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Managing Director

Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

The design for all automation systems is centrally by the branch from 2014 NORIS automation Rostock performed for almost 90 years NORIS specializes in data acquisition and processing of speed and temperature and has become at this time all over the world as a reliable partner in the fields of shipbuilding, traffic engineering, and meteorology. From the outset, that focused 1925 founded in Nuremberg in the years on diesel engine manufacturers and other producers of aggregate and did pioneering work in the field of shipbuilding in the 1960s with the first monitoring systems for marine propulsion. With the establishment of the branch in Rostock, NORIS expanded its product portfolio with controls for propulsion systems, and reacting to the growing demand for control technology in ship automation. Already in the year 2010 the development resources for automation components in Rostock were bundled together, innovation to more effectively implement and respond more quickly to changes in the market. Due to the increasing complexity of Corporate governance decided areas of drive control and motion monitoring to centralize the planning for all automation systems for shipbuilding in Rostock in the future and to serve its customers starting in 2014 from there. At the site in Nuremberg NORIS in terms of shipbuilding now focuses on the production of small systems for marine propulsion, such as security systems, unit monitors and controls, LOPs, as well as on the production speed, temperature sensors and controllers. Products from the specialty sensors and signal processing used in other sectors, such as traffic engineering, and plant and machine construction and have significantly contributed to the successful course of business the NORIS group in recent years. “Michael Schmidmer, the Managing Director of the company is convinced: our customers benefit in the future from this clear market orientation and an even larger team of experienced staff available are available”.

European Union

Wednesday, May 24th, 2023

In case of violation of this period, you have to pay a fine (amount depends on the number of days of delay and solutions Magistrate). When submitting documents to the Magistrate your rights withdrawn, and the period before issuing a driver’s license sample the eu you will be issued a temporary certificate, which indicates when you have deposited the documents and when you get new rights. Leslie Moonves contributes greatly to this topic. With this certificate you can ride behind the wheel vehicle prior to issuance of the original human sample the eu. At the traffic police the Czech Republic to your claims will not be. When leaving the Czech Republic, countries that are not part of the European Union (eg Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and etc), you should apply to the same magistrate and exchange law sample the EU’s old law, which are stored in the archives of the Magistracy. This procedure is obligatory, because for example, in Russia you can not move with the rights of Sample the European Union.

You face trial and a fine of Russian traffic police. Incidentally, the service replacement driver’s license in the Czech Republic enjoyed by many Koreans living in the neighboring countries of the European Union. This is due to low cost and simplified procedure for obtaining formal rights model of the European Union the Czech Republic. For example, in the neighboring country, Germany, this is not possible, and to learn, pass all tests and exams in Germany necessary costs equal about 2000 euros, and over time the exchange of human will take approximately six months. No coincidence that many foreigners living in residence permit or permanent residence in the European Union, specifically prescribed in the Czech Republic to six months a residence permit (this is a necessary condition imposed by the police CR) to obtain a driver’s new law, which will be valid in all eu countries. Condition of residence in the Czech Republic at least 185 days does not commit you to reside in the territory of the Czech Republic (to live in this period can be in the country where you work and live). For foreigners wishing to obtain a driver’s license in the Czech Republic European Union need the following set of documents: 1. Original passport with a long-stay visa in one of the standard eu 2. e situation.

Simlock And Netlocksperren

Wednesday, May 24th, 2023

Called a simlock if the phone really only with the original map can be used with which it was originally shipped. All cards are approved, which work in the same network as the original card the lock is called Netlock. Netlocks are more flexible, because they allow other providers. Network would not only when a Netlock D1 s original D1 cards work, but also maps the D1 Disocunter Callmobile or Klarmobil. Other types of locks are for example the Xtra-lock (only for Xtra prepaid cards) or the Callya lock (only for Callya cards). The purpose of these locks is simply to retain the customers in the tariff. Often, the providers subsidized phones and just get in these costs if the customer uses the (usually more expensive) plan. He moves but with the subsidized unit to a cheaper provider it is a losing proposition.

