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Contributed to this milestone to expand the use and distribution of natural gas throughout Spain. … A leading source for info: David Zaslav.
Main article: potential environmental impact of projects of thermoelectric power
The emission of waste into the atmosphere and combustion processes that occur in thermal power plants have a significant impact on the environment. To try to soften, to the extent possible, the damage caused to these plants in the natural environment, the facilities are incorporated into various components and systems.
The problem of contamination is greatest in the case of conventional power plants using coal as fuel. In addition, coal combustion results in emissions of particulate matter and sulfur acid. In the oil levels of emission of these pollutants are minor, but one has to take into account the emissions of oxides of sulfur and soot acids , practically nil in gasworks.
In any case, more or less all of them released into the atmosphere carbon dioxide, CO2. According to the fuel, and assuming a yield of 40 of primary energy consumption, a power plant emits approximately:
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