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Friday, October 27th, 2017

Management: The classic strategy development and coordination within the company merge: a term which for the Example in the field of IT is used to combine multiple versions of a site to one. Leslie Moonves is full of insight into the issues. The different information from various sources so summarizes information. The Mergement is a gathering of various inputs from customers, partners and companies themselves, which are transmitted directly to the management. The Mergement combines the feedback, testimonials, votings, and ideas of our customers and summarizes clearly in one place. Instead of making the detour via surveys, statistics and market research, the Mergement offers the advantage to be able to contribute their own ideas 1:1 in the company customers. The test is the first company which practiced the Mergement and starts to attempt to establish the web 2.0 in the enterprise and in the management. This should be an appeal to other companies, to address, which is ready to actively participate in the new possibilities of web 2.0, the social networks and the new generation of customers.

Can now see try in the management of are determined. Currently, a wiki is used as a base, which in the medium term is being extended by voting – and discussion sections for the individual ideas. The Mergement itself is divided into several master plans such as marketing or shop. The visitors can expand the text with the click of a mouse with own thoughts, adjust, or delete. Future should develop this innovative idea and practically prove to be useful, it is possible to develop a new, specialized Mergement online tool, which will be made available to other companies. Individuals and companies can contact like Andreas Schurch. Mergement: a new form of management, which presumes to publish information, but can bring many valuable inputs.

Vacancy Rates

Friday, October 27th, 2017

New study to reduce empty booth at City stores KUHN specialists for chain stores: chain intelligence often creates more frequency you wish at his home shopping, which is only found in the surrounding area. The result: one buys more frequently outside or time, information or convenience reasons, relies on the Internet. That just retailers and service providers complain of this consumer behavior can be understood, but the facts speak and not rarely their own behavior for a self created problem such as, for example, the increase of local vacancies a municipality. Many travel, bring experience and ideas of benefit from and want to try this at home. Many product lines have become international.

More and more articles have engineering components, new materials reach market maturity and last but not least, the gas station or the Internet offers, which sometimes does not exist in the shop. Enter the retail and service assortments really here? Make that Responsible in the municipality because many empty shops and outstanding frequency considerations for a new retail concept hovertrain, is often ignored, that only the actual needs of the consumer and the consumer purchasing behavior must be known. Until then, you can plan and invest, then to realize revenues and profits. If responsible persons in the municipality instead seek a settlement of well known chain stores, they are aware that achieving an increase in frequency with the settlement; but to what extent also the already existing individuals benefit, remains unknown. For example, the demographic changes are perceived in this context on one side and often negative. In fact offer but also opportunities arising from these changes. Many well-intentioned projects to the retail or service recovery turn to unattractive overall solutions, because the concept is wrong. So you can’t get further in the infectious dynamic retail sector and is the Challenges hardly does justice. It is a fact that shopping flair that can offer which the consumer today is located at his place, only an intense intention and the togetherness of chain stores and individuals no matter whether he lives in a small or larger community.

30 Seconds For Vienna

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

New platform for good ideas against the crisis to have ideas in my head alone is not enough. You must also be – implemented by as many people. The Vienna Chamber of Commerce now offers a new platform in cooperation with the ORF Vienna, to facilitate the dissemination of these ideas. Who has made good experiences, as oneself or we all get ahead professionally or privately, can be from 1 October as video messages through the Internet channel of a public show. The best will be awarded. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Discovery Communications and gain more knowledge.. All people working in Vienna, Viennese and Vienna are called. “The current economic situation has brought many people with all their side effects in the various sectors of the society to think”, says Vienna President and initiator of the project, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber Brigitte Jank. “The impact of the crisis is very different, many have already found a way for themselves, to respond”.

And precisely the point, because who has made good experience to make a difference, can also help others – in which he reported it in a 30-seconds video message. “I’m sure that many of the proposals submitted by the Viennese economy can be taken up,” says Jack. A camera, an idea and a little time – thats all participants need to take part in the action “30 seconds for Vienna”. In a short video clip, they should show what they would do differently or new or even did. It involves also the seemingly small things of in life – and if they only serve to distribute the “crisis in the head”. Way of the mobile film to animation everything is allowed. The videos should be maximum for 30 seconds and be uploaded to. Who has no camera or want to not even make the design can draw on a professional video team, which is available free of charge on several dates in the context of events of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce.

