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First Big Business Portal

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Here, Big Business is the attractiveness of the student target group is all too familiar. Students are newsmakers, future premium customers and potential employees. What is lacking still, are exciting ways of targeting. Especially on the Web, brands struggle with addressing the students. Traditional banner advertising work less and less. Advertising placements within be eyed suspiciously by student social networks, because these networks are based on a non-commercial self understanding. offers new solutions. is the first Big Business Portal for students.

The idea of a distinctly commercial portal, which gives exactly students and brand, both sides are looking behind the loud position. Students get opportunities in very easy way to make money or save money and brands get new communication and sale solutions in return. For example, there is a D3 program (deal D3 = your data), in which students enter their purchase requests and on they receive tailored brand offers with high Cashbacks. Or the Academy contest: here, marks awarded creative tasks and students earn money and merchandise vouchers. Can also present themselves as a brand of the month on and at the same time the Portal use during the action as sale platform for a special student offer. The charismatic businessmen Johnny & Rodriguez serve as an intermediary between brands and students. In small films, consult the students, introduce interesting offers to you, and go live on the campus to introduce exciting brands directly to the students. With these and other offers, acts brand emotional 360 communication, online and offline, and includes both advertise and sell offers. Photo by our four-Member founding team of the portal has been online since May 2008 and wants until end of year 35,000 enrolled and active users in the Big Business kidnap world. Important partners are the media partners FOCUS campus and Citibank, which as an affiliate off Mid-June on presents entertaining and offers special student products.

Business Cards Silkscreen Cards

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Many businessmen still refer to as a calling card to something not very important, secondary and not mandatory, and in vain! Business card today is not just a piece of stiff paper with the name and contact details owner. Business card is an indispensable attribute of business communication. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of a business card in today's business world. Think about it, because it begins with an exchange of business cards, almost any business negotiations. Business card is, in fact, the face of business, which represents the owner of the card, it is with business cards begins to form the image of a business partner, because even without knowing anything about you, the person receives your business card and forms first idea, with whom he will work in the future! Have today, sloppy, cheap business card, the same thing that come to business negotiations crumpled in a cheap suit.

Why do so many businesses scrupulously refer to its appearance, and often so inattentive to what constitutes their partners, to business cards? On production technology cards can be divided into three classes, made by one of the following methods: 1. Digital printing 2. Offset print 3. Silk screen print Each of these production methods has its pluses and minuses. Business cards made by digital printing the most popular in the first place is due to their low price, 200-400 per set, and speed production. However, digital printing has a number of significant limitations, such as in the choice of materials, such as the density of the market for this method is generally not exceeds 250 g / m, this method does not allow to print on strongly textured papers, as well as on coated papers, is also not available for most digital machines and materials (eg plastic or paper and paperboard high degree of polishing).

New World

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Silk path passing through all of Central Asia, Kazakhstan and South Seven Rivers. From China along the Silk Road were transported mainly silk, and back from Rome, Byzantium, India, Iran, the Arab Caliphate transported spices, jewelry and other goods produced in these states. We can say that caravans and their owners, were the first a kind of transport companies. Of course, the word transportation company emerged relatively recently, but the functions satisfied the same, the delivery, protection and packaging of goods. Another impetus for the development of transportation was the opening of sea routes between Asia and the New World in the XIV – XV centuries. It was during this period shall begin active development of international traffic. Were established shipping lines between Europe and Asia, the Americas. In America, went on permanent construction of ports and merchant fleets, which have to compete with European.

A new stage of development cargo was discovered, with the invention and spread of an extensive network of railways. It was a fundamentally new form of transportation of goods. It was he who contributed to the rapid growth of trade between the individual regions, delivery of cargo was carried for a shorter period. Finally, technological progress, which create a car, arrange first motorway, invent an air transport – the invention that radically changed the idea of man about the world and led to the carriage of goods on a planetary scale. Over the centuries, and, of course, to this day in the field of transportation is a constant improving delivery and processing technologies, etc. In analyzing the history of the world's cargo could be expected that the indomitable human imagination and commitment to excellence will enable the delivery of goods not only on the scale of our planet, but the galaxy.

Japanese Interior Design

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

In standard Japanese house instead of hanging wooden frames of windows in a grid made of wooden planks. These frames are referred to as shoji. Frame on the outside pasted almost transparent paper. This additional detail can be used completely in the interior design. In the interior design and fun that shoji easily move into the grooves of their own, they may move to one side or completely removed, freeing up space between the garden and home.

Japanese traditional style in interior design can bring into the house open space, austerity, simplicity and dynamics. Laminated paper frame in the windows gently scatter daylight, making it possible to break into the air and at the same time reduced the external noise and prevent the penetration of outside odors. On the merits of the paper in the windows of the Japanese themselves say, "vaguely, but the noise is heard." For Interior Design importantly, laminated paper box was not shared by man and the world, not bringing up a person within the strict limits of his home and provided the opportunity to fusion with nature. As soon as the season of cold weather and rain passed and nastavala excellent weather, the Japanese housing panel shifted sideways or completely dismantled, and the room ventilated. Now House opens outwards and the whole interior of the outer part is made of natural the whole space.

Japanese style in interior design can be described as minimalist, as well as environmentally friendly or open. If you need to move shoji, and the house again finds its own cozy and private small world. Shoji – simple wooden lattice panels that are glued sheets of special, made handmade paper – washi. Of course, the shoji to require special paper. Paper must be compacted enough to moglaperenesti wind and rain. In this important has been its translucency. This paper made in many places in Japan, but very high quality paper was from the village Uchiyama. This paper were made only during the winter season and bleached entirely on snow. Because of hand-made, each party had opposed his paper special items. Because of this, when the paper shoji to damage or tearing, people sewed the hole sheets of the other slightly different party, and then applied to the thin patches of drawings, mostly family heraldry. Therefore, from the inside at times seemed to shoji light like a canvas with water symbols. All the above features of the Japanese style can be used successfully in the modern interior design, most importantly – the creative approach and a vigorous imagination.

