Christmas Stress: Every Year On The New!

Posted by Yusuf on July 15th, 2023 — Posted in News

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Every year on the 24th of December, Christmas is clear, that everybody knows that. But every year it happens again: we get into Christmas stress! But why it happens at all and Christmas stress can affect our health? For most people, more work comes with just the end of the year and both the professional and private life. The financial statements are in the job, shops to buy gifts and to prepare for the holidays are storm and the family celebration must also be organized. This one intends this year set to start earlier with everything? Before you know it the advent time starts again and the good intentions have thrown back overboard. Now is the time make sense to divide them and yourself also times of rest and relaxation, so fails the Christmas stress not at the expense of health. Because the constant tension stress releases in the brain neurotransmitters. This respiratory rate and heart rate increases and the burden on Duration of the cardio vascular system.

In addition, that the stress on the heart beats. Grumpiness is then programmed and can be quickly wrong hang the blessing, which burdened the psyche. Since prolonged stress can weaken the immune system, can occur quickly, coupled with low temperatures, to catching a cold. This all leads to exhaustion and fatigue and so it is usually impossible to bring full power because the concentration is restricted in the profession. Treat to a little rest now! A few minutes on the couch can bring relaxation, if you listen the music while drinking a good cup of tea. The important thing is to become aware however, that the body needs this break every now and again strongly, and it also to give them.

And also the healthy nutrition should be ensured despite the lack of time. Right now need to stay fit and healthy mind and body namely lots of vitamins and nutrients. And don’t forget: Christmas but actually is the time of peace and reflection. Other health-related topics, see

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