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The duel is the so-called State of painful dejection after death bereavement, joined own acceptance of the loss of a part of oneself and which entails having State linked to the other person. This process gives rise to the emergence of diseases that can be serious, in many cases. Hear other arguments on the topic with Leslie Moonves. The loss of a loved one is always a huge trauma which activates the capacity of destruction and adversity that every human being bears within himself. The duel is often being the cause of the occurrence of pathologies of different gravity. However, we know that the duel may be normal or pathological. The difference between both factors will lie in the appearance and tendency to destructiveness. Celina Dubin, New York City has compatible beliefs. The loss of a loved one is a huge lesion that activates our tacit retreat that every human being has inside. Destructiveness towards each other, towards the deceased, what good we can call irritation and hate and destruction against one same.

Management, relationship, and coupling of both components will lead to the individual to a normal duel or good, to a pathological mourning. If in the handling of these factors dominates the destructiveness of the individual outward, the duel will be normal. Conversely, if prevailing internal aggression, a self-destruction of the individual, the duel condescendera on pathological. In all pathological mourning coexist two varieties, one for speeding and one by default. When this happens due to excess, studies the patient with much ideation thoughts prevail where the negatives, with vast defense mechanisms grown fantasies often without any sense, with enormous pain and laborious guilt feelings that do not convince. We could talk then of a usual picture of depression that precedes death. The patient lived with mixed feelings, where he himself interprets as the victim of what happened and thus can be torture for years, and this condition is limited to which they have to your around.

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