American Martin Gardner

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Then the cryptographers had started to create keys with bigger numbers of bits, these bits are the ones that determine the size of a key, the more bits will be used in a key more insurance would be thus this criptografia. Let us say that an algorithm uses 8 bits, only 256 keys could be used in the decoding, because 28 the 256 are equal, then until a person would obtain to break this criptografia no matter how hard he delays, imagines a computer, now let us say that we used 500 bits? We would find a number sufficiently high. Interesting to stand out also, he is that beyond cryptographers (The ones that creates codes), had also appeared the criptoanalistas (those breaker calls of codes). The biggest geniuses of the criptografia generally are unknown people, therefore they work constantly in private services for its country, thus as it is the criptografia..

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