Children Are Harmed By Whale Meat Consumption

Posted by Yusuf on April 5th, 2021 — Posted in News

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The inhabitants of the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic is like feasting on the meat of whales and dolphins. You would do well to let this be. What right the Vikings once and was cheap, messes family planning in some of their descendants today. The inhabitants of the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic feasting, like their ancestors, to the meat of whales and dolphins. In addition to the Norwegians, they are the only Europeans who regularly consume meat of marine mammals. You would do well to let this be. Pilot whale meat is actually toxic waste, replete with environmental toxins like mercury, PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), cadmium and pesticides like dieldrin, which accumulate in the standing at the end of the food chain although in the body. Nearly a decade of intense research has revealed that the 45 000 inhabitants of the islands of sheep have remarkably high concentrations of toxic substances in whales. Read more here: NUVIA.

This is risky especially for children, such as one by scientists of the University of Odense, Denmark, carried out long-term study showed. The Group of researchers led by Philippe Grandjean took 1022 expectant mothers are more closely scrutinized and examined their exposure to mercury through hair samples analysis. At 917 of children born extensive behavioral studies conducted then at the age of seven years. The scientists discovered language, concentration, and memory errors on them; typical symptoms of mercury poisoning. The effect was all the greater the more the mothers were contaminated during pregnancy with the environmental poison. In response to this test series, the local health authority issued the directive that women who plan to have children, are already pregnant or already are breast-feeding, to eat whale meat. Only when they are sure more want to bring a child into the world, they could take back the meal of the Vikings in mass.

All adults were also instructed the whale meat consumption on to reduce twice a month. The society for the rescue of the Dolphins from Munich, Germany thinks that the recommendations of the authorities are irresponsible and not enough: “An entire generation of children, whose Hirn in development is damaged, was born”. But the tradition of whale hunting, celebrating festivals celebrated continues blithely on the 18 small islands. The animals are driven with boats into narrow bays, where the hunters ramming them an iron hook (gaff) into the blow hole, to become disoriented, then rear wheel and head arteries are cut with knives. Animal rights activists for years in vain are up in arms against this martial hunting method. The damage observed in the offspring of the Faroese should adjust according to the Odenser scientist also at other whale and dolphin meat consumers such as Norwegians, Japanese or Inuitvolkern. This will prevent neither Norwegian nor Japanese whalers it but, further adjustment to the marine mammals. Ulrich Karlowski

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