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Human Resource Management

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

Management should identify more with their human resources, provide all the support required, the motivation to make good use of this capital. And above all, the potential that everyone has to contribute significantly to sabersele guide the organization towards us also quote Maria Luisa De Miguel, to take into account the key factors that define the mentoring namely focusing on the needs of the beneficiary / learner / mentee taught how to think and not to think and discern the good from the bad intends to do more independent people helps to discover yourself. Process inside out Proactive Long-term effects related to employability and capacity to be used at any time within an organization or outside it. Based on experience, in life prepares for the future to all this we add on this topic, deemed that the mentor is typically someone who has solid experience in developing and growing your own business and or in management positions in the corporate world. The mentor must in turn recognize what strengths it has to offer.

This includes personal and professional experiences, knowledge, lessons learned and skills to provide objective outside opinions. The activity of mentoring is a voluntary activity that requires a formal commitment time and energy, but is an interesting and rewarding to spend your valuable time supporting others, with the added benefit of contributing to the success of these entrepreneurs and their companies. As for their dedication, they can usually spend 2-4 hours a month to this activity. The mentor also benefits from the relationship with entrepreneurs. In the way you can learn by example from his own abilities, helping to highlight the skills of their workers or even family and friends. By supporting others, the process will allow the mentor to learn more about himself. It is a good opportunity to give back the hand. The mentor may have received in the past a good mentoring from someone at what was never able to show their gratitude directly involved now this virtuous cycle.

The mentor may be part of a free and generous community, recognized by his peers and superiors, act as an enhancer of people and talents. The Mentor takes on the role of guide, stimulating challenges, channeler of contacts, support the development of their mentee, and stimulates learning through exchange of experiences. Conclusions It is necessary to identify increasingly with the Mentoring, which it generates, its scope and benefits, consider for example that says Maria Luisa de Miguel, that when a country or region there is a strong, rooted and established entrepreneurial culture firmly rooted in society, it is necessary to intervene in this passage that runs from the educational system, unemployment, social exclusion, the home or paid employment to the company, because the future employer is facing a new environment, unfamiliar and has some unwritten rules of operation, because no one has trained to run a business, we do not know what skills are needed and how we will cope. In this passage we need a guide, mentor, that is who gives us the way, who shows us what the company, which helps us to develop the skills necessary for success in the market: analyze situations, plan, manage information, make decisions, solve problems. We stressed, Luisa De Miguel, the main achievements of mentoring programs are: Train mentee to manage the company increase the potential for business continuance in the market, reducing the risk of death in the early years. Promoting personal and professional welfare transmit corporate culture, the rules of business relations.


Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Invitations for squandering and wasting our money surround us and are waiting for those without any financial strategy always willing to share their valuable money on how much inconsequential purchase are offered everywhere on the road, so we put money to work against our interests that we have to pay throughinstead of having administered that money so produce us income. It might be something of great value but it will only generate costs of maintenance, as example note that object ever acquired driven by a strong I wish and now resting somewhere in the House and without any kind of use by members of his family, is there same where finds a sample of money that could have been working for you. The money saved when it reaches a considerable amount must be intelligently invested, of thoughtful and systematically, and not spent on some whim, but nothing will have served the saving. Investments should be made intelligently, away from those who do it impulsively and guided only by what mark instinct that day. We currently have unbeatable opportunities to advance financially or achieve wealth, hundreds of millions of dollars many times opportunities extend across the horizon for those who know how to look carefully to then invest. As will begin to invest and see how our investments grow, grow our enthusiasm and desire to train us increasingly to optimize and grow successful quantities. Find that in a short time we have money working for us will generate a growing enthusiasm, which will be the fuel that will grow the figures that we handle. Over time you will have investments where previously only was debt and accounts payable, you will also find investments that put to work the money in your favor..

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