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However, when the noise produced by, for example, when trying to break the apartment door on the court house, making such a venture meaningless. Must be clearly understood that indehiscent door does not exist. Everything is determined by time and the presence of the instrument. In principle, it makes no sense doors, the degree of protection that exceeds the degree of protection walls. Optimal construction – is when the degree of protection walls and a protective door are about equal. Currently, there are tools to produce a short cut in the concrete walls of the houses opening, enough to penetrate the attacker. Most protected in the wall of monolithic buildings. Safe-protective door unit.

In addition to these classes of resistance to cracking security doors, there are nine classes resistance to cracking (a total of XIII), relating to the doors of safes and vaults. Classes of burglary from V to XIII: The resistance value of the full EU access through the door to class XI (door vaults of banks) is 2000, ie more than 10 times higher than the door of Class IV. The weight of such doors is the unit vector of one ton or more, the price of decorative finishes without at least $ 3,000, though, is if the door unit in Russia. AS RESULT: Offers to sell and install your safe-type door to the apartment, and even in the $ 100-200 price range are a hoax. Or you are misleading due to lack of understanding of technical terms, that way once characterizes the professional level applicants.

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