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Trend of employee satisfaction European Court decides in favor of redundant Altenpflegerin the current trend survey of employee satisfaction on the Internet portal for employers for the period June to July is reviews this time in the shadow of the last week felled judgment of the European Court of human rights, according to the workers, who publicly specify certain abuses by their employers, should not be dismissed. This judgment in a court process, that Altenpflegerin Brigitte Heinisch hard and now has won the Berlin after her release in last instance. The behaviour of Mrs Heinisch is covered by the right to freedom of expression. The relationship of trust between employer and employee not always on a such sample must be provided, but on the contrary often strong ties of employees to their employers exist proves now the trend survey carried out for the fifth time under the visitors to the Employee satisfaction. In the months of June July were 14% (last month 17%) of a total of 413 respondents indicating that they are very satisfied with their current work situation. Another 22% (previous month 20%) of respondents confirmed that they are currently quite satisfied with their jobs. Taken together these 36% are so (last month 37%) of workers that have a high to very high level of satisfaction. As an average 18% declared themselves (previous month 17%) of the respondents.

For 26% (previous month 28%) their situation at work is not satisfactory. Add 20% come again (month 18%) of the respondents, who are very unhappy with their job. So, there are a total 46% of workers in Germany, Austria, and of Switzerland, who would want an improvement in their working environment. Thus, this value when compared to the previous month has remained constant. A trend is therefore not seen, employee satisfaction seems to stabilise at this level. ( is the leading German-speaking freedom and business portal for job reviews created by workers and employers editorial, reviews since 2006. The reader can inform on the basis of published essays about their potential new employers. In addition, provides further Web2. 0 functions, such as the employee forum or the JobBlogs. Click Discovery Communications to learn more. Surveys are conducted at regular intervals, that the situation on the German labour market is examined closer.

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