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It’s amazing in as almost without realizing account have opened almost miraculously the doors to opportunities for ordinary people to develop their creativity, thanks to new tools that provide us with new technologies. Today, having access to the Internet we can give impetus to our passions, creating sites and electronic products. Whatever our interest, even without knowing too much of the same, we can access information, analyze it, draw our own conclusions and translate it into a site designed to your liking, attract traffic and develop a unique product and according to the demands of our visits, which does not hesitate to buy it by the confidence generated towards the author. Writing enthusiasts are one of the areas most benefited by these new technologies, since today, unimaginable a few years ago ago, you can edit, publish and sell their own work digital with almost no expense. ve-Officer’>Jeffrey Leiden London already – you may have come to the same conclusion. You can already see in statistics as it has grown way razing the use and the sale of electronic books. Because they do not occupy space, are more cheap, we can read them on our screen in the size that we want, and we can even upload them to our Ipod almost without occupying space, and be able to choose between amounts of works, which will be which will read on the bus or in the square. This creates the writer enthusiasm and encouragement of self-improvement and the possibility of arriving to live thanks to his own creation..

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