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Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

It develops the concept of bureaucracy as the sole medium suitable to optimize efficiency, a legal rather than human type system: a system in which the rule covers all contingencies and which ensures the obedience through the election of supervisors technically experts who administer the law accurately and with cold impartiality. I release I comment. No one may be surprised that these ideas should give birth the popular expression human resources, which was labeled forever, judging by the evidence available to persons who work in an organization. Its effect continues permeating many concepts in this matter, but today makes it a rather more subliminal way as in its beginnings. Refers to middle managers, subordinates and orders. Disciplinary criteria based on rewards and punishments are maintained and remain departments of organization and methods that write the instructions to be followed by those who must obey.

Because, basically, very little has changed in this sense. Timid efforts have been made to disguise this situation, to the momentum of the explosive development that experienced cognitive psychology since the early 1950s, as a reaction to Behaviorism which eventually during the first half of the century. Probably the most influential in this regard was the so called theory and American psychologist Douglas McGregor, who postulated that people like to do things well and that, properly motivated, demonstrate initiative, responsibility and commitment as opposed to Taylorism, which McGregor called theory X. The roots of this thinking back to the 1930s, on the basis of studies Hawthorne that led the American psychologist Elton may between 1924 and 1932, but acquired force then published the work of Abraham Maslow and Frederick Herzberg on motivation formerly half of the century. Finally, were condensed in 1960 by McGregor in his work the human side of organizations (The human side of enterprise), which It constitutes one of the most respected works of the century in the field of management.

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Monday, May 6th, 2013

He wrote once, they drunk work to not see as they really are. That pushes an entrepreneur? What are their motivations? They are stoic heroes devoted body and soul to a great mission? Are they raised every morning full of passion and desire? I’m afraid that the reality is a little less romantic. The two big motivations that rush to entrepreneurs to create your first company are almost always either an unbearable boss or simply the sheer necessity. Obviously all have felt the attraction of being your own boss or lined with a great idea, but what counts is to act. It is true that I must now, as a businessman, I more. Undoubtedly being an entrepreneur is the surest way to create wealth.

The lottery is much less likely and inheritance or is or is not. However, it is not easy in any way. If you decided to start your own business, and take things seriously, I can offer you a unique opportunity. Almost all have experienced which infarction business could call. One day, by an unfortunate comment, a crookedness in payroll or simple boredom of repetitive work, suffer a massive stroke emprendedorus. We think, do if I so well my job, because that takes all the benefits? If it worked on my own, would earn more and also should not have to endure so much nonsense. The reality is not so simple, for one reason: only because you understand the job, doesn’t mean that you understand which requires to carry a company doing that same work.

An expert plumber, your city’s best, does not know enough to properly carry a plumbing. Equally, more Spain fashion photographer, not necessarily knows how manage a Photography Studio. I mean, that the technique of work has nothing to do with the technique to carry a company. And there is the big secret: If you want to be an entrepreneur, you must first learn to be an entrepreneur. You must become a salesman, accountant, psychologist, computer scientist and in addition to plumber. And if you don’t learn these professions (and a few more), the more likely you fracases in your attempt. Being an entrepreneur, is the work more stimulant that I’ve known (and believe me I have worked many things) but is not easy. The myth of the entrepreneur nobody no escapes. Here you will find more information about how to create a company.