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There is nothing easier to be, enjoying in every moment to discover us intimately in each attitude – and each reaction-not conditioned. Do sprout the sincerity of our personality without more objections which satisfies the personal delicacy, instantly experienced a multiple explosion of joy and permanence. Own shame limit authorizes us to imagine the outside parameters, assuming the touch needed to not macular its presence in dialogue, nor forms in the ways of transmitting ideas, sensations, emotions and feelings. The veracity of the transparency is the rejoicing of the continuity and grace, since no safeguard grudges elevates spontaneity toward the Summit of friendship. We are looking for in the midst of a modernized world million contacts, as well as a plurality of relations who do not disagree with our ambitions, full amount not meeting ever to drive the number simply count without joy! It is insuperable to argue the immutability, the warmth is part of our basic needs and our satisfaction, from conception, through our birth, to elementary education. Without the fraternal warmth not enters the spirit no particle of experience, since it deviates the path of oblivion, since we remember only the imprint of the friendship and affection. The greatness of the expression in its fullness is detonating top of the necessary space, since we can not externalize our being entirely without immersing ourselves in the expansion of thought. This limitation we print media is precisely that drowns us the pleasure of being, not beating the fear of being, investing us in doubts and fears of the mockery.

When the alien expression ceases to be preponderant within our affective is where begins the freedom of personality, since to assess the sand of the opinion that another poured, we must position ourselves on the beach turned out to treasured, and low winds and storms gathered there. Use our attitudes is to satisfy our expressions as such, since to assess us and listen to us reported as a secondary consequence, the leveling of our influence, learning where constantly let circular mo wheels mark foreign tours. The imprint left by our expression, in all its forms, leaves an indelible forged opinion, that will hardly change in its flow, and more difficult it is to wish to delete or alter such mark, since efforts to perform can deflect it towards destinations unwanted, preferring to inalterar its geometry, but it is always possible to add already is to soak in a coherent tumult, either to make it inaccessible. The free expression dismantled by his essence to the foreign domain, since it is a product of the soul, whose strength is greater than any circumstantial situation, knowing when – and where – hide it to protect it, making it inaccessible to anyone who is not its owner, since this is the consequence of true personal progress, whose authority will not rent or sold! Control of expression allows us to be free, because the contradictory of the freedom is that its limits are the same for either, hence similar to outsiders! Enter the game of expression to become free, allows us to opened unimaginable doors, with amazing destinations, overcoming social locks that require only materialism and criminalization, exposing ourselves to the drift of the inner emotion and enjoy our existence in its fullness be!.

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