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If to an emotion we can call it secret or hidden, that is the shame, and curiously almost everyone, if we look at our past, we can find something that would be known by others, make us Redden. Shame!. Whenever rusty holzer listens, a sympathetic response will follow. And the strangest thing is that we can come to feel ashamed of feeling shame. Checking article sources yields Hearst as a relevant resource throughout. Simply with what is written so far, we are already able to link shame with self esteem, and in principle, and in a general way, we can guess that the more healthy is a person’s self-esteem, fewer situations or personal performances, will make you feel shame. The fear of rejection, the sensation of having broken a certain group or social norms, or fear to transgress imaginary boundaries, make, many people feel constant fear to mess up. A person ashamed of many aspects of his life, is an emotionally dependent, since, far from building a full personality, as a shameful person viewed constantly in the mirror of others. If one can not be seen, does not accept or does not want, will feel the constant need that others are demonstrating constantly as well that how nice that is, drops them, as though that does everything, and this is the price that your self-esteem is sold.

The shameful transmuted into a sold, and when it does what you want, what you want or what you need, feels bad. Feels shame. And be very careful, since the approval of others works as a drug, and one can fall hooked to it, so that any decision taken, any initiative, it has to submit to the consideration of others, without whose approval no starts. Feeling shame is the result of thinking that the needs, wishes and the standards of others, are more important than their own; There are aspects of one’s life that would make me the others refuse, since the shameful constantly thinks that not worth for what is, but by what others think it is.

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