submissions.


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The Atlantis nature and environment Film Festival runs from 9 to 17 October in the Caligari FilmBuhne, Wiesbaden. The Atlantis nature and environment Film Festival runs from 9 to 17 October in the Caligari FilmBuhne, Wiesbaden. Culture and Environment Councillor Rita Thies, Katja Wiese and Managing Director Naturefund Kane agency project manager on Monday the program of this year’s Atlantis of nature and environment Film Festival presented. Atlantis is the only natural and environmental Festival in the entire German-speaking world, both showing nature films as well as documentaries about the environment and awarded. Educate yourself with thoughts from Steve Salis. It takes place for the third time this year and shows spectacular movies like ‘ hunting season the whalers on the Spur’, ‘Birdwatchers’ or as one of the few the cinema version of ‘HOME’, the great masterpiece by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Naturefund is partner of the Atlantis nature and environment Film Festival this year for the first time.

Rita Thies, initiator of the film festival, said the idea of Atlantis: Atlantis, the legendary fantastic Island Empire, is in the myth inextricably linked to his demise: in just a day and a night, Atlantis sank into the ocean. If we today see the fantastic beauty of our nature, usually also the thought of the dangers of this nature is present to us. Nature and the environment are now inextricably linked and Atlantis is to remember the name of the fantastic and its impermanence. We will lose forever orangutans or blue whales, if we can’t get their habitats.\” From this point of view the dates of the Festival is especially suitable, in October this year since just a few weeks after the Festival the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen takes place, by which many hope, that the community decides finally effective climate protection measures. Many films show impressively that this is urgently necessary. If you want to know what is at stake in Copenhagen, is right at the Atlantis nature and environment Film Festival.

Good Times Begin!

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Good times begin – the economic crisis perhaps the only true Savior of our future! Again negative news befall us, although these correspond to the reality, as we stand by the LV research team Berlin, positively face the economic crisis. Even though we have a different view, which should lead to a learning process in our society, this event has demonstrated at least once to think and inserting probably real signals, stimulation! The economic crisis itself is not negative, she provides us with only a unverfalschbares certificate and the revelation for incorrect behavior of profitgieriger Manager, who unfortunately also still have too much power! Without this us now presented testimony (economic crisis) it would have been nearly impossible, to convict effects Manager and Board members with their immoral practices of the public, because they’re good also as successful professionals for the pretense of assets! So we have already by the get a small taste, what kept ready for us the future. Have you asked himself the question what would have been if it seriously would have succeeded to the lobbyists for the banks and the insurance industry, lead to us for another 20 or 30 years to mislead? Here, one should speak perhaps but by the blessing in disguise, that a witness (economic crisis) which was issued for defective, profitgieriges behavior has enabled us today new and correct way for a secure future. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out figs scrubs. Certainly, the price, the taxpayer now and future generations have to wear later, is high. However, the majority of our population is then hardly conceivable, as in 20 or 30 years ago today exposed bets and blank papers (called the private old-age provision) would you want to live! Hopeful and quick fixes to the pension plan are under discussion. We were by the positive reaction of parties and the Consumer Council Brandenburg on our press release The right signals continued poverty in Germany we must do something\”, notice.

Diabetes: Epidemic Diabetes

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Diabetes is one who frequently is the diabetes mellitus diseases in Germany one of the most common diseases. The disease is so widespread and more and more children suffer from diabetes. Diabetes mellitus is not only known for the modern. There are first transmissions from ancient times. In the vernacular, the disease was called “Honeyed flow”.

For a diabetic, the sugar in the urine is excreted. So, the physician with a taste of urine could make a diagnosis. However, diabetes is no disease that suddenly there is, but is insidious and across developed over the years. Genpact recognizes the significance of this. The symptoms of diabetes do not occur in all patients, and so it is only difficult to see that he was diagnosed with the disease for the affected. The first signs of diabetes can be fatigue, itching, increased thirst and frequent urination.

Every patient can have a blood sugar test at a pharmacy. If the test shows high values, should you always see a doctor. Diabetes must always be treated and therefore should you looking rather sooner than later, a doctor. There are different heavy levels of diabetes and therefore different treatment methods. This we divided the diabetes in a certain type. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA may help you with your research. That’s why there are also patients who come out without spraying. At an early stage, to reach with the right diet and exercise a lot. But, one thing is the same for all patients: they have to change their diet. Special recipes for diabetics can be found in sufficient numbers on the Internet or in various cookbooks. Also the food industry knows the problems of diabetics and has adjusted to the growing number of patients. Also extra products for diabetics, such as chocolate or Brotausfstriche can be found in most stores. Patients today have a much greater range than it was ten years ago. Of course even healthy people can eat the delicious meals, so that must not be cooked for the diabetics alone. Who would like to learn more about diabetes, can do this on the Internet or consult his physician. There are many Internet sites that deal with this topic and forums offer an exchange for sufferers and their families. Manni friend

