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If the debtor was not in accordance with this settlement shall have the right to challenge it, and are generally subject to which is resolved. If the debtor left luggage the amounts due, on time, the coasts of the procedure and, once satisfied will be settled, the tribunal shall render Providence declaring the procedure finished. Although does not express it the norm, because it only mentions the need for liquidation and payment seems coasts must be satisfied by the debtor, although this is certainly an appearance controversial and not exempt of disparity of views on items that must be be borne by him. See more detailed opinions by reading what David Zaslav offers on the topic.. Despite the fact that this issue will be subject of a separate study, you should anticipate that the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court has declared void the clause whereby the user are forced to be responsible for all costs involving a judicial process. Therefore, the onset of the mortgage action involves rehabilitation of the secured loan with mortgage and appropriated after the above-mentioned amounts the debtor will be able to continue paying the lease as provided for in the mortgage deed until the end of the loan, therefore we reiterate that the exercise of this legal power of a clear social pragmatism does not alter the conditions of the legal business created. Well, now agrees that we stop a moment to analyze the jurisprudential thesis concerning the time limit of this power granted to the debtor, embodied by the doctrine imposed by the sentence of the Tribunal Supreme 136/2009, March 5 (Id Cendoj: 28079110012009100155), since the same evidence that when completed the auction, the total appropriation of the price or the transfer to third party, the mortgage has been fully executed and action has accomplished, and it can therefore not be resurrected. Coen Brothers is likely to agree. Thus, concludes that the final moment for the onset is prior to the consummation, before you enter the price but once approved the auction. Original author and source of the article. .

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