Spanish Air Traffic

Monday, August 11th, 2014

For many years, employees of different companies, which we might define, as key in any country, as lines, air, railway or urban transportation, feel as if they were the heirs of the gods, thinking that they can handle at your leisure destinations that other people beside them, share the whole world, Yes, I say all over the world. This is the case of the Spanish air traffic controllers, which began a general strike in Spain, closing all airspace in the country by not attending their jobs on the grounds that they were suffering from some kind of illness since December 3, 2010. I think he is being very naive, either swimming in stupidity, thinking that saying that they were sick, all at the same time and the same day, would be understood by citizens. To close the air traffic of Spain, firstly they have left outside his Kingdom to King don Juan Carlos I located on the 20th Iberoamerican Summit in Argentina, out of his Kingdom, this serious error on part controllers, because any eventuality that might arise, the Kingdom has no their King in him. But they have also left without their well deserved holiday to thousands of people who have managed to be able to perform them, or thought they would do it with great efforts. They have left many students who had to return to their homes, without the possibility of being able to do it and in many cases, without economic resources to cope with this eventuality. People who were waiting for an organ to be transplanted, will be left without him, because these have a useful life term once extirpated from its donors, same with this acts are condemning to death anyone. And so we could tell a million stories, because each person that has not been able to access flight who had bought and wanted to perform, has a history, that surely firefighting drama or will be pure drama, and that because of the drivers Endiosados aerial Spaniards will be doomed to the drama, to suffering, to lament, to live like beggars the Zapatero government has done many things worthy of being cause of resignation of the President and his Government, I think that this case, has hit full by declaring the State of alarm and militarizing the airports, but I would add even more. During the Reagan in these United administration, happened such a situation that ended with thousands of air traffic controllers dismissed, because that and only that is what they deserve all and how many drivers have seconded this macro strike, be dismissed without the possibility that may never return to work as air traffic anywhere in the world controllers, action that would also extensible to all physicians who have signed the parts of controllers on strike low.


Monday, August 11th, 2014

Since then, it is necessary to break down activities to be performed, what each represents in cost, time, skills, knowledge and responsibility of persons involved in order to empathize in scope, what they generate, they require and to determine where it can be their weaknesses, obstacles, in order to make the necessary corrections and avoid negative results which hinder the efficiency of the processes that will be implemented. You must have in mind also in implementation, as indicated in , some characteristics of the processes, such as: the description of the inputs and outputs the process crosses one or more functional organisational boundaries. One of the significant features of the processes is that they are capable of vertically and horizontally across the organization. Talk of goals and purposes rather than actions and means required. A process responds to the question, not to the as. The process has to be easily understood by anyone in the organization.

The name assigned to each process should be suggestive of concepts and activities included in the same conclusions definitively, is necessary, to establish models of procedures that will work its employees at various levels, streamline their processes along the value chain and benefit from continued development and continuous improvement of the processes of the company. Implement the business process management implies a change in the Organization and provides organizational concepts to actively guide the processes of change, must be very attentive that will involve the management of the process, its reach, which involves and above all something very careless, as it is its functionality and control systems. * Notes of process management: virtual classroom, graduate program management of the quality and productivity of Faces, University of Carabobo. Original author and source of the article.

Summer Olympic Games

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

A few decades ago it was impossible to speak of the formed area in the geography of tourism, such as sports tourism. Before travel, for example, to skiing, were not so massive, and yes equipping ski areas left much to be desired. Today we might call the sports tourism event held. Of particular interest to tourists often travel in the winter to ski resorts. The extensive geography of tourism and has special sporting events. Winter and Summer Olympic Games, the IOC Session and the world championships in soccer and hockey are the biggest sporting events, so they have an important place in international tourism.

In addition, there are other championships, Europe, America and Asia in various sports. Fans of these sports are ready to lay out thousands of dollars on trips to places of events. Given type of tourism encompasses two main categories of travel: the participants of events – athletes and officials, spectators. The first group generates relatively little tourist traffic, the second group includes Numerous tourists are able to multiply the normal for this time of arrivals in a particular country. Particularly clearly expressed by an increase in tourist traffic in Olympic years, as well as during for the world championships in soccer and hockey. The most significant sporting events – the Olympic Games. Fans of these events sometimes travel thousands of miles to enjoy the performance of their favorite team or athlete. Practice shows that tourism has a significant impact on the choice of venue for the Olympic Games.

European Union

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

This fundamentalism takes its root between little or nothing smart, people that are conducive to that war would become a mere game – since then, with all-important economic designs – for politicians in turn of the countries involved in armed conflicts. Without a doubt, it is sad to recognize that EE.UU. It has contributed to the warlike campaign begun by Israel: maintain a perfect Alliance for many years. And it is that some European politicians followed all carried out by President Bush, and, like lambs-with his silence, the silence of the lambs – they do feel stronger and more confident Israelites. The EU (European Union) has now, behave and dress him seen as a balancing functions. Be neutral and enforce the UN resolutions or rules that have been internationally, accepted within democratic States.

Neither more nor less. More military business with Iran nor marching in the right direction. There is a nuclear program seconded by Mahmud Ahmadineyad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, even if one considers that the Iranian regime has been years ago thinking about possessing nuclear weapons. The United Kingdom, France, have tried to solve this crisis, but Iran – rulers – are not for the work. No doubt want closed to the Western world, and not go down the path of progress. Although the latter is often bathed in blood and tears. However, Iranians are in their perfect right to possess nuclear power, as countries such as Israel, India, Pakistan also have.