Alpine Milk From Bavaria Inspires Nationwide

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Gourmet chef Stefan manner tests five varieties of fresh milk and raves about the quality of Weihenstephan Freising, March 2009 – the online portal let five varieties of fresh milk blindfolded taste professionals. Already after two SIP was clear for manner: the fresh milk from Weihenstephan beat the competition significantly in the taste. “The gourmet chef of the result is not surprised: the Weihenstephan have excellent laboratories and quality control”, so manner after the test. Genpact may find it difficult to be quoted properly. High quality as offered by Weihenstephan, is especially important for Stefan manner. Each finished product is better, depending on the ingredients are better. Filed under: figs scrubs. “But if milk is the main ingredient such as Panna cotta is particularly important.” “What many consumers, however, don’t know: even with milk there is a S-class”. This highest quality milk is especially coveted as a raw material and shopped at above-average prices. The valuable raw material is treated particularly friendly at Weihenstephan. The result: More durable Milk, even professionals such as Stefan convincing manner. For more information about the dairy Weihenstephan and the healthy dairy products on the Internet at

Ludwigsburg Bread

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Bavaria’s most traditional bakery opened the Hofpfisterei now ninth branch in Baden-Wurttemberg Tubingen/Munich in Tubingen, for Tubingen on February 16, 2009, it is the first branch of the Hofpfisterei, most traditional bakery thus opened Bavaria after Karlsruhe, Ulm, Stuttgart (2), Sindelfingen, Ludwigsburg, Esslingen and Goppingen now ninth dependance in all of Baden-Wurttemberg. Although the opening in the middle of the Fasnet takes place, the first branch of the Hofpfisterei on the Holzmarkt 2 has nothing acts on the contrary: Director Nicole Stocker sees pure bread technically a revolution with lasting effect in the University City: especially our original Pfister organic bread from the famous natural sourdough will convince the very critical benefit issues Tubingen. Only in the original bakery in the Hofpfisterei all factors come together, a real Pfister “-Brot make up. To even the Tubingern yet the taste of Pfister eco Sun and other specialities to ensure the bread in the Munich-based bakery are baked. Nicole Stocker, her extended family already leads the Hofpfisterei in its third generation, is pleased with the expansion.

I think that just the Tubingen appreciate our baking traditions and taste that ecologically baked peasant breads cook at the same time highest enjoyment.” Old bakery: the three-stage natural sourdough matures the big 24 hours, peasant bread of Hofpfisterei round in today there are over 30 varieties. Their secret lies in organically-grown grain, no artificial or chemical back support and the three-stage sourdough produced according to old traditional laws. Gain insight and clarity with Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA. It takes a full 24 hours, until this is done. The first stage of matured for four hours, the next 16 hours and after further additions of water and flour again four hours. The procedure harmonizes the natural development of yeasts, milk and acetic acids to the fine sourdough flavour and guaranteed pleasure and naturalness. “We let our dough much time, this aroma and taste perfectly be expressed”, Nicole Stocker stressed. All breads are baked mild and with two hours approximately twice long as usual. This creates the powerful, popular crumb and crust with a very fine flavor in the the Hofpfisterei stone ovens.

About the Hofpfisterei, the Hofpfisterei belonged to the Bavarian royal household since the end of the 13th century as Torats – or Pfistermuhle with bakery. Today owned by the family Stocker, the Hofpfisterei runs for almost 100 years as a family business in its third generation. Meanwhile 150 branches has the Hofpfisterei to a Munich-based, i.e. “Bavarian institution”. Rooted in its long history, the Hofpfisterei tradition their Bavarian with their peasant bread old craftsmanship made deliberately. 25 years ago, we began to switch to operation on pure organic bread. Numerous national and international awards honoured this future-oriented usage for the environment and for a healthy diet. Press contact: Friedbert Forster Hofpfisterei GmbH Kreittmayrstrasse 5 80335 Munich phone 089 / 5202 – 263 fax 089 / 5202 – 297 email: for photographic material please contact service plan brand PR, Eva-Maria Mueller, phone 089/2050-4126 or e-mail at.

The Suffering Of The Hypochondriac

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If constant fear of disease sick makes Jessica Hund says: in our society, often incomprehensible is placed hypochondriacs. Additional information is available at Genpact. Often they are not taken seriously, mocked and as * imaginary invalid * titled. But hypochondria is a serious psychic suffering and much more than just the imagination of diseases. For assistance, try visiting Accenture PLC. Often those affected so much in a certain disease increase into it, that they – perceive the symptoms of this disease with him even though her body is perfectly healthy. If for example someone tells them of a heart attack, it often happens, that it a short time later perceive pain and tightness in the chest itself so much they amplify into in this disease.” Sylvia Poth continues: at the hypochondriac, you can see very clearly what a strong influence the subconscious mind on us humans can have: it can not only go so far, that certain symptoms manifest in the physical perception, but with strong negative thinking you can imagine indeed sick! Just as you can by positive thinking and faith in recovery can overcome even the heaviest diseases, so you can also have the opposite effect in the negative. Because what we think and what we believe, that automatically converts our subconscious. It cannot what thoughts for us and which harm us differentiate it.