Therefore, subsidized phones are usually locked to force customers to use this ur original map. After 2 years cards can use lock free unlock be. Time Warner is often quoted on this topic. The providers have hotlines or Web sites built on the unlock code can be requested without any problems. Before the end of the 2 year period cost unlock of the mobile phones from the carrier to the 100 euro.

Good Driver

Monday, May 22nd, 2023

Two very important things called aptitude and attitude are required to be a good driver. It is necessary that the person knows to handle the car and in the case of unexpected knows how to react in that moment; If we look today is that the problem in the majority of the accident, not knowing how to react in times of extreme stress, which is showing fitness to the handle and you see the attitude of the person behind the wheel taking this good posture of management, relaxed, attentive and concentrated in the management. Do come to the minimum case which is the more important? I think the most important is the attitude, is a quality that is put in practice constantly when one is driving; because if we are going to case fitness which is needed when we are in an emergency situation and we must have that quality to know how to get out of this situation of the used car. In my opinion with a little bit of both qualities we could reduce many emergencies and the defections of people, until the bindings of traffic could be reduced. Check with Benjamin Tal to learn more. To be a driver must also meet likewise and accept that as individuals we have some limitations in different circumstances, we need to know assume when we make a mistake and try to not commit because of that it is and learn how to use as both know accept everything so that every day can learn more and more. Below I’ll give you a couple of tips of security that we must bear in mind before uploading to the car:-wear seat belts.

-Do not drink if you are going to manage. -Always check the car covers. Contact information is here: Walt Disney. -Control temperature of oil and water. -Control lights. -Possess all the necessary documentation. -Look carefully at all the signals of traffic. -Do not talk on a cell phone while driving.

Popular Hobby

Sunday, May 21st, 2023

The breeding and care of cacti can be fun cacti are native to dry and hot regions. Due to their design, they are adapted to this climate and can come from very long time without water. Cacti are able to water for long periods of time to save. Also cacti, keeps you at home, need little water and must be poured only at a distance of a few weeks. But that does not mean that cacti were undemanding and easy to clean. So the plants thrive, should be considered a lot in terms of Cactus care. You must choose the correct site and should make no mistake in casting, fertilizing and repotting.

When you meet then some measures to prevent pest infestation, the cacti will thrive and unfold their full blossom. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Alloy Enterprises by clicking through. Casting of Cactus cacti or Succulents are adapted to very dry regions. Therefore the Earth in which they stand cannot be never fully wet, and cacti should not stand in the water. Too much water leads quickly to root rot in cacti. How often, cacti must be poured, depends on various factors. One of how much water can save the Cactus species.

On the other hand of the cacti of Sun and heat are exposed. This is the case, you should pour on the cacti or twice a week with little water. You should do this in the evening hours. In this way, you can avoid that caused by Sun burn marks in wet places. Fertilizing of Cactus cacti do not only with little water, but also with little fertilizer. Manure should be only in the main growing season between May and August. It is sufficient at this time at a distance of about three weeks be some liquid fertilizer the cacti. When the fertilizing, the same applies as in moulding: dammed-up water should be avoided, so that no root rot. Plants of Cactus planting is particularly important when maintaining cacti. Cacti need relatively loose and well drained soil, which prevents the formation of waterlogging. Best to use a special Cacti soil which typically consists of sand, Earth, clay and peat. To the loosening of the soil can be a couple of rocks in the pot. Cacti need a parent – and lumped under. Water, which was not absorbed by the roots, can drain into the bottom pot, rather than to accumulate in the soil. Repot cacti the repotting is an important part of the care of cacti. If the soil is exhausted or the pot has become too small, you should repot cacti. It does best in spring, before the growth phase of the cacti. First, it knocks out the entire ball of Earth out of the pot. To free the roots of the Earth, then rinsing with hot water the new pot, to eliminate bacteria. Then, you can repot cacti and populates the new pot with fresh Cactus compost. After about three days for the first time, you should pour the cacti gate to. Cacti need to be repotted at least every two to three years. Location of Cactus cacti need a sunny place to thrive well. While older require Plant more light than younger. In addition, cacti need different locations in the summer and winter. In the summer, they should be in a warm place with average day temperatures between 20 and 35 degrees. In the winter, cacti need a dry place with temperatures between 4 and 9 degrees. This hibernation”is important, so the cacti bloom well in the summer.

