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Thursday, August 29th, 2019

In recent times they have invaded us social networking and many can no longer live without them. I want to distinguish between the social networks that we use to keep in touch with our friends and you use them as a playful element and the professional social networks that are one part of your professional life and use them to acquire new customers and increase your contacts. In our case, the networks that matter to us are the professionals. When started all users were entrepreneurs, freelancers, entrepreneurs or people who had a position in any company and wanted to contact their customers or improve its network of contacts. Little by little these professional networks have become also a meeting point where you also have your friends and with the crisis have begun to be a point where to find employment since according to the statistics there are approximately 5 million unemployed. The other day at one of our business meetings told us the owner of a company of selection that she has stopped using them because the only thing that came to they were unemployed c.v.

(in August that is everyone’s vacation which she arrived 1500 c.v.) and she really what I wanted to achieve were customers. More and more entrepreneurs complain that part of users who try to is to have against more contacts better and do not stop to receive invitations from people who neither know nor have nothing to do with its target. According to laws of networking suggest 4 points that should not be done in social networks:-invite a possible contact to your network, or send you information directly without knowing him or have you previously reported. -Invite your contacts contacts or people you barely know. -Accept invitations from anyone if know him, without references. -Accumulate contacts that you do not contribute. We wanted to go a step further and we are creating the social network business & Networking implemented within our own website. Our social network is going to be exclusive to people with projects, entrepreneurs, self-employed or entrepreneurs.

Not going to be room for an administrator who wants to change employment or be in contact with a friend who works at a different company to yours and under the name of the company using the network for this purpose, etc. all companies or people who want to be within the social network business & Networking must be clear what your potential customer and that is what they are looking for and offer. Each profile will be examined for approval and we want from business & Networking help you to create synergies between entrepreneurs and others. In this month of October it will be ready for use and if someone wants to enter it we can send the request through our website, on the contact tab, and when we opening it, I’ll send the invitation. As always only I can invite you to our business meetings.

Andrew Corentt

Thursday, August 29th, 2019

A feature of the spiritual powers is that often are difficult to observe, primarily in our own person, then what have not experienced it costs us believe it and accept it, the key to everything is preparation, to the extent that we trained us in particular idea then there will be a huge amount of incredible conditions before we even imagined. Perhaps have heard amazing stories of powers spiritual, normally this we call them miracles, the fact is that we are all in the ability to perform these events, internally have so much power that not even he could be discovered. Power is inside, but nobody said it was easy to access it, a feature so that it is constantly search for answers, knock on the doors of what we want to experience, insistence causes mysterious forces in the universe to act in order to give the information we want. The acceptance of a new idea in our subconscious mind is a task that takes quite some time, something important that we need to know it is that the desire for change must be burning, i.e., it is necessary to have a high motivation that allows us to perform any number of actions to achieve our goals materialize. To know more about this subject visit David Zaslav. How to have a high motivation? Only discovering ourselves, this means that we are born with one or more special gifts and when we find him then act automatically, the motivation comes from within our heart, to understand what that task is not simple because for years we have been exposed to an enormous amount of information that has access to our inside stuckwith appropriate steps it is possible to achieve removing all such debris in our minds and find our great mission, in the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt shows this methodology in a very precise way, by reading this book you will not have any doubt about his inner inclinations, his mind will open to the light of knowledge and a magnificent meeting with yourself. When We’re embittered, frustrated, doing activities that do not like us then we are very far from the spiritual power, this manifests itself with good emotions and feelings, are: joy, peace, emotion, love, admiration, faith, enthusiasm, etc. That will take us to make spiritual light to guide us. original author and source of the article..

