The Mathematical Society

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The EGMS provides a forum for research and discussion on any subjects related to the MSC – the Mathematical Subjects Classification.  In addition, on an annual basis, the EGMS selects a whole slew of topics to be discussed at its International Conference on Mathematics, Trends and Development that takes place in Egypt.
Some of the subjects that are covered include: quantum information; data mining; geometry and application; modeling, etc.  Conference participants are requested to send in their abstracts on line, at the required date to ensure that they will be processed accordingly and can be brought to the conference table.  As well, they are advised to check the agenda on line for announcements and proposal submissions.

Madrid Products

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As says, Juan angel Lopez Andujar, Manager of Blanyai, the quality of the products offered by Blanyai starts with raw material, continues with labor and ends with the desire to do things well. During 2010, Blanyai has continued its expansion by opening new lines of business that have joined the already common and great specialization as the Assembly and marketing to the wholesale of computers to measure and integration components (consumables original and compatible, latter at really competitive prices). CBS is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Also, and due to demand they have begun to commercialize laptops, in addition to their POS, s as your business strong Struts, offering great prices in a high quality product. They could not forget either the market of electronic products (TVs, mobile and, logically, peripherals: printers and monitors as products star). For upcoming dates they already are intended to introduce in the market for fixed telephony and games. In this last have already taken the first steps with a vast portfolio of components specially for computers (gamers, neons, cathodes, ventilation systems).

To continue to maintain the quality of products, Blanyai is still keeping and closing agreements with major brands in the industry, marks of prestige at national and international level (Brother printers, Asus in integration components, laptops, Toshiba laptops, Kingston in memory both of integration as flash memories). You may wish to learn more. If so, Paul Queally is the place to go. With these agreements, they ensure the quality of their products so unequivocal and permanent, as the forecast for the next year have important agreements with other manufacturers to offer the best prices on original ink and new products of great boom in Spain. For this reason, Blanyai, computer wholesalers, becomes one of the companies that benefit has been seen by this crisis, having managed to convert it into a great business opportunity, always faithful to your company’s vision. For more informacion:blanyai computer services, S.L., Calle Tortola, 10, low A, 28019 Madrid, Tel.: 914280919, E-mail:, Web: about BlanyaiBLANYAI is an innovative and efficient company fruit of years of experience and dedication, reflected in his team and the quality of both its products and personalized service to its customers. Company dedicated to manufacture tailored to desktops, laptops and servers, as well as the distribution of consumables both original and compatible, commercializing next generation products. In Blanyai they bring together services and distribution to offer a serious benchmark in the domestic computer market, saving time and money to its customers offering them the possibility to centralize their computing purchases. Blanyai, is a wholesaler of laptops and computer science, synonymous with versatility, experience and quality, a company that has become a computer wholesaler and distributor of reference in the market with a stock computer and consumable components thanks to its customers Permanent of all its products.

Music Business

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New store for DJs and musicians opened in Berlin July 1 opens the previous merchant audio Palace”the doors of his new shop in Berlin-Mitte, next to the tower. On over 300 m is there in a bright and friendly atmosphere all the musicians and DJ’s heart beat faster. In the area of high-end Studio technology are all available models of the manufacturer Avantone to the test ready. The manufacturer from California a furore already in the past by the inexpensive tube microphone CV 12. Several systems to the test of hard – and software are available, as well as a microphone space and extra monitoring – test to the undisturbed the devices.

Classic anyone can who want to spice up his sound with unusual sounds is perfect for audio Palace. As dealers Berlin and Brandenburg for the instrument manufacturer Terre constantly available all ethnic instruments available. Agogos about didgeridoos up to Indian cymbals are available in addition to the Exotics a fine selection of guitars including a small amp test room ready. For cost-conscious discotheque operators but also DIY offered a number of cost-saving LED lighting effects and lights. The more frequently encountered LED Wurfel”is just one example of the rapidly growing product range.

