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Thursday, January 16th, 2020

Singapore (15 December 2010), global site of hotel reservations online with base in Asia and part of (NASDAQ:PLCN), in partnership with Bangkok Airways, turn the Maldives into a more accessible option. In its commitment to provide convenience and simplicity in reservations for trips to the Maldives, has launched a campaign along with Bangkok Airways, Thailand premium airlines companies.With discounts on more than 60 luxury properties in the archipelago of the Maldives, offers the convenience and security of instant confirmation on the reservation of any of his resort, in addition to bonus points awarded to all clients of the company. The period that extends from December to April is high season and many of the hotels in Maldives take reservations in advance. From December 2010 to June 31, 2011, travelers who book through may make sure rates discounted in the resorts in Maldives and for convenience fly directly from Bangkok to Male with Bangkok Airways, the only airline with three weekly flights. The Maldives are frequently considered an expensive and exclusive destination, but through, travelers can enjoy very affordable hotel rates, even in high season. The price of the rooms at the Filitheyo Island Resort in Faafu atoll is USD 150 per night, with breakfast included, while other properties, such as the Cocoa Island Resort, offer free nights for Agoda members who book a stay of more than 4 nights. Travelers who want to indulge yourself in a very special new year holiday may also enjoy great savings.

Luxurious boutique as the Resort & Spa Shangri – La s Villingili properties offer a 49% discount on last minute bookings made through (promotion valid until January 15, 2011), while the Constance Moofushi Resort in the South Ari atoll offers a 30% discount on their Senior Water Villa for guests who book 4 or more nights, (all inclusive). Weekend vacations also become more comfortable through the campaign Airways. has a number of properties within a radius of 10 kilometers from the Male International Airport, thus reducing costs and time of transfer. Resort camps Island of four stars is only six kilometres away from the airport and now offers rates of last minute for bookings made before December 19, 2010. Sides has an excellent location for divers, with quick access to dozens of diving sites.

Another excellent option for fans of this sport is the Diva Maldives Resort, located on the atoll, South Ari, a place frequented by whale sharks. Here last minute promotions offer travelers discounts up to 20% on the normal room rate, and have instead of a full range of equipment for water sports. For a romantic weekend break, the award-winning Six Senses Soneva Gili is located less eight kilometers away from the airport. This eco-friendly resort has all the necessary equipment to perform a myriad of water sports, weekend travelers can move with lightweight luggage. is currently offering deals for time limited in 25 resorts in the Maldives, all of these options have with instant confirmation.

National Observatory

Thursday, January 16th, 2020

Following check great weakness that have countries of the American region records and controls statistical information with regard to road safety, Spain has been promoting the establishment of an Ibero-American Observatory of data through the General traffic Directorate. The scenario used for this purpose is each of the congresses organized annually by the Spanish Government for Exchange of good practices of public policies between the Ibero-American Nations participating. The United Nations has also addressed the topic jointly with the multilateral financial agencies coming to the conclusion that is a need for State to establish national observatories, that better decisions can be taken and objective counting with credible and reliable data. It is possible that these are the key and magical phrases: accurate and objective decisions based on credible and reliable data. The demand to establish observatories is contained in many resolutions and statements, the latter being that of the month of October in Buenos Aires, Argentina, II Congreso Iberoamericano de road safety, whose some articulated will be repeated on 11 May 2011 with the launch of the Decade of Global action.

In particular, I repeat: – order progresses this proposal should first create the so-called national observatories in countries where there are no-. And by the way, in few countries of the region the work of establishment of that structure are initiated. Dominican Republic lacks this agency, reason for which there is no consistency or credibility in the data that are published or data that sent to international bodies. The National Directorate of statistics of the Dominican Republic, the Ministry of economy, planning and development unit, has neither tools nor staff to collect, process and analyse information generated minute by minute on public roads to determine the parameters of loss ratio. Moreover, you have no control of data produced in the different offices of the State or private flows related to the topic.

Effective Ecommerce

Thursday, January 2nd, 2020

Why I can’t get sales through the network? It is not easy to sell on the net. Besides insurance you ever sell to everyone without a real working system. Steps for that start with right foot and bands on the internet:-first you must look at who needs what your you sell, and you need it. -Second, it examines what kind of person is your target market. -Third, if it is a product or service that reflects your buy online if you would be given the case.

-Study your competition and study of the web that are up in google, studies their virtues and by that are there, that is positioned. -Get a design on paper and think how it could be the website of your dreams for your business. -Look to see if you’re competitive in price with the competition. With this information, charging small amounts for transportation (if the product to sell on physical), being seriously and giving security to the client, will achieve it what you propose. Tips to follow apara start your business: I recommend that you properly formes.

It is a time that you now roccioso loss of time but in the long run you will earn with it.Selling is not easy. You have to have a professional and effective website. This is easier than it seems, and the key is the simplicity of your website. You must also call customers who voluntarily get their phone numbers and track them. (With a transponder car). Sales do not occur if it isn’t two s three contacts with people. Your website should be roundly easy to use and enable people to pay you easily through the network. A good payment method is paypal, also allowed the bank transfer. If vens physical products add a paypal shopping cart. Many resources will teach you to do this in the network. You should also not never insist, set only a polite and pleasant communication. To close the sale, the key is to find a glimmer of interest in the person and if tells you that if you don’t try to sell you more or you lose it. Only closes the sale and is afinazar the customer with some gift and good treatment, without roll. Once all of this you have been clear, you need safety steps of this course step by step, you sell what bands, takes you to the success assured. Get first with this professional email and in second place in a lugger pirviliegiado formate, where who knows these secrets triumphs in the network. It is your MLM business or otherwise, these tips should not miss them. Now known as succeed in internet many thanks for reading this article, treat of talk about other subjects gradually related. You can comment about your experiences on the net, so we teach all mistakes you have made and things you learned.