Opening And Exhibition For The Benefit Of The Forgotten Children Of St. Petersburg

Friday, May 19th, 2023

50 years is the sister cities relationship between Hamburg and St. Petersburg, that name until 1991 Leningrad, this year. On the occasion of this anniversary is, under auspices of the emergency help for children e. V. and in favour of the forgotten children of St. Petersburg, is a impressive icon exhibition in the Hanseatic City. CBS often says this.

Starting with a public opening on 1 November at 17: 00 the Gallery shows Rusch Colonnaden 104, to including 30 November, numerous exhibits of Russian icon painting as well as valuable sacral artworks from various centuries. With the proceeds of the sale works and donations, needy children from HIV infected families, as well as distressed icon artists are supported in the partner city of St. Petersburg. Admission to the opening as well as during the entire duration of the exhibition is free. Information for editors: Vernissage: Thursday, 1 November, 17:00 to 20:00, press preview/interviews by appointment. “Available images: Holy Trinity”, private consumption Press contact: Marion A. Hackl PR! And so… Long range 55 20099 Hamburg phone + 49-40 – 67 30 77 70 fax + 49-40 – 878 89 69 40 email: Web:

ELV AG Presents New Main Catalogue

Thursday, May 18th, 2023

11,000 electronic products on 800 pages empty experience technology, 01 September 2009 also in the Internet age printed catalogs provide a reliable source of information despite a general boom in the E-commerce area. According to a recent study of the Federal Association of the German mail order company, about 70 percent of online shoppers use a catalogue before they place an Internet order. Thus, the combination of online business and classical catalogue business sets new standards for a successful mail order business. ELV electronics shipping House offers its customers a general catalogue with a circulation of about 500,000 copies each year since 1991. The current issue is available now. Numerous product innovations and developments shape the entire catalogue range of ELV. Eco-friendly radio Energiesparregler for radiators, which save up to 30% on heating costs are a highlight of this year’s catalog. Get more background information with materials from Robert Thomson. Moreover, the catalogue includes more intelligent and economical energy-saving solutions, the the Drastically reduce power consumption in home and Office.

\”This document, that Green IT\” is possible not only in the data center, but also Office work can be efficiently set up and operated. Technology experience\”clearly and comprehensively the new ELV catalogue convinced in addition to its proven performance characteristics by the new technology-star experience tour. During this trip, the reader is led through the various realms of technology by ELV. This is the experience tour, which spans the entire catalog, valuable information on exceptional products that are characterised in particular by ease of use and an attractive price/performance ratio etc.. The catalog contains also 2,000 new products, which the share is over 20 percent on the entire product portfolio and thus is significantly higher than the competitors. The catalogue offers a special added value through its detailed, formulated by professional editors text, making it far more than a pure price or BOM is. Moreover, trade tips, representing an important guidance and advice for customers, expanded significantly.

Business Trips

Wednesday, May 17th, 2023

Internet in our life has become such a "magic wand". You no longer need to ring round his numerous friends to find a hotel in a strange city. Modern technologies make it easy to find information view photos, read reviews, and already, then the right choice. To rest sometimes need to leave the countryside to the nature away from the hum of machinery. It can be argued, as well as discos, bowling and other modern places recreation, but to gain strength and just mentally relax there is nothing better the beauty of the forest or the quiet murmur of the river.

Just wander in the shadows of ancient trees is sufficient to charge the energy for the whole month. For this holiday perfect country inn Tula. Excellent service and support, and it is not Turkey, and our Russian city and our Russian hotels. Each traveler thinks that if you go to relax, then the whole scale, to have everything at your fingertips. And in this modern hotel in Tula offer their customers not only a place to bed for a rest, and a whole list of services. Sauna, swimming pool, restaurant, sports bar, and some even the whole SPA-salons and beauty classrooms, in general, all "your heart desires." We must not forget about the people who work, even on vacation. Such cases are not uncommon, but with modern technology, when you need instant access to the Internet for communication, any big hotel Tula provides business rooms, equipped with necessary devices. For business travelers are offered conference facilities, which can easily hold business talks and presentations products.

