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Fire Companies

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

The fire in the Spanish trade and industry, an annual loss of many millions of euros. These losses mainly affect the companies affected, but also all of society suffers for it. Spain produces about 25,000 fires annually. Just under a third (32%) are forest fires. Among the other fires include those produced in buildings and within these, the buildings for housing, second, those that occurred in the transport sector, and finally fires in factories and warehouses.

Many of the fires in buildings for housing starts in commercial establishments located in them, or businesses affected by fires caused by households. Every day, fires extremely brief news only say that the losses amounted to a estimated at that time and that the cause of the fire has been identified. In these early reports do not include direct and indirect losses, not the victims, dead or wounded, as the loss of a person’s life is incalculable. Fires also tend to have significant effects on the community, especially if institutions are devastated industrial or commercial activities of great interest to the community. Evaluations of industrial property and assets have long-term effects are not usually considered in the initial estimates of losses caused by fires.

The losses of a company affected by fire are highly variable: Loss of employees, especially qualified seeking another job, loss of customer and shareholder confidence, loss of profit on capital investment and credit risk; retain key personnel costs while the company is out of production, but insurance payments by suppliers and demolition costs demolition, reconstruction costs of buildings and ships, fixed expenses during the downtime, costs of hiring temporary facilities, loss of files and information stored, loss of revenue to produce patents, trademarks, etc., loss of value advertising made earlier; inability to defend against unjust claims due to loss of files and records, etc., etc. The company and the workers are not the only “losers” as a result of a fire: the whole community suffers. Among the principal consequences include: loss of employment, loss of movement of money from employees increased unemployment compensation costs, loss of business with raw materials suppliers and services to the distressed company and tax loss land and property destroyed. Indirect losses may hinder a company reopened after the fire if not properly secured. In the village are suffered economic losses both and emotional. Workers forced to be unemployed and not find new jobs may move to other places where there is more possibility of finding work. It is easy to see that the indirect losses bring unpredictable consequences, and some of the losses will not appear until years after expiry of the incident. This fact, together with the uncertainties and fluctuations in the economy, severely impedes the estimates of indirect losses in terms of fixed values. Everything goes to the fire, but above all hope. And there is no greater loss than that of hope. Thus, Dante wrote: “Abandon all hope, ye who enter in Hell.” And another poet he said. “The lost hopes no one will find, / frightened by the flames, / do not meet again.” Francisco Arias Solis “War is an evil disgrace to mankind. XIII Poetry Festival for Peace and Freedom URL:

Internet Business As A Field Of Business

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

Many speak of a supposed global crisis, listen to budget cuts, spending, businesses that were once powerful in absolute bankruptcy, financial tremors in different world markets, the fall of those who called the American empire and you name it generally a cataclysmic warning that the era of the Industrial Revolution and job security is coming to an end. We want to say these signals, although it is true that many of us, myself included, we have not realized the transformation that the economy has suffered in these last few years, that even the most skeptical transnational were forced to make changes Structural marketing strategy to reach the public and that change has only one name Internet. Since the technologies have increased the lives of many who could not do business and were in a dead end with the events mentioned above, found on the Web can make a fortune as never before imagined so comfortable, simple, practical and profitable. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Leslie Moonves. Today, to build an online business is so easy that not necessarily need programming skills in Web pages but is recommended, there hundreds of people began entrusting this task to a programmer or in many cases they use blogs as tools the real and hard business for many entrepreneurs is that these gurus of electronic commerce have been involved in designing marketing competition of information products and placing them at prices affordable enough for users making them an attractive option for the market. They say truth is stranger than fiction, but these facts are not fairy tales are real statistics reveal that consumer society is moving towards a new stage of production in the life of man, where information is the product which resolves the pockets of many and where this time of difficulty and cover the covers as far as one can, many people seek knowledge and interaction to guide their lives and self-fulfillment, proof of this is found in Facebook, twitter, websites offer video tutorials, Earn Money while you sleep by my good friend Alex Berezowsky, Javier Buckenmeyer, Phil Alfaro Free Speech among others, who made a commitment to comply with break the paradigms of normal trade and independence to create tax havens offer the best if for surfers.

