The Mathematical Society

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The EGMS provides a forum for research and discussion on any subjects related to the MSC – the Mathematical Subjects Classification.  In addition, on an annual basis, the EGMS selects a whole slew of topics to be discussed at its International Conference on Mathematics, Trends and Development that takes place in Egypt.
Some of the subjects that are covered include: quantum information; data mining; geometry and application; modeling, etc.  Conference participants are requested to send in their abstracts on line, at the required date to ensure that they will be processed accordingly and can be brought to the conference table.  As well, they are advised to check the agenda on line for announcements and proposal submissions.


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Are you in the sixty years? If so, you could be preparing your retirement. With how excited you’ll be, since it was about the moment in which you don’t need to work more, can you actually allow you the luxury of the transition? If you’ve not been preparing retirement, it’s not too late to start, but we must start now. The first thing you have to do is to begin to contribute to your 401 (k) plan of the program. At this time of your life, any contribution you can make, you should do. At least, contribute with 5% of your income. However, we know that many employers would equal the contributions made by their employees. There is a minimum amount that must contribute to receive this game. If you do so, essentially, you can get free money for your retirement. Check out Heather Bresch for additional information.

Then you will also have to consider opening an account of Individual Retirement Roth (Roth IRA). At your age, you are able to deposit more money on your account than the younger you. When you go to withdraw the money, will be tax-free, provided you wait until the right time to make your withdrawal. You will then have to examine your desires and needs of retirement. Typically, this is the first step that is taken.

However, if you’ve not been saving for retirement, it is imperative to start soon. Depositing extra money you have from the outset can help you succeed in your goal of saving for retirement. Returning again to your retirement needs, examine your housing. It is expensive to stay home? If so and there is much sentimental value to your home, consider the possibility of transferring to a more affordable housing option. In fact, you might want to closely examine the retirement communities. Most are accessible to live, and you are automatically combined with the neighbors who are your age, many of whom share your interests.

Retirement Savings

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The Rurup pension is a form of old-age provision, which is State-funded. After end of the accumulation period and the beginning of the reference period pension is paid similarly as for the Riester a monthly pension. The payment in one lump sum is not possible. Rurup contract savings assets is taken into account with prolonged unemployment, so Hartz IV reference rather than assets. The Treaty is still not secured. The contributions, which are deposited in a Rurup contract are tax deductible. In 2007, 64% of the contributions can be made tax claims. This percentage should be increased annually by 2%, until in the year 2025, a full 100% is reached.

The saved forfeited in the event of the death, unless it has completed an additional insurance for the spouse in the form of a survivor’s pension in advance. The Rurup-rente is not interesting particularly for self-employed persons, since for them promoting the Riester pension or the post-employment benefits, using many workers, comes into question. A capital life insurance or other forms of pension insurance can no longer as special editions to be asserted since 2005. The Rurup pension contributions be promoted but also for self-employed tax and can be listed as special editions. Supplementary insurance may be asserted also tax the Rurup pension.

There are the aforementioned survivor’s pension for the spouse and children, even child support is paid for. On the other hand, still taking an invalidity insurance which takes over the payment of contributions in the event of incapacity for work is possible. David Zaslav has similar goals. For which the insurance provider you ultimately choose, is located on the personal preferences. On the Internet, you can find the best suitable company compare insurance.

Retirement Age

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“As Granny au pair in the world” the kids are not out of the House, the working life is over. What now? A stay abroad is a good opportunity to make new experiences, contacts, to get momentum. With the Agency Granny Aupair created Michaela Hansen a platform for cultural and international exchange. The initiative provides women with experience worldwide in host families and enables them to break new ground. Michaela Hansen tells the most exciting case stories with the help of savvy journalist and writer of Eva Goris. Click Coen Brothers to learn more. Readers follow Grannys on all continents, psychologists and trend researchers say. Jim Vos gathered all the information. The described experiences make you want to turn life once again.

Finally there is plenty of life experience, which benefit not only families, but also responsible social projects to carry into the world. At the end of the book, Michaela Hansen responds to the most important issues and gives practical tips on the subject. A riser is nothing more in the way: now or never! Back to the company and as Granny Au pair in the world. Michaela Hansen studied sociology and Criminology at the University of Hamburg. She worked for PR agencies and as a self-employed PR consultant, and founded 2010 Granny Aupair. 2012 she received from the Federal Government the award landmark 2012, Germany – land of ideas.

