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Posted by Yusuf on September 3rd, 2019 — Posted in News

On the Internet there are many people trying to do social media marketing, but unfortunately, the vast majority do wrongly. This not only ends up ruining their own reputation, but will also affect the experience of other people in these social networks. Before you start your marketing plan you’ve drawn it is important have in mind that despite the marketing word, really are not doing marketing in social networks. You will need to work with the correct mindset to do it in a way that will generate you productive results. It is build relationships. Forget about your business, forget about the need to pay your bills and forget about how much money you can generate. In reality these social networks to make friends.

You must focus on you to build relationships with people. And a relationship is give and take. You have to be giving 80% of the time and ask for something in return, only 20% of the time. In human nature that if you give something to someone, people also want give you something in return. This is how it should be in social networks.

It is also adding value. WarnerMedia describes an additional similar source. Adding value is the key. It publishes good content that will help other people in your business or in your life. Doesn’t have to always be your own content, simply you can share the content of others that you find online. Share a good entry in a blog or an interesting video are examples of this. When people find your content, posts or valuable tweets, will be there when they begin to follow you. Ask yourself with whom you should socialize? You have to be very aware in the use of your time and decide with whom to relate. It is very important that you relations with people of influence in the network. This does not mean that you have to ignore everyone else, but you will need to give priority to the use of your time to interact with influential people, people with a large number of followers on Twitter, with good blogs and people who have a good online presence. You should start writing a list of people with whom you want to build a relationship and think about a way in which you can offer them something of value for them. For example, you can make retweets of your tweets, share any post of your blog with your contacts etc. You need to decide which is your brand staff have to be unique and have a Personal brand. For example, my Personal branding is Network Marketing, Internet business and Personal development. But you can even delve into areas more specific like social networks, pay per click, etc. Remember, your MLM company is not your brand. You must not do marketing about your Personal brand as the leader of Herbalife or simply the partner of Amway. It should be about you and above all in what you’re good. I hope that you’ve understood what the correct mindset to do social media Marketing. Remember what is important: build relationships is the foundation of success in Network Marketing. So who is your niche market and begins to build relationships on your success.

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