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IAS Markets

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

The term began to be used in the 1970s, when Hong Kong (colony of the United Kingdom at the time), South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan, then called “Asian Tigers”, captured global attention with its rapid industrial growth started from 1960. Today, most of these countries have moved beyond the status of NIC. There are several differences between these countries and are now regarded as IAS, in particular have undergone a process of political change opened, its high per capita income and an economic policy aimed to export, factors that in combination they have used to be categorized as developed countries , in addition to a Human Development Index (HDI) higher than 0.9, equivalent to the European Union average. Additionally, South Korea is now part of the OECD.After a collapse in bond, equity and local currencies of these markets in 2 008, by April 2 009 emerging stock markets rose 12 in dollars, according to a Morgan Stanley index developed pro. Thus, the relevant stock indexes in China, Russia and Brazil have climbed more than 20 in local currency while India has advanced 12 . Governments and some companies have used to issue debt, plus the currencies like the Brazilian real and the Russian ruble has strengthened more than 7 against the dollar. This is because investors are taking more risks in the belief that Chinese economic slowdown is over, the resistance of countries’ financial systems and a possible IMF aid to contain financial crisis.

Bogota, Columbia

Monday, August 28th, 2017

Thats all there is to do.These are the basic necessities to start a business of recording studio in any place.Of course, there are details to fill, but that is the general scheme of the company.I hope this article has helped you to think about how to be successful running a recording studio on your own. No business can succeed without an effort dedicated to its promotion. After you configure the recording in home Studio, should look for different ways to promote your business so that people become aware of their service and come to you. Something that I can recommend are pay per click ads. PPC or pay per click ads are banner ads that are displayed on search engine results pages.A PPC ad, as its name suggests, it is only payable if a person clicks on the ad.The announcement is required to take the user to a web site or a blog. Therefore, before creating an advertising campaign PPC is necessary to configure any of the two.

You need to make a minimum amount of payment in order to establish a PPC ad campaign and you will also have the possibility to set a daily budget according to your comfort level.Be sure to orient your city or surrounding area with care. You don’t have to advertise to the bands of the other side of the country. If you have recording studios in Bogota, you must announce it in Bogota and not elsewhere. Already accounts with many elements to start a business. If you’re in the capital of Colombia and want to find out how much competition you have to your searches around Bogota recording studio and you can do for the city in which you are.

European House

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

It said that its name was Nicola. He did not say its origin, and he did not speak on its familiar ones. Clarissa was very curious. Worse it was to have that if to raise early in the following one to go for the company. It was to sleep late and it was not accustomed.

Two days later it bound, it relutou and had finished leaving, more works of art, supper and nocturnal house, where tired it came back toward house, it is to decide businesses. One was diurne and another nocturnal one. Clarissa was invited to go in the end of week until Hampton to pass the end in the house of one of the directors of its company. Nicola did not accept therefore it worked the night. This age without a doubt a misfortune in the life of them. It was angry and was alone, to put did not have fun and saw that it was if becoming dependent of the telephone. At the beginning of the week it noticed that she was being without nervous puncture and. It bound and had always left the same program, gallery of arts, nocturnal house.

It always came back alone. In the week end it asked because it did not pass the day of sunday together in house of it. It did not accept but he accepted to go the night supper in house of it and was exactly when its parents had arrived. It was apreensiva, but she kept the invitation. It until if understood with the parents of it. In this night it left early. The father of it asked for familiar, the only thing that it wise person is that it was of the European east and owner of the most famous restaurant and the nocturnal house more stroke of a bell. The father of Clarissa tried to get more information to put the service of information empacou.

Moscow Business

Thursday, August 24th, 2017

Gradually formed rules of etiquette drawing cards. In the West there are two kinds of business cards: vertical and horizontal. This greatly enhances the owner to have their own exclusive bus. Vertical format business card, enjoyed wide success in America and Canada. In the ussr, mainly dominated by horizontal format.

In Soviet times, business card is an inherent part of employees Obkom and district, fewer cultural figures and cosmonauts. With the advent of democracy have business cards became available to everyone. Information has become more democratic. Polite reminder about the owner of business cards was changed to its prestige. Having lost their old-style "business ticket, business card was the style of new business relationships. Now it is more colorful and contains much information as possible: emblems and symbols, trademarks and photographs, drawings of arms and flags.