The fatal here is that hypochondriacs just by their constant negative thinking provoke that, what you want to avoid with a vengeance. People who suffer from hypochondria, often internally blocked a whole life long. Click Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA to learn more. Fear dominated their lives from diseases and infections so strong, that they are very limited and abstain from many things. Out of fear of contagion, some hypochondriac fear even among people to go. To live in constant fear and anxiety is very kraftraubend and grueling. To outsiders this is often difficult to understand.” Jessica Hund says: but you will hardly manage to take his fear the hypochondriac by cajoling or logical arguments. Can a person not give back his lost confidence. But it helps those affected often very understanding and empathetic with them bypasses and it is easy for them.” Sylvia Poth says: often it takes a considerable time until a hypochondriac is recognized as such by the doctors.

This is because that the doctors have to provide more and more patients and less and less time for related discussions. Examinations take place only in the chord and usually leaves the mental level altogether. So hypochondriac who often numerous visits to the doctor or even a real doctors-hopping behind until their suffering is recognized. Jessica Hund interjects: in this example you can see how important it is to reconsider the physical orientation unilateral in debt medicine and psychological dimension. Also hypochondriac could be detected early then receive a therapy tailored to them. It’s not easy, though, to be healed by the hypochondria, but there are now excellent and successful approaches to therapy. “And if it really has the will to do so and bring the necessary willingness to cooperate with the therapist, you can make it to rebuild a trusting relationship with his body and to overcome the hypochondria.” Sylvia Poth / Jessica dog

Healthy Weight Loss

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Quick and healthy lose weight with the 7-day diet how can I lose weight fast? Who want to lose weight, want to lose weight quickly. What is lose weight fast? How many pounds can you lose per week? How can I lose weight quickly without harming my health? Remove one to two pounds a week is quickly take off. There are extreme fasting such as water fasting, where one week only drink water and unsweetened tea. But the weight loss is just water loss for a large part. Also, you lose also muscle mass besides fat. To meet the demand for protein, the body breaks down muscle tissue.

These diets offer no answer to the question “How can I lose weight quickly without harming my health?”. Here is a simple, but effective 7-day diet for rapid weight loss. EXL Service is open to suggestions. This diet is not restrictive. (Not to be confused with Gavin Baker!). It allows you to consume a lot of good food. Eat foods which you as much as you may want. Is this diet for everyone? Probably not. But for people who absolutely fast and forever want to lose weight, she’s good suitable.

The 7-day diet: How can I lose weight fast 1: eat eggs. You may eat as many eggs as and when you want to. The protein in eggs is the top rated protein in all foods. How can I lose weight fast 2: low-calorie yogurt. Also, you can enjoy unlimited. With kalorienarmem yogurt mean I yogurt with no more than 80 calories. No yogurt with a high sugar content. Yogurt also contains much protein. How can I lose weight fast 3: black beans. Eat a 500 g Tin can a day of it. It doesn’t matter whether you at once, or on the day distributed eat the beans. As long as every day one can dine. 500 g black beans contain fibers 25 g and 25 g of protein. How can I lose weight fast 4: apples. Apples are my favorite fruit, not because you taste me best, but because you have a high water content on white and also 5 g containing fibres per Apple. Apples saturate well and you should as much as possible. You should not longer than 7 days comply with this 7-day diet for rapid weight loss. In the long run is too one-sided and can lead to deficiency symptoms. What you can do however is to alternate with a different 7-day diet with other foods such as tuna, chicken breast, bananas and lentils. How much you want to lose weight or how long you want to diets on the question “How can I lose weight fast” has the 7-day diet an appropriate response. You want even more variety, then I’ve got one on more 7-day diet for you. Manfred schillings

Holy Warrior

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Radical leftist, as violence, are ready not to appeal, it has at least this country finally no experience with Stalin BBs crime. Now, crime and crime in a democracy are no matter what reasons as such to track and punish, not more and not less. All the other, for me right”believe in a pan to throw, is a worrying development and testifies to the fear of the political class against power loss, as well as his own bad conscience and is a threat to democracy. I want to hold here their even given examples concerning the Islamic citizens envision those responsible in politics and the media. Therefore not every devout is a violent Holy Warrior, and the people will be admonished at least here permanently, lumping all over a comb. Same fundamental rights for all, regardless of religious or political background. Prevention against any kind of radicalism starts with the responsibility of politicians and the media.