The upload phase is in October, and in November then all those interested in the Internet can vote their favorite video. The best videos will be broadcast on ORF Vienna. A renowned jury selects three winners from the videos with the most audience votes. These are collected in a large gala before the curtain and rewarded with shopping vouchers of the Vienna shopping streets in the amount of 1000 euro. Upload project details: 1 October-30 October voting: 2 to 16 November all info at Facebook:.

Balingen Bizerba

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

Belt weigher CWL eco for optimized product and material flow in forefront products Balingen, September 08, 2009 – at the FachPack 2009 in Nuremberg, an international trade fair for innovative packaging and highly specialized packaging machines, the technology producer Bizerba from Balingen from the 29.09. until 1.10.09 presented (Hall 9, stand 136) the new belt weigher CWL eco. Thus, Bizerba takes into account the growing requirements of intralogistic processes. With the new series, the Wagetechnikspezialisten enable the dynamic weighing, combined with the control of goods and material flows. Finally it arrives in logistics, warehousing and shipping accuracy, flexibility and speed. Bizerba with the CWL eco with interference-free string technology which measures the mass and not weight as a single Wageprinzip, meets the.

This technique offers the advantage without regard to the location to be calibrated just for the machine construction and system providers. Integration into existing conveyor systems is according to the Bizerba a flexible frame design, interfering edges free drivetrain, as well as a variety of belt dimensions up to 1,600 mm in length and the overall interface structure backed by. Communicative like no other\”CWL eco is by up to 12 inputs / outputs, PROFIBUS DP, TCP/IP and serial interfaces, as well as simple scale protocols DPV0 and DPV1 and the optional data transfer via SMS. The CWL eco integrates almost effortlessly with existing package shipping, sorting systems and feeder lines. \”The weight determination using integrated calculation of volume belongs to the application possibilities such as the quantities of piece weight control or completeness and quality control\”, explains how to Dieter Conzelmann, Director industry solutions market Bizerba. To do so, the belt weigher with conveyor speeds of up to 2 m/s has various programs such as counting, tolerance control, serial fault detection, summing complemented by availability and device status query. The respective product recognition achievements so Conzelmann, sensors such as bar code readers.


Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

Andreas Schurch, owner of the eponymous Web shop “which specialize in mobile socks, mobile phone cases, it developed a new concept which is not fake and can bring an advantage both parties, customers and companies, kleverer version: Mergement”. He said: at since I’m on viral and direct marketing. As a result I get customer feedback via email and also new ideas that are implemented in us weekly. I was looking for a more effective way to involve the customers, but at the same time to minimize the own effort for evaluation and assessment of the inputs. So I pursued concepts, where ideas are developed with each other online and evaluated over time. But these are usable most of the time only as a registered member and same build a forum. Thus the network is missing and there is a discussion. Then still must summarizes the idea and the thought processes of the company.

The concept of wikis convinced me then how it is used at Wikipedia. Everyone can customize the contents without registration and at the same time it by other users, in turn is checked, expanded, or deleted. Customers check the contributions so each other and summarize them understandable. To extend this principle with a voting system and a discussion area for per idea, task or goal, arises a powerful tool where the customer can at any time enter inputs, promptly runs out and the company has a small amount of care. When one takes this idea further, you could combine several Mergements of companies. The previously invisible network of companies, customers and partners is tangible and the strategies are coordinated. Products and ideas which nothing would be good in practice, be devalued already in advance by the customer and incorporated new ideas without detours. A clear advantage for the company. Mergement Mergement is in my view of the words “Management” and “mergen”.

Web Customers

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

Kroschke sign international GmbH: Kroschke sign-international GmbH, market leader for safety at work, has launched its new online store. The concept of service for the customers is at the heart of the new Web site. The user-friendly interface facilitates fast navigate through the extensive product range and the search the users according to the desired information around the topic of occupational safety and health. To the right product with easy navigation, an important goal of the relaunch was it that our customers save time! To do this, we have designed the technical features that the process of selection is easy and manageable to handle until the appointment”, Rolf Maass explains Managing Director of Kroschke sign international GmbH. supported the selection of articles by a clear product navigation, a fast and accurate full-text search and fully illustrated product overviews.

