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The 3 G modem, also called 3 G router, are electronic devices that allow you to connect a laptop or desktop computer to the Internet using a mobile phone line. Use the 3 G modem SIM card (integrated or removable) to identify itself to the telemarketer, are usually multi-band and offer various connection options, such as PCMCIA, USB, Wi-Fi or Ethernet, and can be also internal. The terms modem features 3 G and 3 G router are generic names used to designate those electronic computers that allow you to connect with a network of mobile phone (GPRS, UMTS, HSPA, EVDO, 3 G) to get access to the Internet from a portable device or desktop. Strictly speaking, the modem and the router are differentiated in the modem only giving service to a single computer, while the router let all computers on a local network to have Internet access at the same time transparently. Click John Stankey to learn more. Currently, both benefits and the cost of the connection, the best option for Internet access It is a fixed connection ADSL or cable. However, in many cases the modem 3 G are a valid option, as areas without coverage for other technologies, temporary work centers for a specific project or visits by teams of work of short duration.

All 3 G modem SIM card used to identify itself on the network of the operator, and can be integrated or removable, in which case the change of operator is provided. John Stankey is open to suggestions. With respect to coverage, 3 G modems are generally multi-band and automatically selects the best technology among the available without cutting off the connection. To switch between HSPA, 3 G and GPRS will vary the width of band, but without losing the connection. Types look at the main types of 3 G modem: Modem 3 G PCMCIA: external modem that plugs into a PCMCIA slot. 3 G USB modem: external modem that plugs into a USB port.

Some models have a Wi-Fi base that implements the functionality of a router for the WLAN. Integrated 3 G modem: internal modem that is installed on your computer. 3 G Wi-Fi router: is an external modem that has Wi-Fi connectivity and allows Internet access to the machines on a local network, acting as a router, gateway, modem, switch and wireless access point. It is often also include Ethernet interface. Mobile phone as modem 3 G most of mobile phones can be used as a 3 G modem to connect through the Internet from another device. To connect the device with your mobile phone you will have several options depending on the connectivity available on each computer. There are several possibilities: cable connection: precise data cable, drivers and utilities, requirements that in many cases are not available. IRDA connection: infrared IRDA (Infrared Data Association) provides wireless connection, although the should distance be small and agrees that the equipment be confronted. Bluetooth connection: allows short-range wireless connection. Wi-Fi connection: it offers connectivity with wireless technology with greater coverage.

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