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This formulation of precursor helps circulating stem cells to move pluripotencialmente in the parts of the body where they are most needed for the repair. To know more about this subject visit Paul Ostling. Each day are published in journal medical, newspapers, Internet, and other publications that speak of new discoveries for a better healthy health, although the rule is unusual that they do not allow the mention of healing with the use of these supplements; But every day modern science accumulates hundreds of testimonies of detailed cases of their benefits. But we must take into account will not be the limiting factor and take them because they are described as safe, relate and share her experience (here can do in this blogger) for the benefit of all who are adding becoming more healthy. In the market there are different nutritional supplements: juices, enzymes, antioxidant vitamins designed to allow nourish the cells, so ud live your experience with the benefit of that certain supplements provide what is necessary to make your body work better in an abundant and healthy, health as do the example of some athletes. With the stimulation of the cells mother has the quality (generic) teacher who can become any type of tissue, promoting the new cells healthy and functional source: cardiac, nerve cells, neurons, pancreatic and other. The use of these precursor supplementation promotes the regeneration and repair of damaged cells, until they achieve a healthier health functional balance of the body to a body’s natural restorative system. Depending on the severity of the disease and damage cellular, varies the appropriate dose, usually take two capsules daily on a regular and constant can be sufficient for stimulation of stem cells and obtain healthier body improvement, the mechanism of the cells mother can help to your body to heal, since stem cells turn into any kind of body cells that need repaired or regenerated or replaced. Achieving that the body is in equilibrium the disease disappears and the aging process know backtracks, as it has been called that becomes the source of youth according to modern science and without making comparisons, everything indicates that this Stimulator product of stem cells can achieve this.

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