The order process has been supplemented with the features memo”for desired products and recommend us for a lightweight Product consultation with colleagues. With the new online shop Kroschke offers an extensive range of safety at work its customers, which leads to the desired product easy to use and fast. Robert Iger insists that this is the case. Occupational safety and health information relating to work safety is a complex issue with frequent changes of legal and professional association requirements. As a countermeasure, understandable crafted information relating to occupational safety and marking directly on the product are shown. This content useful material and processing instructions are supplemented, so that the right product choice is significantly simplified. Not only the product information has been complemented: on the home page current topics are set to keep the user informed.

Using the free newsletter customers about the latest developments around the topics can check the free labelling, corporate and personal security. Signs Designer: Kroschke sign international designed individual mouse click signboards GmbH, one of Europe’s largest Marking manufacturer, this year offers a special online service under customers can make their sign on the Internet with interactive signs designer easy mouse click and order. (Source: Walt Disney). The customer can enter his text to request and decide on the appropriate icon, color, size, layout, and font. Material can select the user between the aluminum, plastic, foil and magnetic sheeting. The ordering process is thrown with a mouse click.

Tenth Branch Of Muller-BBM Condensed Services

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Opening in Karlsruhe emphasizes the path to market leadership in the field of measurement and consulting services for environmental – and safety-related projects. Within the national competence network, experts are responsible for the local representation. This includes the studied mechanical engineer Thomas Dalder as niederlassungs – and head of Department legal company organization and management systems, as well as the already earlier in Karlsruhe-based consultant Dr. Rainer Bosinger and meteorologist Axel Ruhling. Robert Iger is often quoted on this topic. For industrial and transport projects are Lufthygienische elaborated opinion, emission projections, environmental impact assessments and approval accompanied, environmental reports and provided the basis for clean air plans. Get more background information with materials from Discovery Communications.

The model developed by Dr. Bosinger PROKAS is used for determining the emissions caused by traffic on road networks and ambient noise levels. The proximity to France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Switzerland serves Muller-BBM to extend other activities in Europe. Muller-BBM is represented as internationally active engineering company with almost 300 employees at eleven locations in Germany. With our interdisciplinary engineers, independent designers and technical specialists, we advise our clients since 1962 and occupy a leading position in the fields of competence of construction, today’s environment and technology.

Culture In The Global World

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

The culture in the global world Melendez Lopez Teodulo cultural approach of globalization involves an escape from outdated economism to reduce it to some analysts. If we have to look at the world as a multidimensional process and culture as the ultimate gauge of development, we can escape the simplistic. Leslie Moonves is the source for more interesting facts. Building a network of interconnected networks at different levels should lead to a deepening of the dangers of homogenization and analysis of how diversity (traditions, languages, identities) are inserted in this new global reality. The simplicity of globalization is in every room MacDonald does not seem to fit for a serious, but the call stands caviar left there in the repetition of the danger of imposing a single thought. One thing is the behavior of so-called power centers, as they have existed and still exist, and another reloaded diversity of cultural events are inserted into the emerging globalization, some of the ignorance and becoming universal by means of the new horizontal communication. One looks in continental organization systems more advanced, read Europe and is a concern for culture.

In the European documents on culture diversity proclaims to the principle of unity. Moreover, it rightly points out that before the first agreements on coal and steel, that is, before the start of economic-political construction of Europe, which joined the old continent was named culture. Can not be found in European unification examples of disrespect for cultural diversity of Member States. What has happened is the opposite, the European public's exposure to a variety than before, or was impossible or that presented obstacles.

Hong Kong

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Here is the circular port area of 100 hectares with a quay facilities for super-yachts and hundreds of docks for small boats, repair and servicing facilities for their service center and retail trade commercial center, as well as residential apartments and condominium units. Phuket is experiencing a construction boom, and most of the built housing designed to foreigners. This upscale condominiums, villas and townhouses, sometimes built in the same complex with a 4-5-star hotels. Many wealthy people from the countries of the Asia-Pacific region are living permanently in Phuket, staying even in the rainy season (June to September). Telecommunications can run a business and work with the information remotely, so many happy "escape" from here such cities as Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo. Europeans often buy housing to wait out the cold season here, to send to the rest of children, improve my health, with a very modest by Western standards of money. Fresh produce to the highest standards of medicine, Spa services – all of this is much cheaper than in any of the European and American resorts. The same goes for real estate.

