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Provincial Plenary

Friday, October 28th, 2016

Conducting the election or ratification of the management bodies at the national level. 14.5. Clarify any matter under consideration. ARTICLE 15: National and Provincial Plenary to be made annually, has among its functions: 15.1. Approve the balance sheet of the report period ending that includes aspects of a financial nature.

Approve the work program for the next period. 15.3. Clarify any matter under consideration. ARTICLE 16: The Executive Bureau will meet at least every three months and its functions has the following: 16.1. To ensure compliance with approved work program for the period and make any necessary adjustments. 16.2. Coordinate plans and specific activities needed to comply with the work program of the organization and responsibilities granted to different members of the Bureau.

Develop budgets and their regular monitoring. 16.4. Promote activities that will contribute to ensuring compliance with the objectives and functions of the organization. 16.5. Promote and develop national relations, mutually beneficial international related institutions taking into account the legal regulations governing these activities in this regard in the country. ARTICLE 17: The duties of the President: 17.1. Chairing meetings general, full and meetings of the Executive. 17.2. Convene regular and special meetings. 17.3. Addressing international relations and represent the SCMVCD to the national agencies and institutions, international and foreign, which are related and with the authority relationship. 17.4. Chairing the editorial. 17.5. Monitor compliance of the work program, budget, resources that make up the assets of the organization and other administrative activities. 17.6. To approve and monitor compliance with the business plan and budget prepared for the operation of the Center for Information and Training Desastrologia Veterinary Informatics RED or other special activities are under the direction of the SCMVCD.

Refined Hotel Colon

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

The city of Camaguey, founded according to tradition on February 2, 1514, is distinguished by the existence of beautiful colonial-style hotel facilities. In the commercial zone of the Central Republic street number 472 El Colon Hotel, refined newly remodeled installation excels among others. This architectural gem was built in 1926. The interior has works superb in precious woods, especially at the bar. Also highlights its design and meticulous decoration supplemented with the inclusion of natural elements. Camaguey hotel Colon, located in the historic centre of the former village, is between greater preference of foreign tourist accommodations, not only for the site where it was erected but also by the exquisite good taste and its excellent international cuisine.

It has 48 rooms with air conditioning, private bathroom, radio and TV by satellite, restaurant, cafeteria, bar, mail service, store, safe and Tourism Bureau. Very close to installing the visitors can access different tourist sites or historic interest in the well-known city of the Tinajones, among which are recognized Miseria (the closer of Cuba Street), alley cover, General Cemetery of Port au Prince (founded 1814) and several squares and churches. Through the Bureau of tourism of the Colon Hotel visitors can schedule tours by foot or pedicabs by the Camaguey, 550 kilometers east of Havana, because any automotive transport is not necessary to appreciate its charms, its winding streets and its centuries-old buildings. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from David Zaslav. Camaguey was among the most important cities in the colonial period. To walk the streets of the old stately village churches can appreciate true architectural wonders of refined Baroque style, mainly.

Many more beautiful of Cuba, full of architectural treasures qualify it as one of the cities. A stay in the picturesque Plaza San Juan de Dios is comfortable with its cobbled streets surrounded by buildings of a plant painted vivid colors and a church magicos beside also restored building that was the headquarters of a former hospital. Worth a visit to the Museum Casa Natal of the Mayor, the Church of La Merced and its revered objects stored in the crypt, to the Plaza del Carmen, tinajones miniature, emblem of the region, can be purchased at the Ignacio Agramonte Park in various establishments in the city and even in the own Hotel Colon because the former villa was born out of the mudused in the manufacture of bricks that were erected the first homes and molded the tinajones, kind of Arabic jar of great size used to collect rain water, of which came into existence around 16 000 throughout the city in the early 20th century. The province (of greater extension of Cuba), also has its charms in its coasts, where the greater amount of cays and islets that make up the Cuban archipelago and more than 120 miles of beautiful beaches are located. Services and facilities the guest can receive in the Columbus hotel: air acondicionadoAlquiler’s Autosaparcamientobarburo of information Turisticaburo of taxisCalle very monedCocina historical internacionalEdificio restauradoFaxLobby barOficina of Correospeluqueria of Senorasrestaurantesala of Televisionse concurridCambio accept credit cards Visa and Mastercard (which are not issued by us banks) safety box at the medical Securitiesfolder in the hotel. On request 24 horasSeguridad 24 uniformed security staff Horastelefonia national and InternacionalTienda of souvenirs Ud can book at the Hotel Colon in original author and source of the article.