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Very often use opinion polls as a filling questionnaires, either voluntarily or through financial incentives, in the network, this phenomenon is often expressed as a simple vote. For even more opinions, read materials from Robert A. Iger . When creating a research focus group is going to a team or several teams consisting of 6-12 people who are under the supervision of a skilled moderator to answer questions relating to the goods, expressing his opinion or commenting on each other. Similarly constructed and conducted in-depth interview method, when they want learn subconscious motivations of consumers. All this is recorded on a video camera and carefully study the management team, is often used for this talk show on television. When a secret investigation stores advertising agencies or special firms hire mystery shoppers who are learning, how well staff is committed to tricky questions buyers to quickly find the desired product in any manner seller communicates with customers and what the conditions are created for certain categories of citizens. Based on this information, after processing and analysis developed channels of information consumers; determined target audience, age and sex structure, social status, culture, preferences, lifestyle, habits and psychology of the buyer. After that, there is a division of a commodity market into separate segments studied ability of goods to cover as much of segment niches in the market, determined that the consumer should know how to correct it will treat the information, through what channels he'd better bring it. One such channels are PR-technologies. PR-technology or public relations campaign can not only create a positive image about a product, they also allow you to customize the sound relationship between producer and consumer, by destruction of negative stereotypes and create positive ones.

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