Was in October 2013 Granny Aupair “Landessieger Hamburg of competition KfW award GrunderChampions 2013. Michaela Hansen is even Granny and lives in Hamburg. Eva Goris was after studying biology ten years editor of the”Vaz”, before she worked as press officer Greenpeace. Since 1990, she was head of environment/science of BamS, and press officer of the German Wildlife Foundation since 2008. She has received several journalist awards and has published several books. Eva Goris lives in Hamburg.

The Retirement Farewell!

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10 KWA Symposium redefines image of old age and ageing Unterhaching/Berlin, June 10, 2011. What kind of image we have of older people? How do we imagine our own age? To what extent we expect that social and political responsibility for a successful aging? Questions that to make everyone pay. Questions that symposium were yesterday in the center of the 10 KWA and pen in the Park of Hohenzollern in Berlin were discussed by politics, economics, architecture, art and culture in the KWA. In addition to the lectures to the necessary residential and architectural concepts for a life in the age, pictures of old played this also true to the theme of the event”the personal views of the participants on the ageing is essential. The Director Jan Tenhaven showed senior athletes as cinema heroes and the photographer Werner Kruper presented the many facets of the age in his exhibition, for which he has photographed senior residents from all over Germany in everyday situations. It is not something Coen Brothers would like to discuss. If you would have asked me as a child. to paint a picture of my grandma I would have drawn at that time probably an old gray-haired woman with glasses on his nose, sitting in their armchairs with needle and wool on the lap. The pictures of the children of today look”probably different, said Astrid Franz, Director of the KWA pen hohenzollernpark, for their welcome.

The public image of the age has changed radically. Get more background information with materials from Aksia. The increased life expectancy opens up completely new possibilities and perspectives. In a society of long life it is important to seek appropriate, diverse and conduct effective age images”, said Dr. Stefan Arend, Director of KWA Board of housing for the elderly, on the occasion of the Symposium, to which he had invited well-known experts to Berlin. Age pictures are varied, they are consequential and therefore worth confronting them.” Guest of honour at the 10th KWA Symposium Josef was hedges, State Secretary in the Federal Ministry for families, senior citizens, women and youth, who declared in his speech: The question of how to live and how we live in the age?’ we can answer only if we make us realize what image we have by the age and aging.

Retirement Plans

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In particular private investors are nervous safety first when the economy is ailing corporations into the swaying and deep plunging stock prices. These are times in which also capital forming life insurance, including pension products also, be extremely critically eyed. Right? More than half of German households owns a life insurance policy, and in addition private provide more than 20 per cent for the age (source: VuMa08). Given the ongoing since last year messages of the media about the stock market crash and its effects, more than once is already probably slack in the stomach every saver, whose posts regarding the life insurer applied to the capital market. Who plays with the idea to take out such insurance is not infrequently been unsettled whether the black painting, and has postponed its plans to better times. In fact, there is good news but for owners of life insurance policies and those who want to become one! They feared Losses, simply, want to not make. Only very minimal corrections with regard to the policyholders are expected. In a question-answer forum Leslie Moonves was the first to reply.

This would have been lower only to 0.08 percent as in the previous year. This is a recent study by the Assekurata rating agency. Continue to learn more with: Jim Vos. The reason for this can be seen in the investment strategy. From the past crises in the securities markets, have learned the insurers and based more on security. Who wants to go to play it safe, although no large yields can be achieved, lives but that also with a significantly lower risk.