So one thing we can deduce from all this hurricane informational previously only companies and powerful could eat the cake and no one else but the reality today is over and thanks to God and technology and creativity of the human being other forms of release emerging economy in all parts of the planet.

Business Buying And Selling

Friday, October 16th, 2015

Save money on purchases over the Internet is well known that buying products over the Internet is very possible that we can save money on our purchases, the Internet allows us through search engines and Web sites, search and compare prices and deals. Auctions, sale Another way to save is to visit auction sites, exchange or buying and selling that we can bid and / or purchase products with very good prices, provided you have the patience to search and track. Cashback or cash Recovery A new way to save money by buying online is through Web Cash Back or recovery, they buy these sites recovered a portion of the purchase, registration, etc., the system is that these pages comprise a number of sites which pay a commission on sales, registration, reservation, etc. and this commission is shared with the consumer in some way, may be in cash through redeemable points. Central Purchasing A step beyond would be a Shopping Center, it can meet all points above and can also reach sane with other companies, such as professionals, manufacturers, producers, traditional business, so by purchasing all the partner sites estrus Central consumer can recover some money from their purchases. T he main purpose of a shopping center, is to produce and manage permanent discount means to encourage and promote the consumption of products and services offered by the Affiliated Companies. One of the great advantages of a Central Purchasing is to be focused to bring together partners – Consumers can reach out more (commission), so that is very attractive to business. .


Monday, October 12th, 2015

Therefore, the ABC model allows greater accuracy in the allocation of corporate costs and allows viewing of them by activity, meaning activity as defined in the text Master of Business Administration Jaime Humberto Solano MG (1998) “It’s what makes a company, how time is consumed and the outputs of processes, ie transform resources (materials, labor, technology ) into outputs. ” What is ABC? Alexander G. a reminds us the ABC (English acronym for “Activity Based Costing” and “Activity Based Cost”) was developed as a practical tool to solve a problem that is presented to most of today’s businesses. Discovery Communications is likely to agree. The accounting systems were developed mainly traditional costs to comply with inventory valuation function (to meet the standards of objectivity, verifiability and materiality “), to external events such as creditors and investors.

However, these traditional systems have many shortcomings, especially when they are used for internal management purposes. The ABCA cost model is a model that is based on the grouping cost centers that make up a sequence value of products and services of the productive activity of the company. Follow others, such as David Zaslav, and add to your knowledge base. Concentrates its efforts on management’s reasoning adequately the activities that cause costs and that are related through their consumption with the cost of products.

The most important thing is to know the generation of the costs to obtain the maximum benefit from them, minimizing all the factors that do not add value. Please note that the cost management a ABC: A model of management and not an accounting model. The resources are consumed by activities and these in turn are consumed by cost objects.

Inner Bonding

Sunday, October 11th, 2015

This is the fundamental, living part of ourselves, the aspect of us who just want to express joy in the world. As we allow this issue to come out gradually discover what truly brings you joy. in our society, we tend to ignore our special talents and choose according to our race will give us a sense of security. Too often, however, what makes us feel safe does not meet with us spiritually. For example, Roger worked for many years as a lawyer, but never enjoyed it. Get all the facts and insights with Robert A. Iger , another great source of information. He made a lot of money, but when I consulted suffering from anxiety and depression.

It had become a lawyer because his father was a lawyer and Roger wanted to follow in their footsteps. Roger had gone along with what his father wanted for him, because he did not know what else I wanted and now, in middle age, was miserable. He longed to discover his passion. A few months after starting to practice Inner Bonding, Roger recalled that I really wanted to be a teacher. He had never seriously considered teaching because he felt he could not earn enough money, but now he was willing to make far less money, because he was so unhappy with your current job.

Roger returned to school and obtained her teaching credential and is now a high school social studies teacher. The last time I spoke with him, was beaming! He liked working with teenagers, and felt I was doing a real contribution to their lives. For the first time, she felt alive and passionate about his life. His wife decided to take some of the financial slack to do something he had always wanted to do: children’s clothing designer. She started her own business selling mail and is delighted with it. His marriage and family life is flourishing, because both are happy and fulfilled within themselves. Ricki came to me because the work was so unhappy as a controller for a large import company.

