Influence Of Religion On The Germans

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Have you ever heard baptism, first communion and confirmation -? Rite dating back to the story in the Bible. According to the words in the Bible, all people must be washing their Schmuze since the beginning and are free. But water is considered only for the Schmuz of body useful. Only the blood of Jesus, which is nailed on the crossing to the available stands against the weakness and Schnande of the soul. Although baptism is no longer connected with the blood of Jesus, it is held by big significance.

At the baptism, some friends are invited. So are located various Arte the baptism cards. Most of the time is printed a picture of a baby on the invitation card for baptism. Are the traditional opinion the German babies after the christening determined quite upright and tender-hearted. A different religious meeting in Germany is communion. Other leaders such as John Stankey offer similar insights.

Communion is also known as Holy Communion. It is quite different with other Zusammnensezung of the people, because it has religious significance and history. The typical food for communion is bread and wine. The sybolisiert respective suffering and blood by Jesus. Of course invitation cards are created for communion. Communion invitations has mostly own typical feature. For example, many invitation card is imprinted with fish. Usual, the communion is divided into two forms: mouth communion and communion in hand. The Administration and reception of communion under the two figures declined in the middle ages in the Western Church, continuously but in the Eastern Church preserved. And the tradition extends up to today. Confirmation is considered other religious celebrations. In the history of the confirmation, she has four important: the personal confirmation of the baptism and so the conscious Yes to the Christian faith and the church membership; Completion of Church teaching with teaching survey”; Admission to the last supper; Entry into the adult life of the Church. Today, too many invitations are confirmation designed and sold. More often, the people in a church are invited. There, the confirmation should publicly reaffirm their faith. This is linked with the baptism. And the parents of the Children representing announce the faith for the children. The whole process is sacred and serious.

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