Public Consultation

Tuesday, August 27th, 2019

I have come to the conclusion that I have a nutritional approach wrong. I do strict diet for a while and then, a few weeks of having thinned, I get to overeating again, fattening and turn to start seems a never-ending struggle in which I go always losing, but for some reason that escapes me, I cannot help but do so. Luisa Plasencia Espana estimated Luisa: seems more than a nutritional approach wrong, seems a wrong way of life, like all extremist attitude. So rather than lose this fight out, sales losing yourself in general. Please visit Robert Iger if you seek more information. You probably would think about if, on every occasion, you choose what you do or if you respond to a social pattern, a family habit or an extreme escapist behavior. You try to differentiate emotional states that take you to eat too much or put you on a diet.

Starts with the pattern of overeating: think about how you feel, if there is a feeling of emptiness that you need to fill out or if there is something that you distress and you find it easier to eat rather than face to This painful situation. Ask yourself if, lately, have you felt too exposed emotionally and are looking for ways to create a shell with your body. A related site: Walt Disney Co. mentions similar findings. Same thing for when you decide to put you on a diet: do you do it by own decision or respond to the social ideal, to feel recognized by the people that surrounds you? Of course, these are only common grounds; You must find their own. There is one thing that seems to be clear and is that, in one way or another, always feel guilty, as if you could not enjoy any momento. Gives you the option of feeling that you deserve to enjoy you, your body, your life. Many experts propose, in this sense, include one that another transgression in the diet: a food fad daily, or weekly, something that flexibility to the rigorous attitude that is needed in those moments..

Primate Reig

Sunday, August 25th, 2019

It was this another Primate Reig already disappeared, chronologically earlier than the Avenue lit and frequented by cars that has become today, where all those corpses of people risked ominously absolutely unknown by me. Lol Not all were unknown. Following discoveries occurred almost simultaneously. To put some order in my mind chaotic, quite dodgy at the time by the events so tremendous that they were happening, I tried exponer them myself one after the other with some method, separately. Show me. First it was giving me account that I had been there for many, many, years. To be more precise: I had previously lived in that same street Primate Reig, had disappeared a long time thanks to the urban progress. But there again again: in the same place where today magnificent homes rise, but at a time prior to its construction.

For some reason which could not decipher, I had located anachronistically in other more remote times. Secondly then, one hand landed on my left shoulder and a voice, this time Yes, quite family, told me: I’m glad you’re here. But this was not the order of exposure that I myself had imposed on me. Before the hand had perched on my shoulder, just a moment before, I discovered that familiar face among the unfamiliar faces of the other dead. It was mine. It was myself, only I was aged only twelve. Half a century before. That was a tremendous, narcotic, devastating discovery.

While the legs were shaking before being able to assimilate him, one hand landed on my left shoulder and a familiar voice said to me: I’m glad you’re here. I turned me and saw there. It was my wife, I would say that bright, the incessant rain. And you, what you do here? I have called you. Did you go? Of course.

The Other

Saturday, August 24th, 2019

If you are shooting in bright sunlight, try to position itself so that the Sun’s in the subject from the side, this will give you a nice pose and help to create a 3-d effect to the photo. The sunlight behind the subject can give a very nice dark effect but be careful to not have reflections in the lens, something that can degrade the contrast of the image.-go to solar light. 5. The direction of illumination (2) the worst type of lighting is the little flashes built into modern cameras. Not only gives you their subjects the fearsome red eyes, but it also puts all faces as formless and without shadow points. Used only in an emergency, when there is no other option. 6. The flash inside when you need to use the internal flash, keep the subjects away from any walls, especially those of color clear, and if possible, avoid that ugly shadow that appears as a contour.

Something that would not appear in a dark background. 7. Exposure using the auto exposure for their own benefit. If you have a modern House, normally the system approach by default is centered, which means that, although it makes a general reading of the scene, pay more attention to what is in the middle of the frame. What is good for us. The other good thing is that it does this reading when it is pressed for the first time on the button to make the photo. When you take and hold the button in the middle and hear a beep, not only the goal (in a camera lens auto) is set but photo reading is taken and the speed of opening and closing is also set. So, if its point of greatest interest is not in the center of the frame, is good to put it there temporarily while you set the target and makes a light reading, then move the camera at the same time that has sustained the button halfway and compose the picture of how you want to.

