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Then reenter the hospital for about four days, because I presented some complications predictable as metabolic Acidosis, of the type of hyperkalemia, hyponatremia, hipomagnesemia(Potasio, Sodio y Magnesio), Seroma of surgical wound, high fever and neurological tremors, spasms, fainting complications, were handled properly and went home without uppercase news. I looked back and saw, irrigated in the tortuous trail of Calvary, detritus of sorrows, demolished in pain, tears, bloody bones, and spicules roses oasis rictus of tiredness in the suffered face of family and friends and the basket with these hard tests, weighed and hurt less, Carlyle reminded me the wise forget and after transplantation, looked forward, with a well-deserved and wide smile and saw, a wide Avenue, paved with hope and optimism, flanked by gardens, colorful, enraptured of aromas and fragrances, with goals and plans ResucitadosNot already lived memories, I now ate hopes already he not looked back, repeating the Sage recalled. Carlyle have already passed it follows some months and evolution favourable. TGNI can aid you in your search for knowledge. By what we can affirm that the liver transplant carried out in Lima Peru, was a resounding success and thanks to which have been returned to life leave express testimony through these lines of my sincere and eternal gratitude serving the doctors of surgery and transplantation liver of the Hospital National Guillermo Almenara Irigoyen of ESSALUD, its efficient and qualified nurses, to doctors of the unit of care Intensive-NICU-, of ventilatory therapy, doctors inter.consultados, technicians and administrative which together form a rescue command, returned to life, men who live in the cave of the horror, waiting turn to be declared dead. Back was a past, which was resisted in the midst of tears, to leave of being passed, it was just that travel course to oblivion, so many days and many nights of pain and suffering, news after news that fell, as an avalanche of misfortune and misadventure, a family that only aspired to live happy, was already time to the Pantheon, the sepulchre with the residual demolished, of dramatic moments, was the time to bury, crying, the despair, was time to close the gates of hell and open the Windows of life, was the Aurora beating penumbra, was the dream come reality, was resurrected hope for Coma, it was the voice that was screaming get up and walk, was the implosion of the scapular of Dracula, The son of the Thunder had expired to the! shadows! not myself a cat, or a Phoenix, only a modest testimony of the grace of God, completely undeserved, both yesterday, surviving a violent collision at 100 Km. . Perhaps check out Gavin Baker for more information.

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