The Mathematical Society

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The EGMS provides a forum for research and discussion on any subjects related to the MSC – the Mathematical Subjects Classification.  In addition, on an annual basis, the EGMS selects a whole slew of topics to be discussed at its International Conference on Mathematics, Trends and Development that takes place in Egypt.
Some of the subjects that are covered include: quantum information; data mining; geometry and application; modeling, etc.  Conference participants are requested to send in their abstracts on line, at the required date to ensure that they will be processed accordingly and can be brought to the conference table.  As well, they are advised to check the agenda on line for announcements and proposal submissions.

Everything From One Source Trade Fair And Information Terminals By An Expert

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ITVM customers from a large portfolio of products and services can set when terminals are a boon for consumers. Just how should you orient yourself when you are on big events and just no service staff can be seen? It is convenient if you have access to central information as a visitor, for example using an information terminal. Orientation trouble of the past are in museums or on unclear fairs, tourist facilities, or in major hospitals – use of terminals. The highly complex systems are programmed by professionals. The company ITVM ( is focused on. By establishing the systems to the corresponding software customers receive everything from a single source.

It emphasizes ITVM also on the service and considers what to do everything for the customer, is in the offing. Individual, fair and independent advice is therefore at ITVM corporate philosophy. At ITVM can select customers from a large portfolio of products and services. Design, software and handling are individually variable. The terminal can be operated through a keyboard or a touch screen. It can be mounted on a wall or stand on a podium. There are terminals for indoor and those who can be out there.

By the way, serve terminals of not only pure information retrieval. Also advertising items can be attached on the screens of the terminals, as is common in major outlets such as fairs or car dealerships. Terminals are not only a boon to consumers. Companies can benefit by putting such a Terminal, especially economically. The system saves time and money: through the terminal you can save for example service forces. Company contact: ITVM terminals & displays business owners. Wolfgang Schenk Tubinger Strasse 89 71732 Tamm phone: 0 71 41 / 20 01 14 fax: 0 71 41 / 20 01 71 Web site: E-Mail: press contact: Agency Cross Over Point online & Internet Agency Gothic route 10 38106 Braunschweig Mr Thomas Dohler Tel.: + 49 (0) 531-310 20 41 fax: + 49 (0) 531 310 20 42 Web: E-Mail: company information: ITVM has its headquarters in the southern German Tamm. More info: netspark. It was founded in 1997 and provides its clients with multimedia terminals, technical displays, and more. Customers include companies from the industry, retail, hospitals and public institutions. For example, tourism centres and town halls. Instead of technical innovations, a honest and fair advising of clients and high quality products are at the forefront of corporate governance. In addition to his corporate responsibilities, ITVM takes seriously its social responsibility. The company supports include the Red Cross and doctors without borders.

Botched National

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THE national fudge I will explain simply: water being confusing can run clear. Rafael Alberti. THE GENERALIZATION of the economy dipped everything seems to indicate that in Spain the black economy to grow. Increasingly there are more people working on their own account and without a license. Our economy is considered along with that of Greece and Italy at the head of that process of every day more chiefs and fewer Indians. The explanation is clear: those who work on their own savings tax. Many are false self-employed featuring undercover workers who work for them.

Whatever there is an evolution towards the generalization of the underground economy, in a general climate of you earn money soon and as in an ambiento divisive and deregulated. The great dispersion of production units that may not even be considered submerged enterprises, leads us to open for them the category of bungling. The Organization deployed is minimal, the inventiveness that accumulate It is maximum. We have businessmen do not want to be neither entrepreneurs nor employers. It is up to laborious study them with conventional weapons of statistics or surveys. Manufacturing at the end of the process ultimately emerge: items you have to sell.

In the case of many services, the corresponding botched can remain invisible indefinitely. In some activities emerge only a part, the necessary structure, and cover other areas in irregular situation. A single individual can have a regular job, with all of the law, and as a complement several activities more loose, spontaneous, free. The typical fudge is often many times that character’s second activity. Although you continue to repeat the cliche that people don’t know that do with their free time, the truth is that a large and growing number of people consider that their time is more scarce and valuable possessions. In our country there has been what might be called the botched ethics. The tributaries are thrown, symbolically, to the botched, as the bandits to mount to try to distribute on their own what they consider needless you rich Treasury among the poor who are themselves. That decision made millions of times a day. It can be said that virtually no Spanish is alien to it. The climate of social legitimation of the bungling creates certain convenience of conscience and engenders a passivity that, in recent years, have participated all social agents, while a few other passive and active way. However, it is a vision that can not be prolonged without falling by socially fragile and dangerous paths. And is, as the poet said: and for you to tell / in these accounts to Spain / not touch but the crying. Francisco Arias Solis mutual support, as demonstrated by our colleague Kropotkin, predisposes us to practice the solidarity. (Sentence of Fermin Salvochea Muse in the book: 102 reasons to remind Salvochea) Portal of Internet for peace and freedom and Forum Free.

