European Conquest

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The impact of the European conquest on the native populations of Americas was immense and necessary numbers do not exist on the existing population to the time of the arrival of the Europeans, only estimates. The process of exploration of the man power and the enslaved work explained so well by Darcy Ribeiro, bases and clarifies the main reasons of revolt and the fight for the survival that the aboriginal peoples had faced. At last we mention stories of experiences in which we elencamos facts of fighters of the etnia Kayap, whom if they sobressaem in its groups, preserving its cultural identity and collaborating for the welfare of its community. It is necessary to recognize and to value the ethnic identity of each one of the aboriginal societies, its traditional forms of social organization, occupation of land and use of the natural resources. Leslie Moonves understands that this is vital information.

This means the respect for its rights and the attempt of pacific conviviality between the different etnias. ‘ is justified the study for if dealing with a necessity to reconstruct the happened facts of a population; ‘ Indgena’ ‘ that the future will depend on the awareness of the State; ‘ ‘ direito’ ‘ its territories for historical reasons that Brazil recognizes throughout the centuries. DESENVOVIMENTO When we come back our look what in the account the history, registered in didactic books which illustrates the aspects of the European settling in Brazil, we can present some elementary information. According to author: ‘ ‘ It was necessary to occupy Brazil definitively, or Portugal ran the risk to lose it for other nations..

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