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FC Barcelona End

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

The big day has come, the final shock is here.Bayern Munich against Inter Milan, Louis Van Gaal against Jose Mourinho, German frontal attack against Italian ultraconservative defence end of the Champions League has begun its countdown, and insurance will not disappoint anyone. After many minutes of effort, suffering and pain, finally reached the Grand Final. Two teams with two completely different game views have come to the end: the offensive and powerful style of Bayern Munich, against the impenetrable defence of Inter Milan. After four games full of emotion, the two teams that have proven to be the best in Europe have achieved his pass to the Grand Final at the Santiago Bernabeu. The first team to qualify was Bayern Munich. With a goal of advantage in the match of ida, the Navy of Louis Van Gaal got the ball up to the back of the net three times at the stadium of the Olympique of Lyon, which was clearly lower than the Bavarian set throughout the game.

Finally returning to a grand final, wishing that events are as favourable as it was in the season 2000 / 2001, which wrested the Champions Valencia and the Intercontinental to the Argentine Boca Juniors. Inter Milan, meanwhile, managed to snatch the illusion of the final to FC Barcelona. As much as he leapt, Guardiola team not managed to break the fierce defence of Italians, staying to a goal of possible salvation. The last time they won the title of champions of Europe, or at least its equivalent, was in 1965, so it surely Mourinho team will arrive with a desire to take the title at the expense of Bayern. Although attractive additive raise a victory blaugrana in the stadium of the eternal rival had faded, the two contenders promise us a match full of spectacle, good football and excitement until the end. If you do not want to miss what will be, without a doubt, the partidodel year, in we have what you need.