Perform A Master Mba Or Settle For Less

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As we finished the degree or degree in the faculty, again arise the question of whether further or not. Although the Spanish economy does not go through a good momentohay enough people who decided to bet on the upper courses, especialmenteaquellos that are somehow connected with business management, such as for example the MBA masters. The MBA did not begin to teach in Europe until the early 1950s. However, his version Full Time was known for a United enEstados century. From that moment, and especially in recent years, its reputation and exitoha increased considerably. Hear other arguments on the topic with Leslie Moonves. Now mismoes one study that more are asking students and those who enjoy great recognition in academic and professional institutions. However, increasingly more people choose this degree porcursar. In turn, the University Centers disminuidolos have enrollment requirements, of what can be extracted that quality can be lower than before. Without hesitation esafely explained all about the problem.

Thus, inevitably, have an MBA master not be rate as much as a decade ago. Faced with this choice, it appears the doubt; It is practical to get a Masters degree MBA? The reply to this question, according to experts, is still Yes. Despite the economic difficulties that goes through the world, invest in this type of training remains profitable, since in recent years they are putting in funcionamientomuchas companies and innovative business proposals are favoring. Put in marchaun own business or collaborate in creating deuna company privadarequiere unosestudios that the MBA provides. His approach is often abordartodos business lagestion-related topics and the assumption of senior positions in the company, giving the alumnostodos needed for caboestasobligaciones resources. Original author and source of the article

Dr. Wolfgang RECKENDORFER – Order To The Secretary General Of The BALTAP

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DR. WOLFGANG RECKENDORFER Secretary-General of the BALTAP AUSTRIAN-CHINESE BUSINESS ASSOCIATION of experienced entrepreneurs and Asia enthusiastic Economist Dr. Wolfgang RECKENDORFER was General Secretary of the Austrian-Chinese business association AcBA headquartered in Vienna ordered. Since 2008, is one of the emphases of Dr. Reckendorfer the development and expansion of economic network between Asia and Europe and culminated in the founding of BALTAP was appointed their General Secretary Dr Reckendorfer in 2010. AcBA successfully hosted a top-ranking economic symposium, which also the Minister Chen HAOSU and the General gave Director of the Finance Committee of the PRC the honor people congresses as well as the Chairman of the RHI’s global market leader, Dr. Esafely often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Herbert CORDTund of the SOHMEN-China Foundation President, Dr. Helmut SOHMEN on January 26, 2011 together with the Austrian Economic Chamber and the oGFC. It is task of the BALTAP under the leadership of Dr. Reckendorfer, to promote the relations of Chinese investors to Europe and these at their planned Activities and investments in Europe in the legal field as well as in the understanding of different mentalities to support and accompany.

Controlling – Innovation And Amortization

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New only through innovation, in other words the future would be unthinkable without innovation innovative technology markets are once lost, it can be recaptured very difficult to get. Among other things, it’s about change management, decision technology, innovation management, life cycle analysis, portfolio tools, knowledge management, potential analysis, target cost, profitability, Cash Flow, capital budgeting. It is an outstanding task of management to remove factors which inhibit the innovation process, and to create conditions that favour it. Successful innovations are not only better, but also faster to the market and the customer. With the help of an innovation audit the status is determined, to assess the performance, to identify potential for improvement and to initiate targeted changes.

The development of new products, better processes or services requires the interaction of different disciplines and functional areas. This is an efficient Project management requires that makes the increasing complexity manageable and effectively supports the integration of knowledge between the disciplines. A wide range of other measures in the concept of the intellectual is treated with Becker, Jorg: intellectual and business planning, ISBN 9783837075649. The time is measured using the amortisation-payback calculation, which is necessary in order to recoup an investment, i.e. by the return flow of the cash to pay off. This is the amount of time that elapses until the recovery of the purchase of output from the revenue surplus of the project. If the cash return for each year is uniform, the payback period can be calculated by Division of the investment with the annual Cash flow. The case could occur due to the averaging, that a very short pay-off period is calculated for a project even though all single payment flows received only occur towards the end of the useful life.

