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Laitman: Yes. The man at the center of the universe. According to what we are seeing the entire universe, we are in a small galaxy somewhere in the edge. But it is physically, not spiritually. Spiritually we are – in fact – in the center of our universe. All the forces of the universe were fixed on our globe, a man who must develop one of us. This is the central point of creation. B.

Rapsevichyus: How would you define what is life? As the lifeless body into a living being? M. Laitman: That was my question. Harvey Elliott will not settle for partial explanations. Because of this, I began to look for Kabbalah. As these atoms are formed in molecules that suddenly begin to multiply, and in them there is what we call the mind and life? Gradually, as the development of inanimate matter emerging plant, animal and human. Moreover, it emerges according to Darwin, but on the manifestation of internal information data, the so-called "determination". And then a man shows a new determination – Information spiritual gene, which is beginning to cause a desire to be born in an entirely different dimension – not inside, but outside of ourselves. It is this spiritual microparticle, which is manifested in the person and the person developing it, rises already in his spiritual consciousness, Kabbalah operates. When I begin to develop a new type of existence – spiritual existence, then I develop it in a completely different properties – properties in return.

And I'm beginning to comprehend a very different understanding of existence – not to benefit or harm themselves, but for to connect with all the general nature and become an integral part of it. The man, rushing to this state, beyond the matter, begins to feel exists outside of his body, in principle, a new dimension. I I think that Earth science in its development will come to these conclusions. Scientists understand that we should not develop itself in the knowledge of mechanics, matter itself: these trace elements, particles and so on – to them we do not find meaning in life. We find meaning of life, if we, on the contrary, let us go beyond this matter. Then we define the forces that formed our universe, then we will know the meaning of existence of our universe, meaning that the big bang, meaning all of the processes that occur in the confined space of our universe. To do this we must go for it and investigate the source of it. I'm waiting for it to happen. AE Itsekson Newspaper "Kabbalah Today"

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