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Fire Companies

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

The fire in the Spanish trade and industry, an annual loss of many millions of euros. These losses mainly affect the companies affected, but also all of society suffers for it. Spain produces about 25,000 fires annually. Just under a third (32%) are forest fires. Among the other fires include those produced in buildings and within these, the buildings for housing, second, those that occurred in the transport sector, and finally fires in factories and warehouses.

Many of the fires in buildings for housing starts in commercial establishments located in them, or businesses affected by fires caused by households. Every day, fires extremely brief news only say that the losses amounted to a estimated at that time and that the cause of the fire has been identified. In these early reports do not include direct and indirect losses, not the victims, dead or wounded, as the loss of a person’s life is incalculable. Fires also tend to have significant effects on the community, especially if institutions are devastated industrial or commercial activities of great interest to the community. Evaluations of industrial property and assets have long-term effects are not usually considered in the initial estimates of losses caused by fires.

The losses of a company affected by fire are highly variable: Loss of employees, especially qualified seeking another job, loss of customer and shareholder confidence, loss of profit on capital investment and credit risk; retain key personnel costs while the company is out of production, but insurance payments by suppliers and demolition costs demolition, reconstruction costs of buildings and ships, fixed expenses during the downtime, costs of hiring temporary facilities, loss of files and information stored, loss of revenue to produce patents, trademarks, etc., loss of value advertising made earlier; inability to defend against unjust claims due to loss of files and records, etc., etc. The company and the workers are not the only “losers” as a result of a fire: the whole community suffers. Among the principal consequences include: loss of employment, loss of movement of money from employees increased unemployment compensation costs, loss of business with raw materials suppliers and services to the distressed company and tax loss land and property destroyed. Indirect losses may hinder a company reopened after the fire if not properly secured. In the village are suffered economic losses both and emotional. Workers forced to be unemployed and not find new jobs may move to other places where there is more possibility of finding work. It is easy to see that the indirect losses bring unpredictable consequences, and some of the losses will not appear until years after expiry of the incident. This fact, together with the uncertainties and fluctuations in the economy, severely impedes the estimates of indirect losses in terms of fixed values. Everything goes to the fire, but above all hope. And there is no greater loss than that of hope. Thus, Dante wrote: “Abandon all hope, ye who enter in Hell.” And another poet he said. “The lost hopes no one will find, / frightened by the flames, / do not meet again.” Francisco Arias Solis “War is an evil disgrace to mankind. XIII Poetry Festival for Peace and Freedom URL:

Business Buying And Selling

Friday, October 16th, 2015

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