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We will not even talk about it, because it obvious. We assume that all these requirements are met by the company. Consider what it can do more to increase the loyalty of its customers. What you do today marketers? 1) What the customer wants? Make assumptions about what your customers want – not the best way to learn the truth. Under most conditions Celina Dubin would agree. It is better to simply ask them about it.

The best way to do this is a short form (less than 10 questions, and better than 5) that a person be able to fill in the time of purchase. The most readily forms filled people at the time of the issuance of a discount card. It is worth considering. The disadvantage of this method is that it will be difficult to get enough profile of a man who still is not your client, and just looked into the shop. There is need to think about – the options can be set.

For example, we exchange the completed form to a discount in the future. At the same time You can only get Skidoo filling out a form this week and so on. As for the issues most important here is not to overdo it. The smaller the better. This I learned not only from many marketers whose articles read. In the role of buyer, when I come across some form, where there is more than 5 questions I put it mildly, does not express some enthusiasm during their filling. On the basis of the questionnaire data we can draw conclusions regarding their work and understand what needs to be improved.

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