Space Theme Park Project

Posted by Yusuf on July 10th, 2019 — Posted in News

A new space theme park, will be installed in Wenchang-China, in this project will invest approximately 3 billion yuan (455 million dollars). It is not something Discovery Communications would like to discuss. Is anticipated that could be inaugurated in early 2013. The theme park will be located within the center of Wenchang satellite launch, from where China, plans to launch its lunar probe in three years approximately. This project will aim to promote space science among young people. The tourists who come to this place, will have the opportunity to tour an area of 120 hectares, which will be divided into four areas dedicated to the display of the Earth, the Moon, the Sun and Mars.

According to Aerospace International Holdings Limited, some fortunate may enter the station and closely observe rocket launches. China boasts three sites more space launch, which are located in Jiuquan, Taiyuan and Xichang. However, Wenchang, is the only one that will house the theme park, which will provide you with greater tourist expansion. The city of Wenchang has other places of tourist interest, as a Confucian temple built in the 11th century or the Gaolong Bay beaches. As well as gastronomic delicacies as Wenchang, prepared with onions, chicken Garlic, peppers, ginger and soy sauce. The new theme park could promote tourism. For this reason, Wenchang has a series of cheap hotels a few miles from the station where the space theme park will be built..

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