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Once in Cuba, Fidel Castro made a coup d'etat and now makes Jamal Aliyev. *** Now go to the mat Azerbaijani and Georgian in blue in the red. They represent the two Caucasian republics, now samostiynye state. Azerbaijani unshaven as ever … *** It can be concluded that the Georgians have names which make sense. Here at Russian, too, Kuznetsov – a profession ancestors means, for example.

The Americans also have a sense of family. Only meaningless names in Dagestan. Nobody knows what they mean … Learn more on the subject from Ted Hughes. 2008 Olympics (synchronized swimming) What type of sports – synchronized swimming! It does not get thin, curved, oblique, thick – that's what our beauties out! What movement did with his hands, bowed – immediately clear which country they represent! Our girls are acting under old Russian song, "Moonlight, shines bright" (Ramadan starts to sing). Even Stepan Razin, probably listened to this song, when Persian princess thrown into the Volga. Then, perhaps, was born and synchronized swimming. Here is someone like gymnastics, ballet. Ballet, in general, unpleasant art.

Two hudyshki two o'clock rush to the scene. Not that here. Juicy, delicious girls. It's a pity that all the storytellers have died long ago. This would be a story written about the mermaids! It is unclear how they breathe – the gills do not, no gills … What a beautiful sport! What they do not show all the time? Watch some sports, worried all the time – it does not run, there is not floated, not doprygnuli …

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