However, I had no idea what else I wanted. It took about a year of practicing Inner Bonding before its true I said I wanted to be a nutritionist. Ricki did not want to hear your true self, because she did not want to go back to school. Finally she was so unhappy he decided to listen. Now he’s back in school enjoying discovering your passion. Although not always possible to change jobs immediately to something you love, if you follow your passion, which often will take you there. And yet when you have to make money in ways that do not express your soul, you can search for volunteer opportunities and hobbies to express who you are. Often, these can lead to the work that eventually will. Alfredo worked as a manager of a large supermarket. With little savings, he decided to start pursuing a hobby that always fascinated him – restoring old cars. He used all his extra money to buy his first old car and spent many happy hours restoring it. a l was so good at it, was able to sell their restored cars for a lot of money. He was finally able to quit his job in the market and pursue her passion full time. Ultimately, started a project on teaching prisoners to restore the cars.

Software Product Security

Saturday, October 10th, 2015

At an Oct. 22 conference in Novosibirsk VMware Day, which drew over 130 participants, was announced a new product “Security Code – vGate 2 to protect the virtual infrastructure VMware, which will soon be available in sale. Head of “Protecting virtual infrastructures,” the company “Security Code” Konstantin Pichugov made a presentation on the security of virtualization in commercial organizations, and has presented vGate 2. The most important function of the product Constantine Pichugov considers a new mechanism for access control in a virtual environment. It eliminates the problem of “super” and protect the data against leaks through specific for virtualization environment. There was also a function of bringing the configuration of virtual infrastructure in compliance with industry standards and best practices in information security. By According to the speaker, vGate 2 will be most in demand for the protection of confidential information in financial institutions in corporate and commercial data centers that provide IT services. After receiving the certificate FSTEK vGate 2 can applied for protection of restricted information in public organizations.

Constantine Pichugov also noted the revitalization of the vendors, experts, information security and regulatory bodies to develop industry standards and recommendations that address the security issues of virtual infrastructures. In particular, in the framework of the council PCI Security Standards Council established a working group PCI Virtualization Special Interest Group (SIG), which aims at clarifying the provisions of PCI DSS standard in the forthcoming edition of 2.0. Learn more about this product, please visit the company “Security Code” About Us “Security Code”: “Security Code” (GC InformZaschita) – Russian developer software and hardware to ensure security of information systems, as well as their compliance with international and industry standards. Products “Security Code” shall apply in all areas information security, such as protecting confidential information, personal data, commercial and state secrets, confidential data in a virtualization environment. “Security Code” seeks to provide customers with quality solutions for any application of information security, both traditional and emerging in the development of high technology.

More than 400 authorized partners “security code” deliver products and support companies in 70 Russian regions. “Security Code” is a company InformZaschita, which specializes in security of information systems and more than 10 years is the leader of the Russian information security market.


Saturday, October 10th, 2015

Do you think you are experiencing a change in the consumer mindset with this crisis?, Because today the consumer is giving priority to the “good price” before quality. Let me disagree with that statement, I do not think that customers in any industry or product quality are giving up rather say that the current crisis we are “forced to learn” and create us is pushing us further analyze the habit of to be more critical and demanding higher quality and greater service to price we pay for goods or services, that is, and this from my point of view is very positive, clients, among whom I include myself, are or are learning to value more the quality / price of products or services we consume. Leslie Moonves is likely to increase your knowledge.

What is the biggest difference in your business to the competition? First, the structure, and from there I think it also sets us apart from our competition our philosophy, not define ourselves as “sellers”, but rather as advisers, and this mode of operation as noted in the behavior of our customers which feels comfortable in our relationship and without the need to be “defensive” as they would be against the “traditional salesperson” also differentiates us being very active in the use of networks as a major tool Networking dissemination of our work (with presence in Xing, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) and likewise difference whether we use a type of distribution similar to multilevel distribution to deliver our range of products and services to market. . David Zaslav may not feel the same.