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FC Barcelona End

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

The big day has come, the final shock is here.Bayern Munich against Inter Milan, Louis Van Gaal against Jose Mourinho, German frontal attack against Italian ultraconservative defence end of the Champions League has begun its countdown, and insurance will not disappoint anyone. After many minutes of effort, suffering and pain, finally reached the Grand Final. Two teams with two completely different game views have come to the end: the offensive and powerful style of Bayern Munich, against the impenetrable defence of Inter Milan. After four games full of emotion, the two teams that have proven to be the best in Europe have achieved his pass to the Grand Final at the Santiago Bernabeu. The first team to qualify was Bayern Munich. With a goal of advantage in the match of ida, the Navy of Louis Van Gaal got the ball up to the back of the net three times at the stadium of the Olympique of Lyon, which was clearly lower than the Bavarian set throughout the game.

Finally returning to a grand final, wishing that events are as favourable as it was in the season 2000 / 2001, which wrested the Champions Valencia and the Intercontinental to the Argentine Boca Juniors. Inter Milan, meanwhile, managed to snatch the illusion of the final to FC Barcelona. As much as he leapt, Guardiola team not managed to break the fierce defence of Italians, staying to a goal of possible salvation. The last time they won the title of champions of Europe, or at least its equivalent, was in 1965, so it surely Mourinho team will arrive with a desire to take the title at the expense of Bayern. Although attractive additive raise a victory blaugrana in the stadium of the eternal rival had faded, the two contenders promise us a match full of spectacle, good football and excitement until the end. If you do not want to miss what will be, without a doubt, the partidodel year, in we have what you need.

Botched National

Monday, December 8th, 2014

THE national fudge I will explain simply: water being confusing can run clear. Rafael Alberti. THE GENERALIZATION of the economy dipped everything seems to indicate that in Spain the black economy to grow. Increasingly there are more people working on their own account and without a license. Our economy is considered along with that of Greece and Italy at the head of that process of every day more chiefs and fewer Indians. The explanation is clear: those who work on their own savings tax. Many are false self-employed featuring undercover workers who work for them.

Whatever there is an evolution towards the generalization of the underground economy, in a general climate of you earn money soon and as in an ambiento divisive and deregulated. The great dispersion of production units that may not even be considered submerged enterprises, leads us to open for them the category of bungling. The Organization deployed is minimal, the inventiveness that accumulate It is maximum. We have businessmen do not want to be neither entrepreneurs nor employers. It is up to laborious study them with conventional weapons of statistics or surveys. Manufacturing at the end of the process ultimately emerge: items you have to sell.

In the case of many services, the corresponding botched can remain invisible indefinitely. In some activities emerge only a part, the necessary structure, and cover other areas in irregular situation. A single individual can have a regular job, with all of the law, and as a complement several activities more loose, spontaneous, free. The typical fudge is often many times that character’s second activity. Although you continue to repeat the cliche that people don’t know that do with their free time, the truth is that a large and growing number of people consider that their time is more scarce and valuable possessions. In our country there has been what might be called the botched ethics. The tributaries are thrown, symbolically, to the botched, as the bandits to mount to try to distribute on their own what they consider needless you rich Treasury among the poor who are themselves. That decision made millions of times a day. It can be said that virtually no Spanish is alien to it. The climate of social legitimation of the bungling creates certain convenience of conscience and engenders a passivity that, in recent years, have participated all social agents, while a few other passive and active way. However, it is a vision that can not be prolonged without falling by socially fragile and dangerous paths. And is, as the poet said: and for you to tell / in these accounts to Spain / not touch but the crying. Francisco Arias Solis mutual support, as demonstrated by our colleague Kropotkin, predisposes us to practice the solidarity. (Sentence of Fermin Salvochea Muse in the book: 102 reasons to remind Salvochea) Portal of Internet for peace and freedom and Forum Free.


Monday, December 1st, 2014

Everything soon, Marcelo caught the jewel box and was for all satisfied house. There arriving it showed everything and it counted to its woman on the new service. the woman did not find legal very, said that she had many thieves behind jewels, that for this it could until losing the life. Marcelo gave one risadinha and said queaquilo there was simple thing, it was strong and it would face any one. All agreement, had lunchhed calmer and Marcelo was to work. Marcelo was to offer jewels to the manager of the bank. It showed everything, said that cheap age, that was fine jewels, that it would not repent itself.

A woman who was with more two men talking with the manager, entusiasmaram itself for jewels. She looked at one for one and she said that she would be interested herself for all. Marcelo was all smiling. – I take all, its Marcelo – the owner said – she looks the money to you back in the Treasury department. I am fiscal of incomes and you he is imprisoned. Marcelo took an electric shock.

The woman already had placed the jewel box in the stock market while to osdoishomensconduziamMarceloaumaviatura.Marcelotentoureagir, counting that he was employee of the bank, that only caught that small job as a peak to help in the familiar income, that was not delinquent, that the jewels was not of it, that then she arrested the owner of jewels. The inspectors did not want to know of who were the jewels. Who went for the chain was with them. The young man exactly was trancafiado. He passed the night there. In the other day he asked for to inform its wife whom already he was knowing. It came with a lawyer. She gave a work injured to remove the man of there. It only left with a condition that was to show where it catches those jewels to resell. It agreed. They had been there, but baixinho, owner of jewels, already he had known of the ordered occurrence and if. Marcelo was set free, but the jewels had been confiscated. Today Marcelo continues its simple small job in the bank. It does not intend to fold its income, if the woman to want to give the rejection, it that if it injures, but to pass for another vexame of that one, nape of the neck more. Obs: This story is true, is not fiction, alone had been changed the names of the people.