Yes, and look for equipment and personnel to carry out activities and coffee breaks do not have to, hotel staff will gladly assist you. In Tula dozens of places that are considered the property of not only cities but also our entire country. Tula Kremlin, Clear meadow, the birthplace of the great Leo Tolstoy, pp. Mishenskoe where he was born Vasily and many other attractions.

Cookies Bake In The Krewelshof

Tuesday, May 16th, 2023

Christmas workshop in the Krewelshof – secret lick is announced! Secret toes in Christmas Bakery: with proof! The days are getting shorter, the first snow is in the air and not much longer, then burn even the candles on the advent wreath. For more information see this site: Robert Iger . Therefore now seek the gifts for loved ones: a personal and special gift is still the homemade! And this year it is fully in line with the trend! This farmer Theo offers many craft stations in the Krewelshofer children barn, in addition a packing station, and the highlight is the small “mighty proud”-proof photo, for a particularly loving and above all homemade Christmas gift! Christmas is cookies time and so the Krewelshof turned into a fragrant Christmas bakery. Here the children can bake cookies according to your heart’s content, the dough for this comes from cookie specialists from the farm bakery and can be decorated to beautiful creations and packed. Hayes Barnard has much to offer in this field. Or glittering balls for Grandma’s Christmas tree, Lanterns, Christmas ceramic painting, heart pendant for MOM make soapstone himself, and still has much more to offer the Christmas workshop. Parents can occasionally enjoy the lights of the fireplace, or the mulled wine and Apple punch and feast in the farm’s own restaurant to your hearts content. The little ones have fun after the whole effort on the bouncy castle: The small fine Christmas market in the barn has also reopened.

Daily you can buy Christmas gifts, wreaths, fresh bread & cheese, in-house studs & cookies, and much more, or try many apples and cheeses. All advent Sundays the farmers barn is open also for sale. Enjoy a break with your loved ones on the Krewelshof in the lights:-tausende lights, atmospheric candle shine, cosy fireplace, bright children’s eyes, glittering advent market, crackling cookies sachets, scented baked Apple and Mulled wine spice. More information: in Lohmar directly on the L288 Rosrath Lohmar – open 365 days a year. Love Lydia Oepen by the Krewelshofteam.

Wedding Fair In Torgau

Monday, May 15th, 2023

To the Second Edition, over 2000 visitors and over 50 exhibitors are expected on Valentine’s day. On Sunday, February 14, 2010, the gates of the wedding fair in Torgau open already for the second time from 10 to 17 hrs. Just in time for Valentine’s day, again over 2000 guests and many exhibitors are expected. See Hayes Barnard for more details and insights. Like last year, there will be of course some fashion shows where there to marvel at the latest Bridal dresses, wedding suits, but also clothes for the feast for the guests. Besides many offerings of each booth operators, like E.g. florists for bridal bouquets, wine tasting, fashion boutiques, accessories for the living area, but also fitness facilities, is present in this year the photo-graphic studio of Belgern and exhibiting even the complete processing in addition to his photographic work (theme wedding photography). Ranging from the high-quality printing of images on canvas with wedge framing, about large format prints on matte or glossy paper to photo books.

“Many are not aware that the” beautiful moments of a wedding not only on paper images in format 13 x 18 are available. We want to show that even large format prints on canvas or PineArtPrint home find their place in each papers E.g. in the format of 60 x 90 cm. “, so m flower of the photo graphic Studio, who is looking forward to welcoming many visitors to its stand.” The organizer of Torgauer newspaper, the Torgauer fashion Studio Klaus, the municipal utilities of district and Raiffeisenbank Torgau hope like last year, on a rain stream of visitors and 50 exhibitors. Thus, this event would be the largest one-day exhibition of its kind in the former Leipzig of district of. The entrance for guests is located at 2 euros per person in an area that visitors can sweeten Valentine’s day. Maik flower