In this area, as well the new DMX control software is Madrix from the House of inoage presents, which just allows anyone to create a spectacular light show by its ease of use. A truss – stage system as real-life as possible to present the light effects, is installed in a room darkened when needed. For DJs are a variety of test stations and combination possibilities for direct testing of equipment ready. Digital systems also increasingly popular with DJs can be tested in comparison with each other but also in combination with each other. A wide range of DJ’s spare parts stocked or available at short notice. Swarmed by offers, netspark is currently assessing future choices. The world-famous Alexanderplatz square in Berlin is just a few steps from the new Business which is located in the Berlin Carre (former market Hall) in the Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 13. There are more than ten public transport lines (S-Bahn, u-Bahn, tram, bus) and parking in the surrounding area. For bulky products is possible pick up via a ramp. Against low premiums, Berlin and outlying areas is supplied in the area. All other areas are supplied by DPD or TNT. Press contact: Audio Palace GbR Markus Nicoleit Karl-Liebknecht-str. 13 / 49 c 10178 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30/70782771 fax: + 49 (0) 1212/508729451 email: Internet: the company audio Palace was founded in 2005 by Markus Nicoleit and increased steadily since. In 2008, the company move to the new premises took place in Berlin-Mitte. The advice-oriented Musikhaus is jointly headed by the managing directors of Sylvia Gerlach and Markus Nicoleit. This document is available also at downloads/presse/0608.pdf ready to download.


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The city of Monterrey receives more than 1000 people monthly, everything thanks to its great industrial, business, professional, cultural and social progress in recent years. Since a time here, Monterrey became one of the most important cities of the Mexican Republic and it is now considered one of the most important cities of Latin America. Therefore, the search for homes or apartments is a competitive job, because everybody’s looking for the best home at the best location and clear, at the best price. For even more analysis, hear from Paul Queally Richmond. For this reason, it is important to know be sure you have found the Agency of real estate that suits you best. Today there are an infinite number of real roots, which say that they offer you the Sun and the stars, but there be convinced so easily, it is best search among several and so can make a mature decision about which agency pick. There are certain factors to be taken into account before deciding with what agency of real estate Monterrey go, you should first make sure that they have with apartments or houses in the area that you are looking for or need, then find out if their price ranges coincide with your budget, once all the above is positive, contact the Agency of real estate of Monterrey requested information. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Paul Queally Richmond. Find the right House in the city of Monterrey is not difficult, just need to find the goods agency roots of Monterrey adequate for you, your family and your needs.

Cisco TelePresence Deliver

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The Saigon Institute of Technology of Viet Nam deployed an environment of education of the 21st century with Cisco Connected Learning Technologies. Cisco announced a collaboration with Gujarat International Finance Tec (GIFT), in India, to help achieve its goal of becoming a world-class financial services center to GIFT. Emerging markets: SEACOM and Cisco deployed a new submarine fiber optic network to deliver capabilities and connectivity without precedent in Africa to unite South and East Africa with global networks throughout India and Europe. Robert A. Iger wanted to know more. In Dubai, the hotel holding Seven Tides deployed Cisco (R) Connected solutions Hotel is designed to deliver superior experiences customized to the guests of its four hotels and future developments. Others including Paul Queally Welsh Carson, offer their opinions as well. Cisco and Kazakhtelecom JSC extended its cooperation to accelerate the development of the national network of broadband of Kazakhstan and building bridges between rural areas and urban centres. The Arab National Bank of Saudi Arabia has updated its infrastructure with application of wide area and unified communications services based on the Cisco Integrated Services Router router. Europe: Cisco and Portugal Telecom strengthened his Alliance to deliver experiences of next generation to businesses and consumers. In France, Free (Iliad Group) expanded its range of network with additional deployments of Cisco Carrier Routing System Technology that converge central IP and optical networks.

In the United Kingdom, BT successfully completed an Exchange with Cisco TelePresence call between a global supplier of sales to the retail and Kraft with BT Global Video Exchange. Cisco and IBM formed an Alliance to help the Dutch utility Nuon and the city of Amsterdam to focus on a better use of energy by allowing consumers to make better informed decisions about their energy consumption. Acquisitions and investments: Cisco completed its purchase of Pure Digital Technologies Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, creator of the Flip Video brand and pioneer in the development of easy-to-use video solutions and attractive for the media market. .

