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Posted by Yusuf on September 3rd, 2019 — Posted in News

Mentor Juan Manuel Lopez (Juan Lopez), largest Lider Networker Latino does Juan Lopez can do for me and my business? Discover their unique secrets that allow you to generate $ 10,000 a month in your business in 6 months mlm networker Juan Manuel Lopez (Juan Lopez) after having a successful career in The Coca-Cola Company for 12 years, occupying the position of Director of marketing (Marketing) as its last step, he decided at the end of the 2001 starting an own business. Without knowing anything about the meat industry, assembled with a partner a importer which had good results, but surprisingly in 2009 due to problems with his partner, from one day to another, found himself without business, without income, with three children accustomed to a high standard of living and higher than the $600,000 debt. A cousin of Juan Lopez invited him to join a multilevel company, Juan Manuel accepted him because liked what he saw the industry Additionally was a way not to be employed, again taking a business virtually with a ridiculously small investment. Holding your MLM in the traditional way, he found had no results, zero prospects, zero down, zero income. Its unique results was losing friends who did not want to know anything about your Super opportunity. In the process, Juan Lopez is realized that the vast majority of people who come to a multilevel failing (97%), and the cause is that they duplicate what your upline does, and the upline is not a millionaire or much less, suffers in the same way to pay their monthly bills. Juan Manuel wondered who, if successful in multilevel?

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