Cambio Person

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

When the cause is in a change process is common that we wish to share our restlessness with some people, but we must be careful and to know with whom we are sharing our dreams, initially our idea only is in our conscious mind, then we are exposed that before adversities it is possible to leave the idea. If we shared our information with people who have not developed similar ideas then can begin to transmit downheart and this low our internal energy levels to us, in some cases she brings ominous consequences because the people do not support the rain of critics of which they are objective. John Stankey shines more light on the discussion. In order to avoid to fall in a sea of critics can sink that it, then you must learn to observe the ideas of changes in other people, if somebody is convinced that the option to is the best one and you are betting by b then does not have to enter opinions with that person, why? Because those discussions affect, mainly when it is in the change process. When a person has obtained to consolidate one devises already then owns the internal conviction and has the authority sufficient to set out its ideas, this gives us rules important, and is that we always must look for support in people who help us to obtain our goals. David Zaslav follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Before the possibility of losing energy because they contradict an idea to us, then what we can do? Well, you must look for aid in people who understand their objectives and impel that to raise it the hill instead of to put an additional weight to him to the load that is raising. When you concentrate yourself in an idea emits a signal and the universe responds to that frequency, it is here where you must be kind to the unconscious vibrations, when a person is interested in something then you will perceive you it, a common phrase says to us that it looks for it finds.

The Earth

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Send us a message saying that it will reserve a place where we can live comfortably. He will be our father and we will be his sons. You may wish to learn more. If so, David Zaslav is the place to go. If so, we are going to take into account his proposal on the purchase of our land. But this purchase will not be easy, because this land is sacred for us. The limpid water that runs along the creeks and rivers, not only water, but the blood of our ancestors.

If you sold the land, you’ll have to remember that it is sacred and you must remember the same thing to your children, and that any spectral reflection on the surface of lakes, evokes events and stages of the life of my people. The noise of the waters is the voice of our ancestral. The rivers are our brothers, they quench our thirst, carry our canoes and feed our children. If we sell our land, you must remember and teach your children that the rivers are our brothers, yours also, and must give to rivers from that moment the same affection that you give a brother. We know that the white man does not understand our way of being.

For him a piece of land not distinguishes itself from any other, because it is a stranger who comes at night and steals the earth everything that you need. The Earth is not his sister, but his enemy; After that expose it and conquer it, he leaves, looking for another place. It leaves behind the grave of his parents and doesn’t care. He kidnaps the children of the Earth and not interested. Forget the grave of his parents and the inheritance of their children. It to his mother, the Earth, and his brother, the sky, as things that they can be bought or stolen, as if they were skins of sheep or bright accounts without value.

Decoration In Bedroom

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

To achieve a happy and harmonious relationship in the decor in bedrooms, we must ensure the proper orientation of the bed. There are good and bad positions according to feng sui. But for this it is necessary to know certain basic sleep taboos. Never place the headboard of the bed next to the bedroom door. This much affects sleep. If the bed is floating rather than being against a wall, the negativity will be intense.

Undermining the relationship of a couple who sleep in this position. Do not allow the door to open directly on the bed, if there is another door on the other side of the bed, the problem may be even greater. To fix this place a divider, such as a screen between the bed and the door. Do not place the bed opposite the entrance to a room, so the head or the feet point directly towards her. This can cause a situation that is affected by an excessively aggressive chi vera. Also, when the head of one pointing directly at the door, says in the position of the death.

