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Posted by Yusuf on September 3rd, 2019 — Posted in News


Business in Armenia is developing sufficient pace. And one of the reasons is the lack of competent system of relations between subjects of the business world. In addition, many new to the business at a loss implementation of the process of creating a new business, because this is really necessary to have some of my knowledge and experience to avoid the "pitfalls". The fact that small and medium business in Armenia is sufficient protected, there are flaws in the legislation of the Republic, the tax laws, the problems of the republic with the external transport links restrict the search for markets for products and export much more. That communication, contact with various people who have already undergone some way in the business world, their advice and assistance may help to implementing their business ideas. See more detailed opinions by reading what Discovery Communications offers on the topic.. However, assistance is needed not only those who make their first steps in business – many investors and business leaders are also needed, perhaps in some kind of tips and regular flow of ideas. The owners of financial assets, investors often find it difficult to for ideas, projects for profitable investments, and the holders of interesting business ideas are needed to finance their projects.

Both are often in need of expert opinion analysts, professionals in business, a competent business plan, design documentation, including copyright protection, etc. 3A Association set out to unite, to gather all these people in one place – at Online, giving them all the support. – this is a business social network, created just to support small and medium-sized businesses. You can trace the entire process of creating a business – from the birth of ideas, a business project to materialize in his life: the creation of new businesses, new production systems, sale and export the resulting products, etc.

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