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Murder Van

Thursday, May 26th, 2016

Murder Van Gogh, that despite the death threats received eluded police protection, was killed shortly after by a Dutchman of Moroccan Islamist on the street. Van Gogh was riding his bicycle to work when Mohammed Bouyeri, 26 years and member of a radical Islamist organization, shot him, knocking him off the bicycle. Bouyeri, wearing a djellaba eventually killed him at close range on the floor with twenty more shots, stabbed him several times and finally beheaded. In the body of the director, stuck with a knife in the chest, the murderer left a five-page letter, signed “in the name of Allah”, which included threats to Western governments, Jews and non-believers in Muhammad. The letter was addressed to Ayaan Hirsi Ali and promised her and other leaders Dutchmen (citing by name) a similar end.The ritual murder and the manner in which it occurred caused a huge uproar in the Netherlands, to the point that some called the “September 11” Dutchman. For the first time opened a frank discussion of fundamentalism and the integration of immigrants in the Netherlands which, until then (with some exceptions such as Pim Fortuyn) – had escaped or been deemed inappropriate. The perpetrator, Mohammed Bouyeri, was arrested shortly after, following an exchange of gunfire with police as a result of which he was wounded in the leg. Born in Amsterdam, apparently well educated and well integrated, not responding to the profile of lone madman. He was accused by prosecutors of six professional charges. Bouyeri’s trial was held during the month of July 2005. “I acted purely in the name of my religion,” said the Court “Someday, if I freed, would do exactly the same.”Addressing van Gogh’s mother, said: “I can not feel anything for you because I think it … an infidel.” On 26 July 2005 he was sentenced to life imprisonment. While the trial was held, an Amsterdam city council refused to erect a memorial in memory of Theo van Gogh at the scene of the murder because it could cause division. Only the protests of the mother, who called cowards municipal council members, get them to change their minds. Finally, on 18 March 2007 was inaugurated a sculpture in its report entitled The Scream, which represents the director shouting in defense of freedom of expression. Oosterpark is located in the east of Amsterdam, near where he was killed.

So Paulo Nobody

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

It walked, without haste, deviating from the stacks of bricks, jumping over the reams of caibros and mounts of britada rock. The history of this youngster was impressive. It ran until an anecdote of that everything that is bad in the world falls in its head. Already it was lost in So Paulo and it passed the night sleeping narua; already he was imprisoned by mistake; it took a beating of a rowdy group; it had namorada it abandoned that it for another one; the father died and the mother was insane person; its brothers lived each one in a city> different and nobody wise person the address of nobody. Brito took care of almost of it as if he was a son.

Vi many times the two talking; Severino hearing the advice and moving the head affirmatively. It had lacked in the work, three days, therefore it has a very strong grippe. But it was in return. It was come close, it smiled lightly for me, and it asked to the Brito where the bucket of waterproof would leave. – It leaves in the warehouse; I do not go to need this more than, today. The youngster moved away itself and I asked: – It already arranged another namorada? – I believe that not. It likes to go to the puteiro of the Juanzia and there he has one moreninha that he adores to pull out money of it, coitado. – And it not complaint of this? – It makes affections, takes pra bed and it he is extremely generous. – Clean it? – That Worse clean! In the last time that received the wage, I compelled it to give it to me three parts of what it receives and only left with the necessary one to take a beer and to lie down to stocking hour with the disembarassed one.