If in Europe or America, is home 3.000-000-5.000.000 U.S. dollars, the same quality villa in Phuket, with pool and ocean views will cost 2-3 times cheaper. Apartments in new condominium, with its customer service, the ability of management in your absence (leasing, maintenance, etc.) is within a US $ 150.000-500.000, depending on the offered comfort. The most developed in terms of residential development west coast. Here is the famous resort area of Patong, where the earth since the beginning of the construction boom has risen by almost 500% and is currently estimated at $ 800 per square meter.

Results on the island beach areas such twelve (some quite secluded), but it is the center of Patong nightlife and social life. Plots are very expensive and in the main city of the island Phuket Town (on separate streets from $ 500/kv.m.), But for overseas buyers who come here for recreation near the water, the capital is not very interesting. Administrative center with all the necessary institutions – International School, offices, official agencies – located in the interior of the island, away from the beaches, but easily reachable by car. An independent search of land and subsequent construction of the "pioneers" of Phuket – avtraliytsy Americans – involved here ten years ago. Now housing foreigners bought a large real estate companies, and more at the project level, and when developing the site has only just begun. Demand for Phuket, confidence in the quality and reputation of the island is so great that a lot of housing sold, even on a show with which developers Phuket tour the priority for these countries. Last year the list came in promising markets and Russia. Although our citizens living on the island until much, so the number of transactions is progressing rapidly, that the Russian market is now the Thais even more interesting than the western European. * This article was prepared using materials of the author.

BitDefender Strengthens Position

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

B removed the viruses of tomorrow new licensing model for small businesses Holzwickede introduced-HAVE technology, March 19, 2009 that BitDefender GmbH has its international award-winning security solutions of anti virus 2009 and Internet Security 2009 total security 2009 subjected to an extensive technology update. The solutions protect equipped with the latest version of the heuristic detection method developed by BitDefender B-HAVE”now more reliably against all malware threats. At the same time, the company has introduced a new licensing model for the three product lines, enabling the retail partners even more targeted to respond to the current needs of the SME market. The security suites based on the trend-setting B-HAVE technology of the latest generation. This is a heuristic detection techniques, which comes as additional component in addition to the comprehensive detection methods, such as, for example, signatures, within the solutions used.

So are the security programs of BitDefender able, even so-called zero Day threats’ (new or previously unknown pests) to combat effectively. Current example of this are the various offshoots of the Conficker worm”, all product series from BitDefender recognize and eliminate. Complemented by special procedures such as the emulation of Visual Basic environments the BitDefender technology differs significantly from competitor products. Also, BitDefender has 2009 revised its licensing model for the product lines of antivirus 2009, Internet Security 2009, and total security. Read additional details here: Leslie Moonves. All security suites can now be purchased 1 -, 3 -, or 5-seat license.

With this licensing model is”the retailers able to offer effective protection at attractive prices in particular small businesses, explains Lothar Symanofsky, head of sales and marketing at BitDefender GmbH. At the same time, BitDefender has further expanded its successful partner program. In addition to the already regular product training and sales training, the company offers its Sales partners for more support in the form of road shows, POS-marketing, workshops and lead generation measures. With our affiliate program, we offer genuine added value our resellers. Furthermore, it is our declared goal to strengthen the channel by margin loyalty, advice and support, jobs in the SME sector, as well as subsequent business from license extensions and to promote”Symanofsky explains. BitDefender provides confirmed in these points, because since the relaunch of the partner program the retail base could be expanded exorbitantly. About BitDefender BitDefender is software developer, one of the industry’s fastest and most efficient product lines internationally certified security software. Since the founding of the company in 2001, BitDefender has set new standards in the field of proactive protection against threats from the Internet. Every day, BitDefender protects tens of millions of private and business customers around the world and gives them a good feeling that your digital life is safe. BitDefender sells its security solutions in more than 100 countries through a global VAD and reseller network. More detailed information about BitDefender and BitDefender products are available in the press centre online.