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Wednesday, August 29th, 2018

It is essential that the worker has a stable platform of knowledge – hence the importance of training academic – and the continuous search for the best knowledge available to carry out the work in an outstanding way. This can be achieved through a: programme of development of skills (PDH), which must have the following requirements: to) make reference to the knowledge, skills and attitude of each worker, including a process of reflection, i.e., learning the strengths and weaknesses of each; (b) conform to the objectives and corporate strategies, since the objectives have been translated into concrete development activities, by which the workers themselves shall be responsible for their results learning; (c) adhere to a specific learning situation; It must be part of the job and not be separated from the same nor of the professional career. There has to be a continuous interaction between learning and work; ((d) both co-workers and supervisors and managers must be committed also in this process and not only to the trainer – facilitator – and e) development is a process that seeks to address, so it must find the best possible fit between the Organization and the employee. Paez, is very accurate when it tells us for better efficiency of this process should focus on three key points: to) transfer of more modern knowledge through any meaningful learning activities; ((b) sharing implicit knowledge and c) improves the skills of learning (learning to learn). In the case that concerns us as teachers committed to the training of managers, is definitely necessary for Venezuelan companies that seminars, training and development plans, the plan of study of career management, define the knowledge, tools, which are required to give step to efficiency, productivity, creativity, innovation, skills that favour labour and that Ecuadorean results that benefit all and properly exploit the potential of each Member of the Organization mantgeniendo a harmonious organizational climate of growth towards a Venezuelan successful company’s own organizational cultureOriginal author and source of the article.


Monday, August 6th, 2018

Are you in the sixty years? If so, you could be preparing your retirement. With how excited you’ll be, since it was about the moment in which you don’t need to work more, can you actually allow you the luxury of the transition? If you’ve not been preparing retirement, it’s not too late to start, but we must start now. The first thing you have to do is to begin to contribute to your 401 (k) plan of the program. At this time of your life, any contribution you can make, you should do. At least, contribute with 5% of your income. However, we know that many employers would equal the contributions made by their employees. There is a minimum amount that must contribute to receive this game. If you do so, essentially, you can get free money for your retirement.

Then you will also have to consider opening an account of Individual Retirement Roth (Roth IRA). At your age, you are able to deposit more money on your account than the younger you. When you go to withdraw the money, will be tax-free, provided you wait until the right time to make your withdrawal. You will then have to examine your desires and needs of retirement. Typically, this is the first step that is taken.

However, if you’ve not been saving for retirement, it is imperative to start soon. Depositing extra money you have from the outset can help you succeed in your goal of saving for retirement. Returning again to your retirement needs, examine your housing. It is expensive to stay home? If so and there is much sentimental value to your home, consider the possibility of transferring to a more affordable housing option. In fact, you might want to closely examine the retirement communities. Most are accessible to live, and you are automatically combined with the neighbors who are your age, many of whom share your interests.