Not only the absolute time of the recovery period is crucial for the assessment of the project in Years. This is in addition to the technical life expectancy or the planned duration of the project in relation to use. This results in the relative pay-off period as aussagefahigerer measure. The amortization calculation is used in practice for assessing an individual investment as well as to the alternative comparison. Individual projects can only determine whether the acquisition issue within the planned time of use can be recovered. Although still not calculated statement about the economy is possible. Such is thus obtained, that in practice often sector-specific experience have filtered out themselves, which indicate whether a project is regarded as economically, for example: the pay-off period may not exceed 50% of the planned time of use. For decision makers basic security goals, less precisely quantifiable income, in the foreground of the viewing stand with this type of account. Discusses a wide range of other measures in the concept of the knowledge balance at Becker, Jorg: intellectual and business planning, ISBN 9783837075649. Jorg Becker

Renate Ramerseder

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Products or categories can automatically update themselves,”Wolfgang Baur, Deputy Director of the Catholic Biblical Association and project manager for the relaunch summarizes the requirements. The search was also very important for us. David Zaslav is open to suggestions. Here the six solution enables a very differentiated search for individual articles, as well as the targeted search for products in the eShop.” The advanced Internet portal offers a closed user area for members, as well as a comprehensive range of services. With SixCMS enterprise content management system, the Catholic Biblical Association has a very modern and extensible base for the website. Further steps are planned: the next development step extends the possibilities for the publication of sound and image files. The six open systems GmbH has become the supplier of enterprise-content-management- and media asset management systems experience and well-known references in the media field. On the basis of the core products SixCMS and SixOMC six offers a wide range industry-specific solutions for server-based print and online publishing for publishers and media service providers. Numerous consulting and implementation services round off the services offered.

Software maker and a leading provider of enterprise content management systems (ECMS) and enterprise media asset management systems (EMM) at media companies, public administrations as well as in industrial, commercial and service companies in the German-speaking is about six six open systems GmbH, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. SixCMS”is a flexible and powerful platform for the enterprise capture, management, and targeted exploitation of present digital content. Opix media city”six complement the existing product portfolio to high-quality and functional products for the creation of print material. Over 500 companies and Government agencies rely on six products. The media customers include among others the Cornelsen and Rowohlt-Verlag, the motor Presse Stuttgart and the Keppler media group.

More information see. About ID.on ID.on headquartered in Hanover is design agency and technology service provider for digital business processes and interactive media. ID.on has experience with publishing house appearances based on SixCMS, both the creation and long-term care. For more information see. Renate Ramerseder, six open systems GmbH

Neudoerfler Office Systems: More Efficient With The Publisher Of Bpi Solutions

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Neudoerfler Office Systems GmbH, the leading manufacturer of innovative office furniture, has decided for the cross-media publishing solution from bpi solutions. Since its founding in 1946 the company has become a recognized manufacturer for Office furniture programs. Neudoerfler furnishing concepts which adapt perfectly to the personal working style of the individual as well as the requirements and needs of realized with trend-setting innovations. Checking article sources yields Time Warner as a relevant resource throughout. Public facilities as well as banks and insurance companies, doctors and lawyers, decision makers from industry, trade and Commerce and discerning private customers include the quality – and environment-conscious clients of the company. Neudoerfler manufactures plant Neudorfl and controls the 8 showrooms in Austria as well as the international subsidiaries and worldwide distribution partners from there.

Neudoerfler Office systems for the new Publisher the client-server solution on .net decided, since technology in conjunction with perfect Adobe InDesign covers the advanced requirements as a central control system in the publishing field. Neudoerfler Office systems for representing the variety of products as an internationally oriented company opts for perfect and currently maintained product information for all distribution channels in different languages. Due to the Unicode code of the company is prepared to effortlessly transform Eastern European languages for the sales documents. The consistency of the bpi Publisher causes the central supply with price and product ranges, which are adapted to the requirements of the dealer, as well as the international trading partners the bpi Publisher convinced Neudoerfler Office systems through the user-friendly design and functionality. The new solution will significantly increase the productivity of the user. Minimizes time and costs associated with the care of product information and the correction cycles and debt costs.

