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The Process

Monday, May 12th, 2014

Overall it comes now, to deal with five groups of touch points and to draw five stages in the process of purchasing in the calculus, where online and offline mix: influencing touch points: phase of the search for information and influence by third parties pre purchase touch points: phase of decision preparation buying touch points: phase of the decision and purchase loyalty touch points: phase of the use and of the repurchase influencing touch points: phase of influence third parties by referring people in many industries played at the end of the human touch’ the decisive role. It can happen that a customer of its car brand will remain loyal, but leaves the original dealer because his longtime supervisor in a different car dealership changes. And further, it may happen that the loyalty that the seller has laboriously built up, is destroyed in a few moments by a miserable customer service. Some points of contact are more critical than others. And often it is trivia, which cause major disasters at the end.

An importance therefore every detail. The customer touch point management under customer touch point management in German management of point of customer contact called, refers to the coordination of all entrepreneurial measures in such a way that an outstanding experience is offered to the customers at every interaction point, off without doing the process efficiency to lose the sight. A major goal is the continuous optimizing of the customer experience at each contact point to strengthen the reputation, to strengthen existing customer relationships, and maintain high-quality new business via referrals. States, to save the customer disappointment and to create moments of excitement and happiness on the zero line of satisfaction also. The customer touch point management no longer follows the self-centric old marketing, asks: what do we offer the customer? Rather examines what customers expect, actually what services they received on how, and what their response is.


Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Founded in 1870, Mitsubishi was involved in shipping parts and maintenance. Yataro Iwasaki a son of a samurai family decided to diversify shortly before 1900, making his mark in three parts which was the bank, corporations and the car which I call as we know it today, which is Mitsubishi Motors. Through 1979 Mitsubishi Motorysa gets into the Colombian market. For Colombia, Mitsubishi has a big differentiator is that in which their vehicles are guaranteed 100 Japanese origin which is quite important added value to the tranquility of what is acquired.All this corporate THROUGH his word which is the security in all respects to the vehicle and the customer. VIDEO OF THE PERFORMANCE OF A MITSUBISHI LANCER

ITIL Training

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Comparative study of flat Academy: systems integrators put professional quality training providers in both survey groups equal high bath users on good services more at an affordable price, Homburg – if resellers choose a training partner for the ITIL training, they take other criteria as the Fortbildungsverantwortlichen in user companies. A comparison survey of Academy among system houses flat as a reseller comes to these results to their project clients and the companies. Although a high level of quality in the ITIL training in the first place of the priority list is for two ruling groups, but otherwise quite different standards be adopted. The system houses in second place, for example, call the most competitive price, while this aspect is called by those responsible in the user companies only to fifth and penultimate place. Also in assessing service levels for the training a great discrepancy exists. Because while Users attach great importance to and in addition to technical skills, especially high quality of services for participants wishing it looks exactly the opposite way at the resellers. For them, this theme has only a secondary importance, as the width of the ITIL training portfolio.

The prominence of its market and its size is more important them, while the companies in turn more evaluate the variety of training than the size of the provider. The market reputation of potential training partners, however, plays the same role for both survey groups and three of the decision criteria is ranked on position. It is clearly in the nature of things, that service providers focus out from own economic interests on possible cost-efficient training”, rated flat Academy’s Managing Director Michael cross the results. The resellers are also only an intermediary and therefore not even the training in a service obligation. The participants of ITIL training, however, employers pursue also in their training concepts Quality and motivation philosophies, which they attach to a high priority in the selection of offers in addition to the expertise of the quality of service.” Results: What is especially important to you if you select offerings of ITIL training providers for your customer projects? 1. high professional quality level 2 cheaper price 3 market prominence of the provider 4. size of the 5 high levels of service 6 breadth of training provider (n = 37 systems integrators; Source: Flat Academy; 2009) what is especially important to you if you select offerings of ITIL training providers?

Vladimir Bebeshko

Sunday, May 4th, 2014

Soloist most scandalous and the only female rock groups of the Ukrainian show-business 'Payuschie pants' Anastasia Bauer opened his own school of erotic dance! Nastia was originally distinguished by a special charisma and sexuality. On According to music producer of the project, Vladimir Bebeshko, Nastya – it 'erogenous zone of'! At 25 years she has understood the role of sexuality in human life, especially women, as this is due to its quality already achieved a great deal (except for music and dance school project, Nastia is a leading daily show on FM Bridal and erotic dance choreographer of 'Love and Music'). Educated in another area (journalism, PR management), not was a long time to work on a specialty, as the nature of its striving for a more nuanced study of human nature, the analysis of situations and, consequently, the search for answers to the questions: what helps a person exist harmoniously in the modern world to achieve success not only through work and dedication, but also by the internal quality of each nature, but not always developed, but even more blunt everyday life and everyday life. This – SEKSUALNOST.Takie thinking and reasoning led to the fact that Anastasia Bauer in 2006 opened his own school of erotic dance 'Kamasutra'. It is no coincidence was chosen precisely for this type of activity. With excellent choreography training (Nastya from early childhood did not leave the dance, was engaged in the ballet "Todes" and other dance schools) and examining the question of sexuality in theory, she decided to share their knowledge and skills to those who needed it. Teaching, the teacher helped the pupils not only beautiful and sexy move, but also open so unjustly forgotten faces of girls' sexual natures, and sometimes themselves not suspecting the whole force of their significance. And dance like no other, promotes the development of sexuality by examining his body, his reactions and feelings during the performance of this erotic dance moves, as well as emotions felt during the dance. As a general rule, if you understand and fulfill the tasks, these emotions are close to the highest enjoyment and even trance.