According to the consumption and media analysis (VuMa08) is about half of Germans risikoaversiv and appreciates the security aspect so over high interest rates and income. Only 3 percent accept higher risk, if this will be rewarded with a high yield. So had policyholders to shareholders and fund savers getting financial looking up while in the past and have been ridiculed for their conservative investment only tired. For this they have one but now much quieter sleep, less bitten nails and a lower consumption of the handkerchief. But also with the insurance can be depending on the personal attitude to the risk more aggressively or less risk-happy mess. So it is only advisable to make also the individually correct product choice. This helps the security check of the, a consumer portal for insurance. Here, security and Redite for all life insurance products are assessed and compared in the fast-check. So anyone who is still undecided, finds the right product. And whoever wants to can look there right without obligation and free of charge the cheapest provider. Robert Jacobi

Dominican Republic

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Sosua, 21.11.2008 – that residence LAS CAnAS offers luxurious comfort close to Sosua in the Dominican Republic at favourable prices enjoy retirement under the Palm trees in your own four walls, and with all the amenities: who is now employed, can imagine often nothing better. First and foremost, if luxury is downright affordable according to German standards. The residence LAS CAnAS offers exactly this compelling overall package in the Dominican Republic: the apartment complex with 30 separate units in the immediate vicinity of a golf course and overlooking the scenic North coast of the country was created under direction of a German builders. First interested parties have made a picture in recent weeks on site and were impressed. The most specific interested parties familiar with the Dominican Republic as a holiday destination. Time Warner will not settle for partial explanations. Here they have learned as well to appreciate the mild climate, such as hospitality, Joie de vivre and the surprisingly low price level of the country: If you but “presents in his holiday destination to spend own retirement, of course still very carefully look”, explains the German representative Paul Holm: then quite different facts fall more in the weight. For example the permanent cost of living, health care, and of course the safety of acquired property.” On all these points, the interested parties were so far positively surprised. So the best health insurance in the Dominican Republic costs only about ninety euros in the month, which are already for 46,000 euros to have furnished apartments and high-quality construction.

To get the country’s political security, a private security guard, but also the location protected against natural disasters. With a mild climate and low price level enjoy all amenities under these conditions can enjoy the greatest benefits of the Dominican Republic to the fullest: year-round climate with temperatures between 20 and 33 degrees at best sea air is “Well-being conducive and opened active best agers” all possibilities for leisure: from fishing on the high seas about golf or scuba diving up to extensive coastal walks or a coffee in the warm evening sun. “Thus, the Dominican Republic offers best opportunities for a diversified retirement whether as a permanent residence or seasonally for the time of the dank German winter”, Holm is convinced. For further information to the object is interested in the Internet at Contact and questions: Palm residence S. A. Calle Gargoca 1 Puerto Plata, Costambar, Cathedral. Rep. Tel.

Tilo Sommer University

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Studies have shown, that like-minded partners better understand to find the partner for life is not easy. The Internet today offers completely new possibilities in the search for partners. But how does it work? The Internet portal identified potential dream couples according to the scientifically-based similarity principle. “” Dating site refers to numerous studies that answer the question of whether opposites attract “or DC and DC to join”, now clearly in this approach. Researchers are largely agreed that partners capitalize again want to find in their counterparts.

This need rich according to similarities of the age level of the education to expressiveness, settings and values. Matches in these criteria apply not only to the partner choice. Also quality and stability of a relationship ( simply fall in love / relationship) would be according to the scientists closely associated with physical and mental similarities. Jim Vos is often quoted on this topic. Drawing these findings as a basis, the partner portal determined pairs two types of criteria. To choose the characteristics that can be entered and modified by the user. In addition to age and external appearance it may be among other things information on religion, family relationships or smoking habits. The information voluntarily provided the partner search engine then calculates an another set of values which provides information about crucial similarities. So, it is, for example, calculated that the partners in the relative vicinity to each other live and in as many relevant characteristics are the same. More information: s / 105 contact: Tilo Sommer University first media GmbH barefoot streets 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Ends And Generalizations

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Aristotle said, and that more than two thousand years, that virtue is in the middle, meaning it not in the sense of mediocrity, but as a balance between extremes, applicable to the circumstances of each case. For example, the value would be the midpoint between fear and recklessness. In economics this teaching can be particularly interesting because of the differences between micro and macro level. (Not to be confused with Aksia!). Microeconomics deals with the study of the behavior of economic units, ie, persons, families, businesses. Macroeconomics examines the aggregate economy: supply, demand, production, inflation, unemployment, etc.

