Leoncio Martinez

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And but ahead it ends: the towns do not follow their agitators but to those who incarnate to a unanimous aspiration of the majority. The towns do not know agitators but you interpret, for that reason they follow to whom food promises to them when they are hungry, to that them justice speech when they feel pressed, and until a those that promise revenge to them when victims feel. They followed Boves because Boves promised to them to take revenge the deceit that the unfulfilled promises did victim to them of those who signed the Act of 1811, because Boves offered the sacking to them and the battle in retaliation against the mantuano and Creole target that had been appropriated everything what it assumed had to happen at the hands of the town. But soon they followed Bolivar, because the Liberator made specific the aspirations far better, defining them with words of a formulated and already ruling good doctrine in Europe, that was called Democracy. Boves, as it interprets, did not translate but the passional, Barbarian question, almost animal, that was shaken in the soul of the mass; Bolivar, arrived more thoroughly, more to the root of the public spirit and, instead of to invite for the preposterous putsch and without horizon, she exhibited total program and concrete, faithful she interprets of all whatever was desired. The brilliance with which our situation like country exposes Leoncio Martinez, cannot be righter. It would seem that it lived today between us it had written and it yesterday. The first paragraph is perceived directed to our political leadership: if the town obtains somebody able one to translate in words a popular feeling, the town will accompany to him decidedly. Here it mentions specifically because the Venezuelan town followed Boves by revenge of failed to fulfill promises of a class leader of the past and then, when finding in another one interprets, the Liberator, that I arrive more thoroughly and exhibited a program, reads, a program, total well and complete that culminated successfully, it indicates as it I read also followed, it but with a entirely different and opposed result.

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