The University

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You need a professional with great potential as an entrepreneur one of the trends observed in recent years around the world is the delabourization of relations between employers and their workers. This indicates that companies deal with increasingly less wage labor and prefer another type of hiring, other than the employment contract, to provide the professionals needed to meet the activities of its corporate purpose. New linkage styles include cooperative and associative enterprises work or outsourcing a good part of the tasks previously performed by own staff. The foregoing poses a dark picture for the University graduate whose dream is the find a well-paid job in which you can apply the knowledge acquired. Click Jeff Bewkes to learn more. The dilemma, scarce jobs, is fostering new business units or the army of the unemployed swell. There is not much possibility of choice and, as no one wants to be an unemployed, option is to found an own company which can work the owner and grant that same opportunity to other people. The national Government and some credit and promotion entities have special lines to cater to young professionals who provide soft loans, training and, in some cases, non-refundable seed capital. However, the entrepreneurial spirit is something difficult to instill in the Academy because it virtually makes part of the lifestyle, the intuition, the character of the individual. (Not to be confused with Paul B. Queally!). The University can contribute to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit but for this purpose it is necessary to achieve the articulation with the institutions of initial education, because this is a quality that must be purchased in the early stages, when it is child or teenager and can acquire habits that can later be difficult to obtain.

Call Center Agent

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This agent bids farewell with his bland Parliament again and you can imagine how I am. I have no alternative but to cancel the activities he had scheduled in that time and get to write the famous letter that need. Well, send it by fax and make the call (again to navigate through that IVR), not 4 or 5 hours, I hope until late in the afternoon, 7 hours later, fearing that obviously in the procedure of them there must be some phrase like, are you sure that the Fax was submitted well?. Actually, the answer is that they have not received documentation from another area, to call the next day to verify if the letter is already rooted. Well, it’s at this point that I decided to write this article. Both material, so easy and so fresh is not seen every day.

March 10, 2009: after having a mixture of crazed IVR in my dreams chasing me and a band of Call Center agents with very scowling, thinking this morning that things should go better and that will be up to confirm the correct reception of the letter. Me armo value, take the phone and call the company Z. I am surprised to see that I already adapted to the routine: 10 minutes waiting with my friend the IVR, Call Center Agent bland greeting, but this time I was already prepared and answered me as soon I told him: Mr. Jeff Bewkes is open to suggestions. lies a cancellation, my number is the 123456 and my line is the ABC. Do me please confirm if the request is already OK?. Ahh!, I thought, I shall not give opportunity for to begin implementing new tactics to dilate my process.

I listen to the agent and then asks me Mr. is a residential or business line?. Upps .this if you don’t expect it. I answered him, it is a residential line. Tells me: Sr, this is the area that serves only business lines, He would play that you will communicate with the area of residential lines so that they meet your request. Paul Queally is likely to agree. Well, this was already the cover.(remember that I had created as a business client?). I think that so much was anger that I detect this agent in what I said that something that it is out of the procedure and proceeded to validate my case. He informed me that the filing had been successful (thank God my cancellation request was accepted.) and that in the course of 10 to 30 days would be firm. He told me that he called in about fifteen days to validate that all is well (what you want to say this?). Now the message of farewell to totally changed. Already do not give one thank you for having chosen the Z company, now you are told and remember if you don’t pay your service, charges, arrears and suspension of the service, how them think the gem?… My dear friends, this is a case of real life, am not invented absolutely nothing. Worst of all is that it has not yet finalised (therefore not public name true the company z). As horror films, may this part 2, I hope that does not. I invite you to reflect on the way as this company applies the concept of management of relations with the client. Not tired them more with this story, happy day.

Boost Sales

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Affiliate programs is one of the best ways to earn money working from home, also these programs allow any person to have the opportunity to participate in them and be able to earn a living with the simple fact of having access to the internet. Additional information is available at Robert Thomson. Affiliate programs are usually free or very cheap to join and easy to start and the payment of commissions is usually in a timely manner. Every day more and more people join these programs affiliate as a means of gaining working from home. However, many of these affiliates tend to make mistakes that eventually end up harmed greatly his business. Avoid just some of these common errors, will result in an improvement in their chances of making sales and thus, win more commissions.

Here are five of the main common mistakes made by affiliates: 1) do not carry out a proper investigation on the affiliate program which is affiliating. It is really amazing to many affiliates adhere to programs for the simple fact of being paid good commissions. Affiliate program is not the theme of your web site, make it extremely difficult to convince your visitors and subscribers to buy the product. Why would buy if the product is not related to the niche market is aimed at that? Would you go to a web site focused on internet marketing to buy e-books of kitchen? (2) Do not use the signature file correctly. Many affiliates add a signature file to all your email messages and messages inserted in the forums, but do not do so in a correct manner.

Twenty lines of text filled with links of affiliates to a series of products that promote, is not considered a good signature file. In fact, it can be very easily considered spam. Try to keep your signature file in not more than five lines with a call to action eye-catching and appealing, so that you reader finishes by clicking on your link from affiliate.