in the area of a country, region, sector, etc.. However, macroeconomic theory being the sum of the micro-economies that comprise it, is from my point of view, a misunderstanding in this regard, since they tend to think that what is good at I will also macroeconomic macroeconomics, but taken to extremes does not have to be like I explained in the fallacy of composition, with this example: If a farmer has a large crop, sell more and have more income. However, if everyone has a great harvest, that product prices will fall, having more choice, and perhaps the individual income of each do not increase. In the same way, we live in today with the paradox of thrift. While it is generally good people to save, and because of the crisis around the world are saving the maximum-the saving rate in Spain increased from around 10% to 24% in just one year-low consumption, the companies' production falls and unemployment increases, thus producing an overall impoverishment due to the excess savings at the macroeconomic level Another example is, as said Nobel economics prize Paul Krugman, with the paradox of deleveraging.

Teresa Campos

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Andalusian journalist was playing the role of dnsora of the audience in the Telecinco program. He said that space was not theirs. Add to your understanding with Leslie Moonves. Ana Rosa has requested respect for the presenter. Maria Teresa Campos will not continue with its work in save me as dnsora of the audience. At least, this was it stated in its last appearance on the show, after starring in a confrontation with some of the pundits. This program does not need me for anything today is the last day that I’m here, follow with your is not my thing, said before leaving the mad platter. Shortly before, fields had increpado some of those present by the treatment that had been dispensed in the past to Isabel Pantoja. According to his opinion, when Jorge Javier Vazquez had interviewed the tonadillera in survivors, rather than have you said that Telecinco had done him damage, we should have used the term.

It also recommended that contributors were not cruel with your comments and less lazy and more stringent with their accusations. If someone in one of my programs had said someone is abusive, I would have warned him that that may lead to a court, he explained, boasting of having been especially careful in your work. However, the foreseen responded to fields and noted that errors that now she blamed them had been committed in the spaces that this had led: Mila Ximenez complained of have been harshly criticized in the gatherings of the Andalusian presenter, and Kiko Hernandez, that fields had wheeled him psychological abusive after passing through big brother. These comments were not well received by the veteran journalist, who however stressed that he knew to accept criticism, but that not answered them because he didn’t want to get into that. Today is the last day that I’m here, not because I do not accept criticism, but because I’ve come to something else, he said suddenly, not I come here to face me ten people for alleged things that now I can not answer () because I’m not entar on that.

Nor the work mediator of Lydia Lozano and Jorge Javier were able to avoid that the malaguena abandon, supposedly forever, the dish. Ana Rosa asks respect what happened at the plate to save me has already caused the first reactions. Ana Rosa Quintana has asked his fellow respect for a professional who has his life in media and which has made a brilliant career: will have had, like all their successes, their failures, their successes, their mistakes, but please, I believe that Spain is the only country where not recognized the vital trajectories of people years and yearsHe snapped. Terelu Campos, TV daughter of Maria Teresa Campos, has thanked Quintana his words and has admitted that although he distinguishes between the maternal figure and professional when you look at her mother, at the time lived in save me estababa seeing the mother. Source of the news: M Teresa Campos is angry with Salvame and announces his departure: “this program does not need me”

Akio Susume

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But it was time to look at Hiroshi, that boy who was giving me the tour of the campus. He was lost in this place so great. Some had many young and did not know what was the path that led me to Hiroshi. Then I asked a girl who was sitting in the garden, they had seen this boy. I described how it was. Or at least some who knew him. Because the reality is that he still could not distinguish. Walt Disney understands that this is vital information.

She said: "He was a few minutes away seat "She pointed out where I was sitting, but it was as if looking for someone to the pool." Akio Susume: Thank you. By the way Where are the pools? Because I am new to this place. Unknown Girl: I know Hiroshi-san. he source. I can help you find it. My name is Mika Hidaka. I'm the same grade as Hiroshi-san. Akio Susume: Oh! Nice.

My name is Akio Susume. I'm his roommate. And I guess grade and course. Unknown Girl: Sure! Then you again. Good. But Are you Japanese? Why not look it. And I say your name. Susume Akio: Well, yes. I'm half American, half Asian. But I seem to become more American than Japanese. Unknown Girl: Okay. Then comes, I'll help. Then, looking at the pits, unfortunately we could not find. And we had no choice but to go to the office of Director. Upon arrival, the director says, "Is something the matter? You should be aware of this place.