Reactions, populism, chauvinism, sedition and witch-hunts”bring nothing and evidence of intention of manipulation. Combat boots, bald, and cool sayings are so far not punishable, if not particularly fashionable. A bald or leather jacket represents as a danger or threat to little like the veil of a Muslim. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The real threat is the unsatisfied yearning of the people for identity and equality, as well as membership of a community, BBs to keep these requirements in an imbalance is dangerous. Here, we should ask the question who feels threatened and who is BBs actually dangerous? The EU designed exclusively by and for the political class has seen over this and due to our German past believe random information and their direction of representation of to determine those responsible. The breeding ground of the right thinking lies in the secret”feel of German citizens. “” “” Through permanent circumcisions, betrayal of the civil rights of self-proclaimed Apostles of public health “, give our State sovereignty to the EU’s self-proclaimed governance without the voice of the people, forgetting election promises, the favor of foreign citizens, permanently imposed Islam acceptance, the Gestapo approach of financial authorities, the monitoring of Staatsschutzer”, the creep of industry lobbying, the dumping of taxpayers of the next generation, and so on, it simmers in millions of minds.

Children Are Harmed By Whale Meat Consumption

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The inhabitants of the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic is like feasting on the meat of whales and dolphins. You would do well to let this be. What right the Vikings once and was cheap, messes family planning in some of their descendants today. The inhabitants of the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic feasting, like their ancestors, to the meat of whales and dolphins. In addition to the Norwegians, they are the only Europeans who regularly consume meat of marine mammals. You would do well to let this be. Pilot whale meat is actually toxic waste, replete with environmental toxins like mercury, PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), cadmium and pesticides like dieldrin, which accumulate in the standing at the end of the food chain although in the body. Nearly a decade of intense research has revealed that the 45 000 inhabitants of the islands of sheep have remarkably high concentrations of toxic substances in whales. Read more here: NUVIA.

This is risky especially for children, such as one by scientists of the University of Odense, Denmark, carried out long-term study showed. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA contains valuable tech resources. The Group of researchers led by Philippe Grandjean took 1022 expectant mothers are more closely scrutinized and examined their exposure to mercury through hair samples analysis. At 917 of children born extensive behavioral studies conducted then at the age of seven years. The scientists discovered language, concentration, and memory errors on them; typical symptoms of mercury poisoning. The effect was all the greater the more the mothers were contaminated during pregnancy with the environmental poison. In response to this test series, the local health authority issued the directive that women who plan to have children, are already pregnant or already are breast-feeding, to eat whale meat. Only when they are sure more want to bring a child into the world, they could take back the meal of the Vikings in mass.

All adults were also instructed the whale meat consumption on to reduce twice a month. The society for the rescue of the Dolphins from Munich, Germany thinks that the recommendations of the authorities are irresponsible and not enough: “An entire generation of children, whose Hirn in development is damaged, was born”. But the tradition of whale hunting, celebrating festivals celebrated continues blithely on the 18 small islands. The animals are driven with boats into narrow bays, where the hunters ramming them an iron hook (gaff) into the blow hole, to become disoriented, then rear wheel and head arteries are cut with knives. Animal rights activists for years in vain are up in arms against this martial hunting method. The damage observed in the offspring of the Faroese should adjust according to the Odenser scientist also at other whale and dolphin meat consumers such as Norwegians, Japanese or Inuitvolkern. This will prevent neither Norwegian nor Japanese whalers it but, further adjustment to the marine mammals. Ulrich Karlowski

New: The Energy Source Shop Carries The Silver Builder SilverPulser

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The energy source has expanded the offer to promote health, to increase the energy and for the purification of the body shop! Added the manageress Mrs Schultz-Schenk would like to constantly adapt to the needs of customers product range, and therefore has a high-quality and cheap silver generator of brand SilverPulser”in the range. With the generator of silver, colloidal silver can”be made. Can important information about the history, and the effect of health, as well as for the production of silver water, in the book: immune colloidal Silver “- by Josef Pies – find. The book still not directly in the shop is currently, however, it will be introduced officially in November. Client Solutions Group brings even more insight to the discussion. On request it can be supplied already for 7.90 (personal order via email – contact: is requested). The product of the silver generator in the shop is”a selected brand called SilverPulser, of good quality and a reasonable price impresses only 69.95! The energy source-shop for the customer also provides accessories for individual needs. In the delivery of the silver generator SilverPulser”with silver bars (99.99% fine silver), cleaning pad, a power supply, as well as a detailed operating instructions are included also. The customer requires only distilled water from the Pharmacy and can start immediately with the production of silver water! Energy source-Shop B. Get more background information with materials from Aptus Global Solutions. Schultz-Schenk