Common Affiliate Errors

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Myths about affiliate marketing are appealing and attractive. Discovery Communications insists that this is the case. People who do not know the entire system upside down are likely to believe that it is something capable of giving his great fortune overnight. Stories about affiliates who earn huge amounts of money swim in their heads, and while these stories are as true as that may be, there are those who believe that they will have the same fate once enjoy this business in particular. It is quite true that affiliate marketing is financially profitable. People who have gone through everything to succeed in this business are reaping the seeds sowed tirelessly. Many of them enjoy the kind of existence that wasn’t possible that have had under normal circumstances. After having gone through the a-z of affiliate marketing, however, these people are those who know that, even though the business is lucrative, there is absolutely no easy money in it. In recent months, Paul Queally has been very successful. Ignorance of this fact is one of the main reasons why there are people who fail miserably in the Internet business.

There are those who they believe in myths about the easy money involved in systems such as affiliate marketing. They don’t know that there are people who have lost the time, effort and resources to try to follow the life of ease that they believe that this business will give them. And so they enter into affiliate marketing armed with nothing more than myths and fantastic ideas of wealth in his conscience, without realizing swimming counts that forced mistakes that would prove his undoing. What might be the reason why in companies, such as affiliate marketing, many are called and few chosen ones? Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that many affiliates make mistakes resulting from their ignorance of the facts in relation to how the business works. Affiliate marketing isn’t as simple as affiliate promotion of goods from a merchant through its website and charge for it.

Fernandez Activities

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To the extent that firms are identified with the relevance, scope of process management and give step changes, strategies are required to achieve favourable results, management meets one of its functions ensure management processes that favors him in their plans. In this opportunity we present some basic aspects that must be considered, evaluated by management and treat’s take step in order to favor it in its management. They have been selected based on the contributions of those who have implemented management of production processes to the characteristics of the current scenarios, respecting its contents and sources of information. The so-called business process management focused the issue in the management of the activities that generate added value to the product or service provided to the client, the basic with traditional management techniques difference lies in that they respond to how to do things to the inside of a business organization determined, i.e. Comcast has firm opinions on the matter. to the definition of a few models or working patterns toward the inside of the business organization, defining a range of tasks and specialized activities, while process management based on consideration for whom things are done and for what they do. For Fernandez de Velasco (1996), the basic purpose of process management is not other than the increase of business profitability through the achievement of higher levels of customer satisfaction. Also advocates the reduction of internal unnecessary costs by detecting activities and processes that do not generate value for the customer and which are unnecessary for the company, as well as the nationalization of those that not adding value to the client if they are required for the company. Also of interest is the emphasis on improving the quality of services or products offered and the value perceived by the customer, the reduction of temporary duration of processes and deadlines for delivery of product or service, together with the incorporation of activities at the service that increase the value perceived by the customer (Lopez Toro Nebro Mellado, 1998) a productive process consists in transforming inputs (inputs) into outputs (goods and/or services) through the use of physical, technological, human resources, etc. More info: Paul Queally.

Several Multilevel Skills

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We’ve all seen that it has spent the last 15 years. A type has a skill. The company reduced the size. Other leaders such as Leslie Moonves offer similar insights. His division is eliminated and that he only has a skill, he is now vulnerable. He wanders around saying, Oh my, these past few years I should have taken some classes that would have taught me over a couple of things and I would not be here in this vulnerable position. I think that in this 21st century, it is so important to have multiple skills. What I have discovered is that if you are either in sales or in multi-level marketing, or has a business entrepreneur or you plan in the future, you can gain the skills needed for the future while you earn your income now. Here is my short list final for job training, so you can learn while you earn: 1) sales I began my trip in sales, that has since then dynamically changed my life back at the age of 25 years.

The first year, I multiplied my income by five. I was raised in the country of farms. I knew milk cows, but this was not paid well. But sales altered the course of my life. I learned to present a valid product on the market, the conversation about his virtues, get someone to say, Yes, and then give him / her good service. (2) Recruiting then, I learned as expand me my business build an organization. We have all heard the question, is it better to have a personal sales with a value of $1,000 of product or 100 sale of your $10 people which is better? If you ask me, I will take the 100 $ 10. Recruiting the ability to multiply their efforts once dominated, is of by life and the greater resources of leadership and time management.