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Russian Federation Losses

Sunday, March 27th, 2016

shestdesyat Two hundred and five NC Russia). In this case, legal expenses deductible vnezavisimosti from collecting them the losing party (Decree of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Northwest District of 21.07.2008g. N A56-24492/2007) expenses in the form of premium (discount), which is paid (given) by the seller to the buyer as a result of the implementation certain contract terms, particularly in procurement (paragraphs 19.1 points a century. 265 NDT Russia); costs to write off intangible assets and the elimination of operating systems, construction in progress (paragraphs Eight Section 1 of Article 265 of the Tax Russian Federation). On this basis, also takes into account the amount of depreciation nedonachislennoy;% on debt of any kind (paragraph 2 of Section One of Article. Two hundred and five NC shestdesyat Russia); the costs of services of banks (item 15, paragraph 1 of article two hundred shestdesyat five of the Tax Code). In addition, sales expenses equal more losses suffered by the company. David Zaslav shines more light on the discussion. Among these losses: the shortage of material assets in production and in storage at the enterprises of trade the absence of the perpetrators, as well as losses from theft, if the perpetrators are not found (paragraphs 5, paragraph 2 of article two hundred five shestdesyat NC Russian Federation); losses of previous tax periods identified in the reporting (tax) (Items 1, paragraph 2, Art.

265 of the Tax Code), losses due to downtime for intra reasons (paragraphs Three Section Two of Article 265 of the Tax Code of Russia), losses from fires, natural disasters, accidents and other emergencies (sub- 6, paragraph 2 of article. 265 Tax Code of the Russian Federation). In this case, for example, the cost of the fire must be confirmed by the act of a fire, help from the Office of the State Fire Service and protocol inspection of the accident, and another act of inventory, which is held by the payer of taxes (Letter from the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation dated 24 September 2007 03-03-06/1/691). List of non-operating expenses (including losses), which is set Art. 265 of the Tax Code, is open. This means that take into account sales expenses can and those costs are not directly vklyuyaeny in this list.

Except, of course, unreasonable rashodovi those provided art. 270 Tax Code of the Russian Federatsii.Zaklyuchenie. From above, we can make the following conclusions: 1) The definition of "extraordinary expenses" only in tax accounting, accounting corresponds definition of "other expenses". 2) The system of classification of costs in accounting for expenses and so forth in the tax accounting for non-operating expenses is determined by yourself and enshrined in the accounting policy for accounting and taxation. 3) In accounting, etc. And sales expenses can arise differences in the recognition of amounts charged in the accounting and tax records that show the example of disposal facility operating and subsequent sale of materials that remain. 4) To reduce the cost of accounting and tax records suggest possible to bring together business and tax accounting. 5) Do the organizations share sales expenses in tax accounting and other expenses in the accounting of total costs, is about seven – fifteen percent, which may affect the validity and materiality of accounting, because of this, managers and accountants must devote sufficient time to integrate and correct accounting for these costs. Our company 'Censor' provides various accounting services.

Buying On Credit

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

But in the case of buying cars on credit – the money you invest in a vehicle, what from the date of purchase quickly become cheaper. Besides all this, the final cost of the machine for you to grow by%. Thus – you eat ineffective own current earnings. For more clarity and thought, follow up with David Zaslav and gain more knowledge.. These things we have touched the issue of purchase business loan from the standpoint of an ordinary physiological entity. For large firms the same shodstvenny loan is one of the better means of business expansion. They're not notified of the traffic beat their funds.

Bank loan allows large investors to sweep away small regional competitors and those attained through increasing the profitability of own business due to the synergy. Credit conditions of purchase business. Despite the added mobility of a bank and something a liveliness of consumer lending in late 2010, according to final results of the study, otcherchennogo professionals Portal BizBroker, banks are still not lend to this kind of purchase – as the purchase of commercialization, the purchase of shares or the common rights. It does not mean that money to lure categorically impossible – just that account for the very turn and go for some tricks from both the borrower and from banks. Try as possible without getting up from the table – just click on the bank website and try to discover after that button "offer for a loan online – bank managers will be contacted by confirmation number and will give all the answers to the original topic.

How To Choose A Travel Tent ?

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

Who among us did not go to school trips? Songs around the campfire, walk under the moon. All this was almost everyone. And tourist tent is something without which does not do any hiking. At first glance it may seem that buying a tent is hard work, but pick a really good tent is not so simple. Today, the choice of tents in the stores that sell camping equipment, so great that it is easy to get confused and not quite what needed for the upcoming campaign.

For proper selection of tourist tents must necessarily take into account the following factors: the number of necessary beds, ease of assembly and disassembly, durability and weight materials from which made the tent. The tents are divided by their purpose and it should also be taken into account when buying a tent. Connect with other leaders such as Discovery Communications here. Tents for hiking and cycling trips are lightweight and compact design for form, usually made in the form of a dome. This type of tent you can take virtually any travel not involving long-term parking. And to sleep in the fresh summer air, or to hide from the rain, they fit well. Family dome tents – not the most spacious tents, but they are much more than tents for hiking and cycling trips. In installing this type of tent is quite simple and, as a rule, need to have collected a tent can be moved from place to place without having to disassemble.

Large family tents – this is a serious form of tents, featuring a large storage capacity and large volume storage space. To set these tents require a lot of space and the setup process can be quite lengthy. These tents can have multiple rooms and equipped with various additional accessories. Tents for family vacations – it's great multi-room tent. Before you decide to buy a tent, you need to know exactly what you need such. This is the most difficult-to-install design. In such tents can be not just sitting or lying down, but to stand at full height. Going to stay a month or two on the shore of a lake or reservoir to look it to this form of tents. Multi-tent allow work in groups to provide additional comfort. This is especially pleased with children who are on vacation and receive your personal space. For relaxing during the day when you need to hide from the scorching sun or rain is best suited rooms with mesh walls. A very useful feature in multi-room tent is the presence of several doors. This allows you to go out at any time of day and night, not disturbing the rest in the adjoining rooms. Just when buying a tent be sure that the enclosed instructions carefully. Otherwise, it will be possible for a long time to wonder where that is inserted and attached to something. Tents Dome type is somewhat easier to install, but less capacious. Before you go hiking necessarily work out at home or in the yard to collect a tent, to avoid any unpleasant surprises in nature. In any case, must consult with the sellers, or better still ask their friends, those who love hiking and knows a good judge. As in any business, experience comes with time and immediately select and buy a good tent alone rather difficult. Too much to anticipate.