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After Kingspan for the RESOL foam mats Kooltherm has multiplied its market activities since early this year, the results show faster than expected. As the talks with the leading building materials cooperation are successfully completed, Kingspan shows flag in this regard. The company tells it that this new innovative product exclusively through retailers is sold. Additional information is available at GCI. In the implementation of applications, new possibilities for the solutions of its customers show for the advice-oriented traders. Of course the plate is located in the current climate, Co2 and energy saving discussion fully in the spirit of the times. Kooltherm is a good alternative to conventional designs with his WLZ of 0.022.

As a U-value is often achieved by this good thermal conductivity with half of the current insulation thicknesses, mainly used in the renovation and rehabilitation market offers. In the old building, where there is the greatest potential for energy savings, an economic heat insulation fails today often to constructive conditions that limit the thickness. Kooltherm starts here. Insulation of basement ceiling, screed structures or in the roof are only some examples that you can get excellent insulation even with low construction height. Thermally even more difficult solutions for roller shutter boxes or attic entrances are more highly interesting applications that are today yet often neglected. But also in the new building in the core insulation you can imagine, that a particularly slim wall construction can be achieved by halving the insulation thickness for an equal value of insulation.

Here, the consultant of the trade are required to present these solutions to their customers and to break away from their competition. Kingspan provides the information available. Usage of resol hard foam panels for basement ceiling insulation In the national contract business the Kingspan works to sales from specialist shops. Here, the low thermal conductivity of Kooltherm is an important argument to the plate in large national and international tenders to introduce. Good contact between the Kingspan field and the leading stock traders then helps to manage these projects mutually satisfactory. All in all a good start in the German market, to be interesting to see how this Board will establish itself. Companies that are interested in Kingspan Kooltherm, get information about the plate and the sales at Kingspan or the toll-free number 00800 54647726.

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