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When you pass the third Bank reorganized organizations can obtain hard information countermeasures from the former owners of the bank. Sanitation Bank exclusively by DIA – a rare event and occurs when an investor for the bank is not. And that means – it's about as close to bankruptcy situations, which activates the account to the bank by "Scandalous" the media. All of these local conflicts and problems will also have to allow PR-services reorganized and sanitizes banks. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Robert A. Iger . You can forget that objects are redevelopment and the banks' fourth group problem ", ie – with the outward signs of bankruptcy, with losses and lack of financial resources, removing potential private investors on measures to restore the solvency of the bank reorganized. DIA sanitizes the banks' fourth Group problem "with social encumbrances, primarily in order to not suffer the least protected population. And it may also be subject to PR-activity reorganized bank. PRsaniruemogo Bank PR-reorganized the bank's policy should be aimed at restoring the reputation.

The main target groups are: 1. Media, primarily – financial. 2. Bank staff, especially – contact person, including operators Call-center, cashiers and tellers. 3. Clients.

"The outflow of depositors' – the worst that can happen, especially when poorly diversified asset and liability business. "Who is guilty?" And "What to do?" First. It should be explained a situation Bank staff. What happens causes of the rescue, what measures are taken and what will happen to employees that speak to customers – especially "problematic." For example, in the reorganized VEB because of the problems developers projects Globex, operatsionistki customers say – "…

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