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* However, when it comes to characterize what it is the nature of such States and processes and, accordingly, issued on the meanings of terms as pain and thinking, the identity theory them ends up reducing to neural States. 3 Theory of identity persepctive (physicalism) the identity theory argues that a Mentalist term and a physicalist term can have different meanings, but refer to the same phenomenon. The scientific research program consists of identifying to which neural phenomena actually relate Mentalists terms for, once achieved the identification, replace them with the equivalent physicalist ultimately, are those who truly correspond its meaning with the reality to explain. Physicalism does not deny the significance of the Mentalists terms; simply considers them an improper way and a-cientifica refer to the only thing actually exists: the neural States. Physicalism of cases and types of physicalism?Physicalism cases or instances? Version of physicalism which holds that, in general, States and mental processes can be identified to States and brain processes, but not issued on the existence of correspondences between generic types of mental States and generic types of brain States. Given a mental event of a particular individual (such as the time when Juan is concentrated in a logical problem), is theory only affirms that such an event corresponds to a specific neuronal constellation of the brain of that individual. However, it does not assert that such a configuration corresponds to another individual (Pedro) when you are in a similar state of mind and not even of the same individual at another time. Physicalism types? Version of physicalism which holds that certain types of States and brain processes correspond to them certain types of neural configurations. Thus, the same universal genres of mental phenomena, such as headaches or hallucinations, would correspond les the same genres of neural estados-procesos. 4 Materialism eliminative neurobiological?Eliminative materialism proposed by Paul and Patricia Churchland part of an ontological framework similar to the of physicalism, in the sense of assuming that the only thing basically existing is the neuronal level.

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