There were double-business cards – the texts are placed both in front and the back side. Triple – business cards, folding, folded business cards. Business card can be used for informational and promotional purposes. But its main property for many centuries – the representativeness! Now not uncommon to see the format booklets business cards – small and comfortable, they can always keep to themselves. For example, a subscriber directories in the network Megafon directories with the jewelry in Moscow clothing stores. Many of Moscow companies, banks produce information leaflets in the form of an emerging business cards in A4 paper format. No wonder that the advertising market appeared advertising business cards. The format is so convenient, simple and concise! Man chooses the desired user, and it remains in his wallet or business card holders, on demand. This advertisement is unobtrusive and representative, this is not a shred paper ads, not a piece of paper – this is your corporate card. Over time, business cards have not lost their value, and even acquired new functions. Thus even stronger foothold in our lives. Business Card is in each organization, the majority of working people. If you compare the amount produced in printing business cards and other printed products, obtained by the ratio of 3:1. One booklet or leaflet There are 3 business cards!

Caribbean Sea

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

It is the greatest island of Mexico, Mexican heart and Caribbean soul; a true paradise for the lovers of the nature and the vacations in peace surroundings and tranquillity. It has 70.000 inhabitants who offer the calidez and cordiality to him characteristic of the town of Mexico. I want to begin saying that this tourist destiny can be considered like a matchless place, magical and wonderful. It is an island nailed within the framework of the Caribbean Sea, that is considered one of most beautiful of the world. It is possible to be perceived, by far taste, that in spite of being a very old tourist destiny, has conserved the colorful thing of the small towns of Mexico, as well as its traditions.

Until it makes few years, this beautiful island had been classified as a solely recommendable destiny for the diving, activity that is still of most important, but than is not the unique one. Many others exist that have been implemented, to diversify this multifactico destiny. We could divide them in: aquatic, cultural and ecotursticas. Between aquatic activities are, obvious, the diving, esnrquel, kayak, kitesurf, and the new modality of the Snuba, among others. It emphasizes the diving because Cozumel lodges in its transparent waters blue turkish, to the second greater system of reefs at world-wide level, the Reef Maya or Mesoamericano, that counts on a great diversity of flora and multicoloured marine fauna, that cause that this sport becomes a true delight for those who likes of him. It is for that reason that divers of all parts of the world come to the island in search of spectacular experiences. In the cultural scope, Cozumel also counts on a great number of attractions, such as the Museum of the Island, where it will find historical and geographic information on this nsula; or San Gervasio, who is the main archaeological site in Cozumel, where the Mayans rendered tribute to Ixchel, the goddess of the love and the fertility.

American World Championship

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

In particular, in 1966 in England was held unofficial world championship. Then slowly in various countries were set up for women Football Federation, appearing first national championship. In 1969, an International Federation of the European women’s football. In 1970, backed by the Italian concern “Martini and Rossi,” Federation held the tournament, calling it a pathetic world championship. In the early ’70s in Italy, was organized the first ever professional women’s league.

Rapidly revived football in Norway, Sweden and Germany, where the plant-based amateur teams began to appear real professional football clubs. It is these countries have appealed to FIFA to organize the first world championship in women’s football, support the organization had the largest at the the company for the production of sports clothing and shoes “Adidas”. International Football Federation, finally gave up women’s football has finally been officially recognized. And in 1991, the first football World Cup of women. The first winner was the American World Championship team, which is still considered one of the favorites. Judged that meeting our Soviet referee Vadim Zhuk. The first unofficial championship of the USSR was held in 1987. Three years later he received an official status.