The bpi Publisher helps deliver Neudoerfler Office systems for quality and good service. About bpi solutions that bpi solutions gmbh & co. kg, software and consulting in Bielefeld, supports its customers 20 years successfully with a company-wide solution concept of easy to use standard software and industry-oriented solutions in the furniture industry, logistics, and other industries. The performance spectrum ranges from consulting, through the design and development of to the integration of new applications. Focuses on the optimization and automation of business processes in marketing, sales and service. Is based on the own products and solutions in the areas of customer relationship management, cross media publishing, supplier relationship management and integrated portal solutions. The solutions help the indoor and field staff as well as customers fast communication channels to build and comprehensive information available to suppliers and partners. Moreover, solutions as System Integrator is bpi in the areas of business process integration, active document management and archiving. You are starting point on standard technologies to optimize the business processes available make how dataglobal GmbH, insiders technologies GmbH, INSPIRE TECHNOLOGIES GMBH OPTIMAL SYSTEMS GmbH, which integrate not only systems, but also provide the business process modeling, monitor processes, evaluate results, as well as real time information-based solutions from leading vendors. Through innovative process integration, effective data management and audit-proof archiving companies achieve significant efficiency gains and through proactive, secure their competitive advantage. Contact Henning Kortkamp bpi solutions gmbh & co. kg Krackser Strasse 12 33659 Bielefeld telephone: 0521 / 94010 fax: 0521 / 9401515

City Tour In Berlin: Journey Through The History And Present Day

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Discover Berlin individually on a guided tour of the city to the desired date the Organizer Berlin City tours sightseeing tours his individual Berlin performs sightseeing tours to the desired date in the year 2011. The journey through the history and present of the capital Berlin for groups of all sizes. You can explore the sights on a lively, informative and individual sightseeing tour to the appointment; Depending on the group size in the coach, Panorama minibus, van or limo. The starting point is choice; E.g. Without hesitation esafely explained all about the problem. directly from a Berlin hotel or even right after arrival from the airport or train station.

City tour and boat ride, Berlin day tour or a 2-hour Berlin Nightseeing available options a 3 – or 4-hour city tour, a combination city tour not sightseeing came in the evening for businessmen or seminar participants during the day to Berlin. Exits, photo stops, and small city tour are during the city tour included. Visit esafely for more clarity on the issue. Qualified Berlin Guide the comprehensive Berlin provide overview and insight on board in the history and the present of the capital. More tips for culture and city trips in the capital has “Berlin City tours sightseeing tours compiled under. Information about the individual of the Berlin City tour to the desired date and time via the Infoline Tel. 030 79 74 56 00 Organizer: Berlin City tours sightseeing tours phone: 030 / 79 74 56 00 Web:

Strong In Combination – Customer Experience Management And ECM In Practice

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The current white paper by Pentadoc shows radar application cases, as an efficient customer communications through the combination of CEM and ECM is possible. The need to distinguish themselves from competitors is undisputed. But neither the price nor the product are sufficient in today’s technologically influenced world for it. In a question-answer forum Leslie Moonves was the first to reply. New ways must be created to sustainably to withdraw from the competition and to bind customer in the long term. For even more analysis, hear from Discovery Communications. Customer experience management (CEM) is focused on the subjective perception of the customer and its experience in direct and indirect contact with the company. Goal of the CEM is positively influence rational and irrational factors of consumer behavior and inspire customers. The requirements are so clear, but when it comes to the practical use of CEM in company, reflected an unclear image.

Basically can be determined, that the term customer experience management companies is almost unknown. This one occupied by Pentadoc radar survey, that already today There are many “touch points” to the customer and resulting a variety of requirements and needs for companies. In the perception and understanding there are strong parallels to ECM: the fundamental need exists, but we lack the understanding of many users. Certain situations that decide about the customer loyalty are important for a successful CEM. These include for example requests, complaints, error messages or other important requests of the customers. How fast can the customer be helped? Does he have the right person? He advised not only competent, but also friendly? Wrong or contradictory information of different contact or an unfriendly tone can be any positive experience fall into oblivion. But what role does play ECM? The term enterprise content management (ECM) is available but rather for an enterprise-wide solution, in the information for a variety of purposes are administered, i.e. created, processed, distributed, and published.

