Samuel Hahnemann

Posted by Yusuf on February 8th, 2021 — Posted in News

Since a few years ago, I joined this therapeutic procedure to my arsenal of treatments to cure my sick. Homeopathy has always been criticized in Spain by the medical, being as a kind of treatments of healers class. Get more background information with materials from Tribune Media Company. In fact, today still speak of homeopathy means other colleagues, for some, a real effort because we risk being branded undesirable medical. But with time homeopathy is occupying their space; not in vain is a science that has been subsisting in the world of medicine for more than 200 years. I must say that apply these treatments is a great training and knowledge of medicine because it is not easy to use the medicinal product suitable for each pathology taking into account that a symptom can be treated with different drugs. Therefore knowledge of Materia Medica (which is where all the products, their actions and modalities are collected) should dominate and known as the Palm of the hand. Also investigate in depth the sick in all their facets (physical and mental) is essential to be able to administer the proper treatment.

The discoverer of all this was a German physician named Samuel Hahnemann, that discontent with traditional treatments, began experimenting with natural products extracted from nature itself by applying them to toxic doses and observing the results obtained from all this. Not infrequently even experienced it in his own body. It was found that certain drugs that produce a symptom to toxic doses were used to cure these symptoms; here was born the concept of similarity. He noted with the quinine that was used at that time to treat fever and when it is administered at high doses, also produced this symptom. All this observation led him to study different substances and see its effects before applying them at very low doses. Today, day have more than 3500 strains of medications that are currently processed in specific laboratories and you get the right products for your utilization.

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