Decorating children’s bedrooms 4. Do not place bed directly below an exposed beam, since it shuts off the power of those who sleep under it. Whenever Robert Iger listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The exposed beams can cause severe problems in a society or in a marriage. The best remedy for this according to experts on decorating bedrooms, is to install a ceiling of artificial gypsum that completely hides the beams. Known these taboos, the question arises: where place the bed then? The proper location is having it diagonally opposite to the door, located so that the direction of the dream corresponds to the good addresses of each individual. It is also important in the decoration of bedrooms, make sure that the room entrance is visible from the bed. Another element to take into account, is the mirror object very used in the decoration of this room. Bedroom decoration of marriage mirrors the bedrooms that are directly in front of the bed are the main cause of the negative energy of the marriages. How big is the mirror, the greater the damage. It is not recommended, mirrors on every wall, as well as neither are on the ceiling, given that they reflect negative waves. The best thing in a bedroom is removing them completely. Otherwise, the best position for them is on the wall, who is the head of the bed. A curious, to ensure correct location: when you get up, the person not to view is reflected in the mirror. It is not good, that is no, natural flowers or greenery into the bedroom. Both the plants and the flowers, belong to the element wood and this implies energy yang, certainly not recommended in a bedroom. Therefore avoid, hanging plants, or putting natural flowers in a room, that use to rest or to be sleeping. On the other hand, what if it is good, are the floral motifs; either a curtain or wallpaper in the bedroom. Even so, do not use very large images. We hope that our tips for decorating bedrooms according to feng shui have been to his liking. We wish you a peaceful and harmonious rest. Surely you already placed underway to achieve this. Bedrooms

Beauty Tips

Monday, August 19th, 2019

Undoubtedly all women pay much attention to the care of the skin as well as its beauty, but many times advice or solutions that we find are designed for women of a certain age, so here I present tips of beauty for women of any age. The proper use of skin care products will help in the long road to maintain the youth and beauty of the skin. Apart from moisturizers, sunscreen must also be an important part of the set of products for facial care and skin. You should always remove makeup before going to sleep. You must not allow to stay on your face for long periods of time, this can cause the pores become clogged and consequently you have acne eruptions. You need to sleep well to remove all that tension or stress from the body.

Sleep at least 8 hours a day is the recommended minimum. Good sleep also helps the skin to regenerate skin cells and therefore have a skin more radiant. You should try all the fresh and pure air that you’re breathing possible. Be exposed to contaminated air or in environments where there is a lot of dirt can be prone to further irreparable damage on the skin. If you have sensitive skin, you should make sure that products you use do not have any side effect skin. If you experience side effects, it is recommended to use hypoallergenic products. Original author and source of the article.

Leoncio Martinez

Monday, August 19th, 2019

And but ahead it ends: the towns do not follow their agitators but to those who incarnate to a unanimous aspiration of the majority. The towns do not know agitators but you interpret, for that reason they follow to whom food promises to them when they are hungry, to that them justice speech when they feel pressed, and until a those that promise revenge to them when victims feel. They followed Boves because Boves promised to them to take revenge the deceit that the unfulfilled promises did victim to them of those who signed the Act of 1811, because Boves offered the sacking to them and the battle in retaliation against the mantuano and Creole target that had been appropriated everything what it assumed had to happen at the hands of the town. But soon they followed Bolivar, because the Liberator made specific the aspirations far better, defining them with words of a formulated and already ruling good doctrine in Europe, that was called Democracy. Boves, as it interprets, did not translate but the passional, Barbarian question, almost animal, that was shaken in the soul of the mass; Bolivar, arrived more thoroughly, more to the root of the public spirit and, instead of to invite for the preposterous putsch and without horizon, she exhibited total program and concrete, faithful she interprets of all whatever was desired. The brilliance with which our situation like country exposes Leoncio Martinez, cannot be righter. It would seem that it lived today between us it had written and it yesterday. The first paragraph is perceived directed to our political leadership: if the town obtains somebody able one to translate in words a popular feeling, the town will accompany to him decidedly. Here it mentions specifically because the Venezuelan town followed Boves by revenge of failed to fulfill promises of a class leader of the past and then, when finding in another one interprets, the Liberator, that I arrive more thoroughly and exhibited a program, reads, a program, total well and complete that culminated successfully, it indicates as it I read also followed, it but with a entirely different and opposed result.