To do this, Guido “Schmitz, CEO of Pentadoc AG: only through the successful interplay of CEM (all data about the customer) and ECM (all information for a customer-oriented communication) a company better information and more comprehensive data can collect and provide so oriented to customer interactions, thought out Act and offer a better customer experience.” Released radar by Pentadoc white paper should now provide enlightenment. In addition to background on the topic of CEM involves mainly to show the practical applications on the basis of typical scenarios of CEM. Among other things, requirements for interactive Web presentations or even the topic of efficiency in the call center are considered in detail. For a high practical relevance, the provision of information by Adobe also provided companies which strengthened again informed the elaboration of possible solutions. For anyone interested, the white paper now is free in the download area of Pentadoc AG available. Link to download: about PENTADOC RADAR with the Division PENTADOC radar supplies the German ECM market with detailed market data of market researches PENTADOC, technology studies, whitepapers, benchmarks, etc. thus includes RADAR PENTADOC the information gap of the big research houses in the broad spectrum of the ECM market. The focus is on the German-speaking world. PENTADOC radar is divided into four areas: 1 business research 2. laboratory / certification 3. advice 4. events ( contact PENTADOC AG Christoph Tylla space of unit 1 60327 Frankfurt phone + 49 69 9750-3482 fax + 49 69 9750-3200 E-Mail:

A Scanner For All

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XINO S700 from microform: thoughtfully and efficiently Waiblingen, February 1, 2011 – the microform GmbH, Waiblingen, a leading provider of capture solutions in the area of high-volume, presented within the framework of this year’s CeBIT in Hannover (Hall 3, booth J 30) with a scanners for digitizing solutions. Motto XINO S700 get what”he combines years of know-how and research-driven innovation to an equally flexible and powerful system. It combines high productivity and excellent efficiency with ergonomic design and ease of use. The CeBIT is a significant driving force for efficient initiation of business and economic success in the international digital industry through their unique combination of trade fair, conferences, keynotes, corporate events, and lounges. It takes place this year from 1 to 5 March in Hannover, Germany. microform efficient digitisation and collection of documents as a basis for digital business processes of all focusing on his booth Art starting from the post processing on the paperless document processing through to archiving. Scanning systems of microform are all requirements as regards quality and quantity of document volume has grown and own is therefore particularly for ambitious digitization solutions. The newly developed Hochleistungsscansystem XINO S700 XINO stands for maximum innovation of microform is thereby leading the way.

Its phased model approach contains three variants, whose top model achieves a speed of up to 200 ppm. The XINO S700 has a built-in patch code sorter: running a defined document type from the document stack can are automatically sorted out in real time. So, for example, dividers can be reused easily. In addition – and this can only allows color detection smart microform systems a color mark detection, allowing additional dividers are not even needed. The system has led to the uniform illumination of Document. They need no start up phase and also high stability and a long service life.

The camera is available with 400 or 600 dpi resolution available. You may want to visit Discovery Communications to increase your knowledge. The proven, unique paper of microform systems was further optimized in the XINO S700. The feeder is equipped with triple ultrasonic double sheet detection and a memory function for the stack height. The ergonomics of the XINO S700 microform engineers have dedicated Special attention because only a workplace concept which provides high comfort and intuitive operation for the operator, can exploit the full productivity potential of a system. The XINO S700 is therefore equipped with a motorized height adjustment and has lateral surfaces, which provide for an excellent document flow of documents to be processed. The variable paper transport path allows the document eject on the front or on the back of the unit. A redirecting of the paper eliminates the straight document flow, processing risks are so sensitive materials excluded. CeBIT is the world’s most important and most international fair for the digital industry. For us as digitization specialists offers a unique opportunity to showcase our expertise to a global audience”, stresses Andreas Jack, Managing Director of microform GmbH. the XINO S700 get what, and visitors can persuaded live onsite.” The XINO S700 DpuScan software while using the comfortable and production-oriented capturing “the microform technology partner Janich & Klass demonstrates. About microform microform GmbH was founded in 1994. Since then develops, produces and distributes microform high performance document scanner and archive components. With the best image quality concept has micro form made it his mission to provide complete and tailored to the individual needs of users scan solutions and to develop continuously in Exchange with the customer. Contact for press inquiries: microform GmbH Andreas Jack Anton-Saghir-str. 31/1 D-71332 Waiblingen, Tel.: + 49 (0) 2207-705431 fax: + 49 (0) 2207-705432 E-Mail: Internet: