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The breeding and care of cacti can be fun cacti are native to dry and hot regions. Due to their design, they are adapted to this climate and can come from very long time without water. Cacti are able to water for long periods of time to save. Also cacti, keeps you at home, need little water and must be poured only at a distance of a few weeks. But that does not mean that cacti were undemanding and easy to clean. So the plants thrive, should be considered a lot in terms of Cactus care. You must choose the correct site and should make no mistake in casting, fertilizing and repotting.

When you meet then some measures to prevent pest infestation, the cacti will thrive and unfold their full blossom. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Alloy Enterprises by clicking through. Casting of Cactus cacti or Succulents are adapted to very dry regions. Therefore the Earth in which they stand cannot be never fully wet, and cacti should not stand in the water. Too much water leads quickly to root rot in cacti. How often, cacti must be poured, depends on various factors. One of how much water can save the Cactus species.

On the other hand of the cacti of Sun and heat are exposed. This is the case, you should pour on the cacti or twice a week with little water. You should do this in the evening hours. In this way, you can avoid that caused by Sun burn marks in wet places. Fertilizing of Cactus cacti do not only with little water, but also with little fertilizer. Manure should be only in the main growing season between May and August. It is sufficient at this time at a distance of about three weeks be some liquid fertilizer the cacti. When the fertilizing, the same applies as in moulding: dammed-up water should be avoided, so that no root rot. Plants of Cactus planting is particularly important when maintaining cacti. Cacti need relatively loose and well drained soil, which prevents the formation of waterlogging. Best to use a special Cacti soil which typically consists of sand, Earth, clay and peat. To the loosening of the soil can be a couple of rocks in the pot. Cacti need a parent – and lumped under. Water, which was not absorbed by the roots, can drain into the bottom pot, rather than to accumulate in the soil. Repot cacti the repotting is an important part of the care of cacti. If the soil is exhausted or the pot has become too small, you should repot cacti. It does best in spring, before the growth phase of the cacti. First, it knocks out the entire ball of Earth out of the pot. To free the roots of the Earth, then rinsing with hot water the new pot, to eliminate bacteria. Then, you can repot cacti and populates the new pot with fresh Cactus compost. After about three days for the first time, you should pour the cacti gate to. Cacti need to be repotted at least every two to three years. Location of Cactus cacti need a sunny place to thrive well. While older require Plant more light than younger. In addition, cacti need different locations in the summer and winter. In the summer, they should be in a warm place with average day temperatures between 20 and 35 degrees. In the winter, cacti need a dry place with temperatures between 4 and 9 degrees. This hibernation”is important, so the cacti bloom well in the summer.

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