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A sedentary adult, in an environment free from excess heat and moisture, requires approximately two litres and means of water a day, which comes from three sources: liquid ingested (about 1200 ml), of the food it consumes (approximately 1000 ml), and which occurs within the organism as a result of metabolism, which is equivalent to close to 350 milliliters. Fruits and vegetables are foods that contain more water. Where it removes water the body water is lost through urine, skin, breathing and defecation. By urine excretamos more than one litre daily, and this road becomes essential for eliminating certain resulting products of metabolism, especially urea end product of the degradation of proteins. How many more proteins includes a diet, more water is required to expel the wastes that are generated. Another small amount of water is lost through the skin, in the form of sweat produced by sweat glands.

This sweating is often invisible, but in normal conditions is secrete between 0.5 litres and 0.7 litres, amount that multiplies When the outside temperature increases. Sweating is the cooling system more important that the Agency. Finally, the loss of water through respiration and feces is approximately 0.4 litres. Drink without waiting for thirst with sunlight and heat to sweat more and, consequently, increases fluid loss. If we add to this that the more fluid is lost, more decreases the body’s ability to regulate temperature, the main thing that is replace that water is understood. But should not expect to feel thirsty to drink water: dry mouth is already a symptom of dehydration, and the instinct of drink is lost with progressive dehydration.

Therefore, we must not rely on thirst and should regularly drink 8 to 10 glasses throughout the day. And the more humidity, more water ingeriremos. In recent months, castle harlan has been very successful. Heat, humidity and physical exercise are the ideal conditions to display a box of dehydration.

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