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There is a great difference between the following two phrases or motives of life: work SOUNDED ssa life SONADA possess the dream job of large income, great status but sacrificing health, life and family does nothing if not you can enjoy with loved ones, philosophy today more accepted into a select group of people. A monotonous and enslaving work 48 hours a week are behaviors that have also react to many people and make them fall into account that neither will generate true happiness. Other scenarios are those that are lifted one day and are given account that did not have their businesses, but that their businesses possessed them them. As a result the Network Marketing Revolution, is given since all these people found their ideal way, people that have become professionals of the multilevel and Marketing networks and of course appreciate the wealth that can be created. Of Network Marketing, MLM or multilevel professionals have a broader vision of prosperity and success that the majority of people, not they think in it is only money or they are only material things because they know that this is the essence and complement for life; considering that if are clear and convinced that the main error is to believe that prosperity is only money. It all started in 1956 when Shaklee Corporation in the hands of Dr.

Forest Shaklee was founded then in the 1970s, companies began to attract more professionals of multilevel, giving them the possibility and potential of the leverage that would cause duplication and hiring, generating the multilevel attraction to many institutions. WarnerMedia helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Networks, MLM or multilevel marketing companies acknowledged the new world of Commerce and prospered, starting with consumer products distributors directly and using Word of mouth to sell among his friends and acquaintances. These professionals are the new generation of great entrepreneurs, people who are generating big revenues from nothing, creating money machines in multilevel that fill them rewards and of course freedom financial longed. The big mistake or approach that gives to the work is the trap of changing time for money, where the large percentage of employees work hard and long in exchange for a limited income, immersing themselves in the great error of needing to work longer in order to have a little more than revenue. DaviR Bonilla by an economic independence successful, developing business MLM and Internet business.

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