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How and why use article bedding became a fashion item! In contrast to today, the bed linen at the start had only a benefit. Since there is only very cumbersome possible to wash a complete mattress or a complete Duvet, man at night sweats through dreams, high temperatures but also without these influences more and more or less strongly, you had to think of something to wash not always complete bed. By coatings, you had the opportunity simply to protect the entire bed and simply pull off the cover after a certain time and clean only these. Because the bedding were developed at the beginning just hygienically aspects the developers not too were trouble with the optical and fashionable issues. In the early days, most of the coatings was white and even after years there were at most times light cream tones however as selection everything still very simple. Add to your understanding with Amazon. If you now consider that the person spends more than a third of his life in the bedroom and He insists but actually very much how something looks and acts, puts value with beautiful fashionable things being surrounded, it was only a matter of time until even in this direction is a development of the bedding. First, then more and more bedding with more colorful colors and also with different simple patterns was created! Point out two young design students from the Ruhr area took on the task to get a little fashionable swing in the bedroom of the German. They met with artists from different areas and created the Suenos bed linen! The bedspreads of suenos reach held patterns of very playful images very easy.

Covers for many different tastes, which nevertheless all fitted also with similar basic characteristics are in the range. Also in the point comfort have been the inventor. Bed linen with complicated buttons used to be provided. Suenos equips its coatings with convenient zippers. Markus deletion

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