And in the first championship was not without a sensation (the girls love to surprise) – bypassing the Moscow team, became the champion country club “Field” from the village of Baryshevka Kiev region. It should be noted that football players then professionally trained nowhere, some have moved out of football and track and field hockey, but most girls do not have a sports education. Among them were nursery governess, and a teacher, and a saleswoman, and housewives, and even representatives of the oldest profession. But in fact, women’s football in Russia have come much earlier. The first information about it contained in another magazine “Russian sport,” dated 16 May 1910. And already in 1911 in Moscow, created three female Club – “Pushkin”, the team of Business School and Peter-Razumovskaya League. August 3, 1911, the first truly organized the match. Girls once and for all proved that they can also play football, not afraid of strong rain, they went onto the field and scored in the meeting as much as 6 goals – “pushkinki” smashed “Petrovsko-Razumovsky” football players with a score of 5-1. Soccer women’s clubs appeared chaotic, “here and there” and just randomly disappeared. For example, in 1923 in the village was established Nevinnomysskaya team of workers of the railway, which competed with men’s teams. But it lasted long, as most girls are married or simply left this venture. But the real women’s soccer in the Soviet Union began to develop only in the late 80’s. Although even then was listed among the exotic sports along with golf and martial arts. Currently there are about 25 million of professional football players. Officially held the world championship, there is a female Champions League (although it is called the UEFA Cup). Women soccer recognized in all developed countries. In European countries and the United States matches the beautiful half of humanity each year collecting more and more viewers, but in China and Japan did in the popularity of women’s soccer on par with men. Only in Russia talks about the sport continue to cause an indulgent smile, not Women’s Championship on television and there was little written in the press.

CeBIT 2011: SharePoint To Touch

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

By Hessen-IT presented at the stand gavoCon practice the advantages of SharePoint technology (Exhibitor at Hesse-IT: Hall 2, booth F28) Hanau, 24.01.2011. The SharePoint experts of gavoCon IT Consulting GmbH in the form of a live system at their CeBIT booth have a SharePoint to be touched”. Here can work prospects even with the wide range of applications and get so locally a first insight into the technology. Testing is, inter alia, how the collaboration of different project groups can be make with the help of SharePoint. Such cooperation is possible to multiple users in a document or in a meeting workspace site.

Also approval workflow will be presented at the stand of gavoCon. Other areas of use by SharePoint are the document and enterprise content management. The SharePoint specialists explain, among others the management of metadata and taxonomies, as well as the storage management. The visitors at the CeBIT stand can also test the form management. In the case of travel expenses on the basis the InfoPath Forms Services forms filled out and saved. The business intelligence capabilities provided by SharePoint (BI), important business decisions can be made on their basis are another issue. Here, the PerformancePoint services the tools for building dashboards, scorecards, and key performance indicators (KPIs) and allow the rapid analysis of all essential information.

Our CeBIT topics around the SharePoint indicates that the technology platform offers a wide variety of ways. A SharePoint Portal can reflect processes of all kinds and this quickly complicated. Therefore, our recommendation here is to start with a small project and then later if necessary to bind to other departments or locations. With our CeBIT special SharePoint to be touched”, we give visitors” the possibility to get an impression of the advantages and the functioning, says Arne front desk, Managing Director of gavoCon. Technology SharePoint the SharePoint Server 2010 is a technology platform from the Microsoft home, providing cross-site collaboration and information management in companies. With different applications and services, as well as through shared access to information can improve team productivity. The SharePoint is available in two versions: the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 is suitable for companies who need a secure, manageable, Web-based platform for cooperation and available royalty-free. The Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 consolidated platform as a business a wide range of solutions and promotes cooperation in the enterprise and on the Web. Realize you can about applications for enterprise search, business intelligence, enterprise content management, Web content management or collaboration with the platform. About gavoCon IT Consulting GmbH: The gavoCon IT Consulting GmbH, headquartered in Hanau, Germany, was founded in 2008 and specializes on professional services in the field of Microsoft technologies. The company’s core competencies are the document and information management with the help of Microsoft SharePoint Server, as well as technology consulting for the SharePoint platform in the areas of planning, implementation, administration and development. The extensive expertise in implementing SharePoint projects and the creation of custom SharePoint solutions, as well as years of experience in software development are based on the advice. In addition to the SharePoint technologies gavoCon offers also services in the development of individual software based on Microsoft .NET. Contact address: gavoCon IT Consulting GmbH Mr. Arne before table of Rodenbacher Chaussee 6 63457 Hanau Tel.: 0 61 81 / 56-906 – 0 fax: 0 61 81 / 56 906-14 E-mail: Internet: PR Agency: Walter Visual PR GmbH Mr. Markus Walter Rheinstrasse 99 65185 Wiesbaden Tel.: 06 11 / 2 38 78 – 0 fax: 06 11 / 2 38 78 – 23 eMail: Internet: