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First, in a harmonious happy marriage the spouses do not feel emotional loneliness, which became a problem number in the civilized world. And secondly, in a harmonious marriage of equal loving couple, not just a mutual love does not lose the years of his emotion, but love life a joy and satisfaction to be old. On an instinctive and traditional needs to continue their family, and can be not to mention, because in a harmonious marriage can not only raise offspring, but also bring personality in children. It has long been known formula for happiness, as expressed in the form of saying: 'Happiness is when people are happy to work with happily returned home. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Joel and Ethan Coen. " That is, experiencing harmony and life satisfaction, both in society and the family. And the secret of simple human happiness, too, is quite simple and has a long history – more to give than to receive.

It is impossible for a long time to experience the satisfaction of selfish pleasure, from tastings and acquisitions as well as human imagination, though not unlimited, but the 'Wishlist' is very much developed, so selfish needs can continue to grow as a well-known fairy tale the old woman, which turned out with nothing. At the same time wish to send (including – the warmth of the soul) is restricted by man, but you can experience the satisfaction of having what did all that and be able to try their luck, make happy others. Yet the secret of marital happiness in the modern (equal – not patriarchal or harem) is incomprehensible to many conditions, not because he is a very complicated and difficult digestible, but because – 'What a happiness, if by the need to do something? " The age-old tradition of happiness as a 'freebie' as gift 'over' as 'a wave of a magic wand', does not get used to the idea that only creative, humane, pure human conscious behavior can lead to happiness. Accordingly, the spouse can lead to marital happiness only joint efforts aimed at general purpose family, caring about each other and compromise on controversial issues. Of course, the 'go hand in hand through life' is possible only when emotionally close relationships and conjugal love. The main cause of misunderstanding contemporaries adult happiness is not only in old traditions and fairy tales, prevents contemporaries make sense of adult happiness and even a massive propaganda consumer attitude to everything. And these rules creates business (the company 'gave at the mercy of' morals and he human values), fostering consumer selfish purpose in life – everything (and everyone) to try to be independent and 'self' personality (to live without care, without taking responsibility for the family and children). Business for banal profit inspire his contemporaries, that happiness can only be selfish: to get the advertised goods, to take advantage of the advertised services, and to live a carefree, for fun. Completely on

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